I'm ready... he's not.

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I'm ready... he's not.

I feel like this is a common issue so feel like I can vent and probably find some sympathetic ears. I was ready to ditch BC this month. We're in the process of moving and DH said that he just wants a few months to have nothing going on before we try to get pregnant. I don't know that I really get his point.... I wasn't saying we'd leap into getting crazy about trying.... just going off BC and seeing what happens. And even if something did happen immediately it's not like a baby pops out 2 days after getting pregnant..... there are 9 months to be ready!!! Argh. Guess I'll give it another try next month.

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Maybe he'll feel better once you're moved and that is out of the way and settled! I agree though its not like you'd necessarily even get pregnant right away, and even if you did... there'd be time to prepare. Keep us posted though, that's exciting!

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"DunyaWolf" wrote:

Maybe he'll feel better once you're moved and that is out of the way and settled!

That's true..maybe he's just stressed over the move?? And I don't see anything wrong with stopping BC. Sometimes it takes a bit for it to get out of your system anyways. How exciting though!!! Definitely KUP! Good luck! Biggrin

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It's disappointing when DH isn't ready when you are. Hopefully he'll come around after the move once things settle down.

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How is his job situation? Has the stress of that eased up at all?

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The move is probably stressing him out but once that is settled, I'm sure you can bring it up again. I know what you mean about wanting something badly. I get that way and I'm very bad about waiting for it. I'm sure I would pout a bit but also understand. Good luck and KUP.

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"ekcanada" wrote:

How is his job situation? Has the stress of that eased up at all?

Thanks for asking. His job is still stresfull, but I think he's managing it a bit better. He's in a bad situation where he wants to stay with the company, but can't post for a different job within the company for another 6 months. He's counting the days.

I've come up with a BRILLIANT new plan. He had said if i wanted to go off BC to "get it out of my system" that we could just use condoms until "we" were ready to try. I'm so taking him up on this in July. I know him too well.... when push comes to shove he's probably going to just take the chance. Sounds sneakier than it is.... but I think he'll come around in the next couple of months.

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I totally understand the frustration. My husband just seems convinced that it will happen right away and so we have to wait for the "perfect" time to start trying. He doesn't like condoms, so that's not a good option for us (not sure if I like them much either...).

Anyway, both times it took 5 months of trying. I'm still kind of annoyed that we didn't stop the BC sooner this time. Now our next baby is due in December and I can't help but think that's the worst month for a birthday - everyone's too focused on Christmas. *sigh*

At this point it somehow seems like the second child will be just as scary and life-changing as the first. Hopefully just as much fun, too:)