Happy 2nd Birthday Sean! (marymoonu)

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Happy 2nd Birthday Sean! (marymoonu)

Happy 2nd Birthday Sean Thomas! Mary any special birthday plans? Stop by with an update and pictures. :party:

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Happy birthday Sean!! :happybday:

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Thank you! We had a great day yesterday for his birthday. I was originally scheduled to work... His birthday fell right in the middle of my long week at work, but thankfully I was able to trade someone a day so I could be off. I had to work his birthday last year and I was devastated about it since it was his first birthday, so I've decided from now on to plan in advance to be off with my babies for their birthdays.

Anyway, the day started with a well check for both kids (Cal had his 4-month checkup). They both got two shots, so we were worried that the day would just be filled with crankiness, but they both did great. Sean is up to 30 lbs even and 35.5" tall. He is talking a TON and will say pretty much anything. He knows his ABC and counts to 10. He LOVES Thomas the train, so we're taking him in September to ride on the Thomas train.. They're having an event near here... Should be fun.

His party was last weekend. I made homemade cake and butter cream frosting that turned out awesome, which was exciting for me because I'm no betty crocker. Here's a pic...

After the doc appointment yesterday, we took the boys to a nearby park with a big creek and waterfall that you can play in. Sean LOVED it. He had a blast splashing in the waterfall and even stuck his face in, hahaha..

After that, we walked to another nearby park to play:

By then, both boys were ready for naps, so we went home to rest. We went out that evening for dinner and dessert, and then a little walk around the neighborhood with the dog when we got home. All in all, a great day! Smile

His birthday present from us and both sets of grandparents:

Bonus pic - Baby Calvin at 4 months - I have a pic of Sean as a baby looking VERY similar!

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Looks like he had a really great birthday!! Congrats on the cake turning out so well Smile

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Happy birthday! Sounds like you had a great day!!!