How are your kids speaking?

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How are your kids speaking?

Leah says so many words but some words that I think should come easy, she doesn't say. She doesn't really use her B's or say her own name. Because we taught her some sign language so early on she signs instead of using the words now. I am on a path of not giving in till she actually says the words. Gianna was/is very mature for her age and was well above average at 2yrs old. The dr.s say she is hitting all her "marks" but its just strange to me that she doesn't say more. Anyone else's LO not speaking so much?

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Victoria has a lot of words, and is speaking in sentences. She is speaking much better than her brothers did at this age, but it can still be a guessing game sometimes as to what she is saying. Also, there are several words that she uses for things that actually sound like something else (for example, her word for 'airplane' sounds a lot more like 'i-cream'). She also won't say her or her brothers' names. She just says "me" and "brother".

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Sofia is a quiet girl. I have heard her say several words in English and Spanish. She says some three word sentances. But she is mostly quiet and speaks when ever she wants to.

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You may remember from past posts that Kieran was a bit behind in the language department and we've had him in speech therapy. As of 2-3 months ago he was saying no words. In the last few weeks, particularly the past week it seems like, his language has exploded. He says quite a few words now and picks them up easily, and is starting to put together 2-4 word sentences. For example the other day he started saying mama... finally, at 2 years! He regularly addresses me as mommy/mama and dada/daddy for DH, and calls his brother "Ro-ro" lol. Other words he's started using a lot are no, yucky, thanks, sorry, bubble, cheese, "teet-teet" (bird), juice, eat, choo-choo, car (sounds like "cuh"), truck ("guck") clock (sounds like "****", and there are a lot of others too. He also says "I do!" and "I did it!"; a couple times I've gotten him something he wanted (juice I think) and he said "Thanks mom juice" and earlier he was playing with a broom and I was sitting next to him, and he swept my feet and said "I do mom too." He doesn't pronounce everything clearly but that's typical, and when he doesn say words he is mostly understandable. He does still babble/use jargon a lot as "filler" but its slowly transforming into real words. Its totally amazing to me because its literally only in the last couple weeks that he has started this, and prior to that he said almost nothing and it was hard to even get him to repeat sounds.

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Ben is pretty much a non-talker. Well, a non-conversationalist Wink He has words and is starting to say more, but still no two-word phrases. I was told they don't put two words together until they have about a 50-word vocab, so we're still a way off from phrases! But he also does not say words 'correctly'. Like 'car' is 'cah' and 'banana' is 'nana'. It's hard not to get a bit anxious when his sister was so advanced. But he's coming along much quicker now. He just learned cracker, baby, car, bib, and a few others in the past week or so.

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Izzie talks up a storm, but like the others, some of her words are not correctly pronounced and onlly DH or I know what she's saying at certain times. She just within the last week started using "I" instead of "Izzie".

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A is pretty fluent in English (she's been speaking in 5+ word sentences for months), and her words are pretty clear. She'll occasionally have trouble with blends ("pider" instead of "spider", though she says it right some of the time) and sometimes she mixes up syllable order. She does pretty well with pronouns and verb tenses (-ing, -ed), but she's bad at articles and prepositions.

Recently she's had a language explosion in Korean, so now she likes to throw out Korean sentences along with her English.

But language has always been her strength. And she still doesn't sleep, so I have to assume that she's spending all that extra awake time thinking about language. Wink She also goes in spurts where she's a complete book-a-holic and will ask me to read to her for hours (literally) on end. And I assume that also really helps her language acquisition.

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Cam's missing a lot of sounds and says a lot of words backwards, but he is slowly adding sounds to his repertoire.

Some of his most advanced sentences are "My talk poh" for 'I'm talking on the phone,' and "No, mommy, 'tay!" when he wants me to 'stay.'

Some of his backwards wards are tom is said 'mah,' sit is 'tiss,' sleep is 'peace,' and on like that.

He not very good at two syllable words. The only ones he says perfectly are mommy and daddy. His best ones are "doo bus" for school bus and "choo choo."

I can understand about 90% of what he says (which is awesome, because at his 2 year appointment I could only understand maybe 50%?) Truck is 'dugh,' car is 'dah,' he calls himself 'my' 100% of the time, TV is "tee," Papa is "pah," Riley is "eye-ee," and most of the time he just calls her "baby."

Speaking has always been difficult for Cam. He first babbled consonant was at 8.5 months - quite late. My sister, an SPL, thinks it's possible he has a mild case of apraxia, but he continues to add sounds and correct pronunciations consistently, so as long as he's making progress on his own we're not too worried yet.

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Just over this past weekend it seems she can talk so much more. Now she says "I want cheese" or "I want cracka". She is starting to repeat me but if she is unsure of herself, she will only repeat the syllables that the word will have. She said "Gianna" so long ago so I thought easy words would come.....well easy. She won't say Please or Baby. She has really great manners when asking or receiving things though. I guess I'll just keep an eye on it and make sure she keeps advancing. If only she would eat better.....still an issue.

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I think it's pretty common for kids with older siblings to talk less and not as soon. The twins are really ahead verbally, especially Mia. Ana speaks FAR less than either sister did though she understands pretty much everything, and has no issues communicating when she wants to, sans words.

Her sisters just do most of the talking for her.

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Just wanted to invite you all to the speech and language board.

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My child does not shut up, hahha.. The only word that he seems to pronounce incorrectly that seems like an easy word to me is "truck". I have no idea why but he said it something like "fatch" (like "watch" only with an F). No clue. We try to slowly and clearly say it the right way for him, but he never says it right. Everything else though, he says very clearly. Strangers almost always know what he's saying and he uses multi-word sentences. I came home from work yesterday to find him reciting his ABC's in spanish (thank you bilingual toys, lol).

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We are starting to get increasingly concerned about Ben. Even though he's trying to say some new words, everything he says sounds odd, like it's missing something and I just can't put my finger on it. Even his tone sounds a bit strange. His words are very incomplete, even words he's been saying for a long time.

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I am pretty proud of Hayleigh. She has been saying full sentences for months and just recently has started to really "understand" things.

She will say i like ___ but I don't like ___.

She is also starting to pick up on moods. Today I was rubbing my eyes and she said "are you tired Mommy? I am tired too"

She is also starting to sing full songs. she now has a few including yesterdays new one of "rock-a-bye baby"

I think I credit it to her being such a late mover. She didn't crawl until almost 11 months and didn't walk until 14 months. DH is also home with her (and I know he spends all day interacting with her because he is certainly not doing housework!)

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Honestly, it sounds really normal to me. I wouldn't stress at all. I think we put a ton of pressure on kids to advance quickly in all areas, when the reality is that they tend to advance in some areas and lag in others. Eventually she'll catch up to where she needs to be, though honestly she sounds normal to me.

Zoey is quite an advanced talker, unless you put a camera on her or ask her to speak in front of the doctor. :rolleyes: She has an enormous vocabulary and she speaks in 4-6 word sentences. Her comprehension and retention are really great, too. However, there are other developmental areas where she really, really lags behind. My pediatrician told me that the important thing is that she makes progress, even if its at a snails pace. I have to practice some things with her (many gross motor skill tasks for instance) to help her improve. She'll get there, just in her own time.

Don't stress, mama. It sounds like she's doing great.

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McKenzie has been talking for a really long time. However, she is just now starting for formulate sentences, whereas before it was single word phrases. Now she has no problem telling Tyler "TYLER, I DON'T LIKE THAT! LEAVE ME ALONE! MOM!!!!" So as annoying as full sentences may be, it's cute as hell!