It's a good thing no one else was there!

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It's a good thing no one else was there!

I'd be too embarrassed to post this anywhere connected with my real name. Wink

We've been eating a lot of beans recently. 'Nuff said. So last night when I was nursing A, she suddenly sat up and said, "A smells Mama's bottom."

:eek: ROFL :oops:

Then this morning she did it again, though considerably less embarrassing to me. Wink When we walked into the room with her diaper wet bag, she said very seriously, "A smells A's bottom."

Does anyone else have funny stories to share?

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Well, since we're on fart topics...Katie loves to announce to the world when she farts. Loud and with many giggles she'll say, "I farted." She doesn't really care where we are, be it church, the bedroom or the middle of the mall. The other day, at the play area in the mall, she came running up with a huge smile on her face and said, "My butt farted." ROFL

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ROFL Love it!! Hahahaha...

Sean is just now starting to recognize farts (and burps) and the fact that they're funny. And every time he hears a fart (or anything that sounds like a fart, like sometimes the baby's little grunting noises sound similar), he'll loudly say "Jeeeeeez!!" Hahahaha. And if anyone burps, he says "Piggy!!!" Hahaha. And of course now that he finds these things hilarious, he's always TRYING to make himself fart or burp. Typical little boy, LOL. :rolleyes:

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Moriah went through a "I farted", "daddy farted, pee-yew, dat stinky", "Sissy go poop-poo" phase where she told anyone and everyone. Smile As much as I thought it was hilarious, it was quite embarrassing!!

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I love fart stories!

As funny as I think they are, we have tried to teach Hayleigh some manners (although when alone, DH and I do not). She is very good at politely saying "meme" (excuse me) and will go meme daddy (or whomever does it) for them. Sometimes she will get a little giggle but not often. DH and I often have to turn our heads because we are giggling especially for the rippers!

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"marymoonu" wrote:

And of course now that he finds these things hilarious, he's always TRYING to make himself fart or burp. Typical little boy, LOL. :rolleyes:

Both of my girls will do this. Miriam just discovered she could fart when she wanted to, and spent most of one bath time rolling over to do so. Katie thinks it's hilarious as well, and encourages it as much as she can.

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Since Jeena was little we used the Korean word for 'pig' when someone burps. Ya, not the most polite thing but it's what we did.. haha! So now when Maria burps she says that word!

We also use the Korean word for 'fart' too.

A couple weeks ago Maria said "Me pangu, no poop yet!' and that was her first 'bilingual' sentence! Hahah!

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We use Korean words for 'rude' body functions, too. Smile

A while back A said something like "Happy! 'Cited! Abba pangu!" I just about doubled over laughing. Biggrin

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We're big on bodily function humor here too. Both kids think is absolutely hilarious whenever anyone passes gas. Addie always announces "Sissy stinky" or "Bubba stinky" while cracking up. Gavyn will run up to us, turn & say "Bubba fart", & then blow butt. ROFL We're awful, but we laugh!

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My kid must be the only one to have no idea of any "bodily functions". Seriously, she is in denial about wet/dirty diapers and even when I ask her if she's stinky she gets offended and says "no". Anyway here's my blushing story.

Sooo, DH and I playfully slap each other's bottoms:oops: It's our way of flirting I guess and we are always joking with one another in any way we can. And of course Isabella has picked up on it. Well, there's nothing like bending over and picking toys up and having little hands slap your bottom with "I pop mommies bootie!" giggle, giggle.

Another story. A few weeks ago my dear mother graciously gave us the stomach virus one at a time. Isabella had it first and when she finally stopped throwing up she decided it was hilarious to follow us through the house make upchuck sounds. Every time she would make the sound DH and I would drop everything and run to her hoping to get her to the bathroom. And of course she dying laughing while we made a mad dash through the house.

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ROFL That is too funny! Yesterday DH, Kieran and I were upstairs and I finished giving Rowan a bath and walked into our room to get him changed; and when I walked by DH he smacked my butt, just goofing around. While I'm standing there getting the baby dressed Kieran comes up behind me and smacks my butt too! *facepalm*

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Heh. A does this too, but she only does it on naked bottoms. When I'm getting undressed to take a bath with her, she runs over and starts smacking me! I think she got this from diaper changes - sometimes we'll do this to her while we're changing her diaper. She thinks it's a riot. Lol