HOLY FREAKIN' TANTRUMS!!! (and some really good news!)

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HOLY FREAKIN' TANTRUMS!!! (and some really good news!)

No...not pregnant. haha

McKenzie has been throwing the biggest drama-queen tantrums over the last week! Any little thing that bothers her, she will throw herself on the ground, kick and scream, and worst of all...THROW THINGS!:eek: At Tyler's birthday dinner the other night, we gave McKenzie an ice cream cone to keep her occupied while we were finishing dinner...she got mad, squished it, then threw it! Tantrum started right away, and to avoid making a scene, I did the wrong thing by giving her another ice cream cone to redirect her, and she squished that one, threw it, and hit Tyler smack in the head! WTF? It was a bad choice on my part, but I am one of those moms who hates to have her kids at the center of everyone's attention for the wrong reasons. My kids have been raised to go everywhere we go, including 5 star restaurants, and usually, they are always well behaved...so not the case this time.

At home and school, it's far worse. She takes her aggression out on anyone younger than her, and it's driving me bonkers. I have had to resort to bringing her downstairs with me at school and keep her in my Pre-K class because she is just so crazy!

Is anyone one else going through this too? I try my hardest to ignore her fits and not feed into it, but it can be hard...just to function during them! (she's throwing one right this second because she wants in my lap...grrrr.)

And the great news...

For the first time in 5 years, Greg finally got enough seniority at work to get one weekend day off!!! So starting this coming week, he will have every Friday and Saturday off...and we can finally have a day as a complete family! We have managed for all of these years having just an afternoon off together, and that has done it's fair amount of damage...:lovebed: if ya know what I mean...so I am definitely looking forward to waking up with my husband on Saturday mornings!! Woot woot!!!

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Maybe she's having her 'terrible two's" now, and will have outgrown the tantrums by by 2! It is hard at this age when they get frustrated, but don't yet have all the tools for expressing their frustration.

That is great news about your DH! What does he do for work?

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Kieran throws some pretty nasty tantrums too... and he's been doing it more while we're out places, and I can't help but be embarrassed. I always feel like people are judging me! For him its 1000x worse when he's hungry or tired.

That's great your DH is getting weekends off though! Sounds like it will be a nice change Smile

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Jeena started throwing things when she was upset, just after she turned 2. What we did was take away whatever she threw. She would see us take it away and put it up high, or out of site. We told her she could have it the next day if she didn't throw anything more. It took a few times, but she stopped throwing things because she was losing her favourite things!

And congrats on being a weekend family again!!! Biggrin

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Tantrums are not fun!

Congrats on the weekends!

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Greg is a Federal Agent working for Homeland Security...and now that he is a trainer, and does a whole lot of other things for work, his schedule has been ridiculous. Working 12-16 hour days, and sometimes 7 days a week. Then of course there is the gov't who is always throwing curveballs about overtime and salary woes...just lovely!

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That's so exciting about weekends. I'm sure it was difficult dealing with the other schedule.