How much milk are your kids drinking these days?

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How much milk are your kids drinking these days?

McKenzie is still a big milk drinker....having about 16 ounces a day. At least I think that's a lot. Some kids I know here at school don't drink she seems to drink quite a bit. Just curious....

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Ethan refuses to drink "white" milk anymore, so because I worry about no milk at all, we mix a tad bit of strawberry sauce in it and he has strawberry milk - 8oz a day at dinnertime. He also eats a 4oz yogurt daily so I hope that's enough.

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Gosh, my kids probably drink 24 oz each a day. DD tends to drink a bit more because milk doesn't give her any problems. DS, we suspect, is lactose intolerant (since milk gives him reflux and it often comes bubbling out of his mouth afterwards) so he drinks a bit less. He loves it though and until we know for sure what his issues are (he goes for allergy testing tomorrow) he'll just keep chugging it back. They each have a cup of milk with every meal. We easily go through 12 litres (or approx. 3 gallons) of milk a week, sometimes more!

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nothing . nada. zlilch.

She says she doesn't like it. We do a soy yogurt a day. Typically that's it.

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A of course can't drink cow's milk, but she still nurses. I have no idea how much milk she's getting from me. On top of that, she usually drinks a whole 8-oz box of chocolate soy milk each day, some days two. We started her on the chocolate soy milk back when she was losing weight and the doctors were all trying to push extra calories on her. Chocolate soy milk has more fat and calories than regular soy milk, so that's what we used. Now, of course, she won't touch the regular stuff. Wink Sometimes she'll ask for some almond milk, so she gets some extra vitamin D and calcium from there (though it's horribly low in protein, fat, and calories, so I try to get her to drink soy milk first).

Overall, I would guess she drinks at least 16 oz of "milk" in some form every day.

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Lili drinks about 4-5 cups a day. She would drink more, but we make her have water during the day.

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Miles would drink as much as I could give him!! I tend to limit him to 3ish sippy cups per day...I try to get him to drink water and juice in kid is always drinking.

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Nicholas drinks around 16 oz a day. 8oz in the morning and 8oz with dinner/ finishes off what he doesn't drink at dinner before bed.

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Hayleigh has two milk product servings a day. Either two glasses of milk, a milk and a yogurt etc.

Lisa - how long did it take to get Ben in to see the allergist?

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Sean was still drinking a TON of milk everyday up until August when he was diagnosed with milk allergy (still having trouble wrapping my head around that when he drank SOOOO much milk - too much - everyday, in addition to cheese and yogurt)... But anyway, if we went away for a long day trip, we'd fill up a 32-oz plastic bottle and he'd pretty much finish it off. Since the milk allergy diagnosis, it has been quite a struggle. He has never been willing to drink plain water. He's just now (2 months later) coming around to soy milk and will drink a glass or two a day. I've been giving him severely watered down OJ with calcium and vitamin D. Ugh... I am hoping he outgrows this. He never had an obvious reaction to milk, but tested positive on the skin test and the blood test. He's also allergic to eggs and peanut, both of which he has had an obvious reaction to (hives/redness around his mouth). So yeah, we're having fun times in the food and drink department here.