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    I doubt anyone remembers me, because I disappeared from the boards December 2008. ***loss mentioned*** I was expecting, but found out at a standard appointment at 13.5 weeks that my baby had stopped growing by 8.5 weeks (right around the time I fell down some stairs). I've thought about saying hi a few times, but didn't want to sound weird, if that makes sense. I wasn't around long enough to get to know anyone very well.

    Right after all of that happened, my failing marriage took a nose-dive, and the last few years has been a wild roller coaster. Things have finally returned to somewhat of a sense of equilibrium, and I am 22 weeks pregnant with the boy I always wanted, and I have a husband that I don't have to question (he's also probably going to be adopting my 5 & 4 year old daughters soon too). I think of "what could have been" from time to time, and while my loss brought on the strangest mix of emotions, that was no circumstance to bring a new LO into... and whether or not I would have felt more obligated to stay in a neglectful and unfaithful marriage.

    At any rate, I've read a few threads, seen a few pics, and it makes me happy to see such adorable little smiling faces. <3 Just thought I'd check in and say hi! ...and Erin (from this board) now shares the April 2012 board with me, which I think is neat.

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    Hi Amanda!!!! So happy to hear you are in a happy healthy relationship....bad relationships can be toxic and no place to raise kids. So excited to share April with you!
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    Hi Amanda!

    I'm actually from the July 09 board, but wanted to say I'm sorry for your loss, but very happy you are in a better place now. It sound like your new DH is great and the little boy you wanted is soon to join your family!

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