Holy birthdays, Jitterbugs!

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Holy birthdays, Jitterbugs!

Okay, it's June 4th, and I can not believe all the birthdays already!!!! :eek: This HAS to be why I was such a basket case for the last 4 weeks of my pregnancy because I was sooooo impatient to meet my baby, and I was an end-of-the-month mama. You guys fueled the fire!

Sorry I've been MIA with family stuff (DH's grandma died, funeral was today, graduation parties, etc), so I'm behind on the Happy Birthdays... So to everyone I've missed, HAPPY 2ND BIRTHDAY!! :party:

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There has been a lot of birthdays already! It makes me excited for Victoria's birthday, but I remember starting to get impatient when I was pregnant with her.

Sorry to hear about DH's grandmother.