Irrational Fears??

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Irrational Fears??

All of a sudden, Zoey is acting terrified of certain things. For instance, changing tables. I can't change her anymore unless it's on the floor. She gets hysterical. And not like she's upset/defiant. She's downright shaking and terrified.

There are a couple other things too, like her humidifier, and the measuring tape I use to measure hats as I make them.

We haven't had any accidents or anything with any of these objects. It's completely sudden and they all happened within a 1-2 day span. It's very strange. Does this sound at all normal for a toddler?

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Sounds totally normal. Claire went through a phase like that where she seemed very afraid of things that hadn't caused any fear prior, and even now she'll get irrationally afraid of a particular thing until she learns that there is nothing to be afraid of. Zoey probably realizes now that if she fell off the change table (not that it would happen) she would get hurt. If she's starting to think about consequences that's a good thing. Instead of a kid who makes a bee line for the street without thinking you watch them kind of compute the 'running to street = cars = danger' thing.

As for the other things, maybe she just associates them with one negative experience she had (whether it directly involved that object or not).

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Miles hasn't had anything like that, like with the shaking, but he has been saying that he's scared of different things. I got him a stuffed elephant from the zoo a few weeks ago and he'll throw it and say "nooo scared of elephant" and won't go near it for a little bit. He does the same thing sometimes when its dark...sometimes he will SAY "SSSHHH night night" or he'll yell "Nooo scared dark!" Its strange because I know he isn't scared of it, I think he's just saying it?!
I would think that if something had happened with these items I could totally understand her worry, but maybe its just some type of phase she's going through? With Miles being my first I don't have anything else to go on to help you out. I know this doesn't help, but I would think it's something she would probably out grow of.

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I still get like weekly of monthly email updates on developments for kids their age, and a recent one was actually about this very topic. It's apparently common at this age, but we haven't really hit that phase yet.

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Thanks ladies! I appreciate the responses. With Zoey, it's always so hard to tell what's "normal" because she tends to be a bit....hmmm.....dramatic? Wink

Thanks again. Smile

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Jeena was scared of plastic bags crinkling for the longest time!!!! It was the strangest thing to me!

Well it seems yet again that Zoey is normal Wink

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Kieran isn't afraid per se, but I've noticed recently that he gets upset about certain things. Like, I usually have my hair pulled back, but sometimes the shorter whispy pieces in front will fall out and be in my face. This upsets him. He whines/acts unhappy and points at them until I push them back behind my ears. Its so strange!

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Ethan has gotten scared with the diaper changing table as gripping his nails in me. Other than that, he gets scared with things that I would think is normal for his age, i.e. Hair dryer, vacuum, smoke alarm (We live in an apt building with uber sensitive alarms...goes off at least once a week). I think it's totally normal for this age.

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I haven't noticed anything that extreme in terms of the shaking etc. but I do know developmentally that this is certainly the point at which fears become more prevalent. I remember it was around 2 that my DD1 started having nightmares....oh yeah that was fun. haha.