It's a girl!

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It's a girl!

Kyla Rae K... Was born Friday, sept 2 at 00:16 in the morning. Labour (once active labour started:confused:) was supper quick and easy. Recovery is rougher than with DD1. Kyla weighed 6lbs, 9ozs. 19" long. She is a really good nurser.

I will post pictures and story later!

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Awww congrats.

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Congratulations Erin! Awwe, can't wait for pics!

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Congratulations!!! :sleepygirl: Can't wait to see pics of Kyla and big sister Hayleigh.

How are you holding up?

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Congrats!! Cute name too.

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Congrats Mama!!!

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Congratulations Erin! Welcome to the world Kyla!

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YAY!!!! Congrats to you and your family!!