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Anyone ever use one? Experiences...good? Bad? (I think Lisa had some bad experience?)

What birth control do you use?

My OB suggested an IUD but I'm not sure. I really don't want to take the pill again. I just don't like the added hormones.

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I HATED the pill. It never affected me hormone wise, but I could never take it on time. I've heard good and bad with the IUD's. A co-worker of mine had her doc put it in and her skin ended up growing right around it (I think it was put in wrong), but that the only bad experience I've heard about. Everyone else seems to like it.

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I could never remember to take the pill so when the time was right after Leah, I did some research. I went with the Mirena IUD. I'm not gonna lie, it hurt like a very bad contraction for about 5-7 minutes while being placed. Afterwards I only cramped for the rest of the day.....that was almost 2 yrs ago. I love it!!! I don't get my period anymore and may only spot for like an hour every few months. I like that I can take it out at anytime but that its good for 5 years. When this one is removed I will definitely be putting another in. Just do some research to see what will work best for you.

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I had a non-hormonal IUD and it was awful. The cramps and back pain were unbearable. My flow was about 3x heavier, with clots, and it lasted sometimes 10 or 11 days. Back in January when I could stand it no longer I basically crawled in to the clinic doubled over in pain, begging for it to be taken out. The relief was instant and my periods are back to normal. I'm on the pill until DH has his v.

For me it was a very bad experience.

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April, I'm sure you already know this, but the Mirena is a hormonal IUD. I actually know several gals who have gotten pregnant with a Mirena in place. I'm not sure if it's just a fluke thing in my area, but it seems like the failure rate is high. Other than that, I have no advice for you (sorry!). :goodluck:

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I have the Mirena and I love it.

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I just don't put out, lol. :biglaugh:

Seriously though, I don't know what I'm going to do. Right now, I'm not on any BC. It took me like 8 or 9 months to O after Sean, but I'm feeling like it could happen sooner this time... I hate hormonal BC and refuse to do it again. IUD's freak me out a bit. I'm pretty good at knowing when I'm fertile, so we'll probably just avoid DTD then until we're ready for #3. After that, we'll probably be done. I might get an IUD then just to have 5 years to make sure we're done, then have DH get the V.

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My older sister had a terrible experience with both kinds of IUDs. I've heard a few good stories but mostly bad stories.. but...

I wonder why some women react badly/don't like them but they are fine for others? I have a very regular and light cycle now but am not on any birth control. I should be but I don't want to take the pill either, I gained 20 lbs when I was on it before Jeena. Options suck!

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I'm with you, April, in that I can't stand the pill. I was on it many, many years ago in college to help my cycle. It worked, but at a price I wasn't willing to pay (and I tried about three different kinds of pills just to see). So for the last 7 or 8 years I haven't been on anything. I've used a mixture of abstinence, FAM, and ecological breastfeeding when I didn't want to get pg. The abstinenece definitely worked ;-), but I'm not really sure how much I can vouch for the others, since I'm not even getting pregnant when I'm trying to. :rolleyes:

As for and IUD, most of what I've heard has been negative. But that could just by from selection bias (people only talk about it when they have a problem).

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I have the Mirena, and I couldn't be happier!! I've heard the horror stories so I know it isn't for everyone, but it's been amazing for me. I need a BC I don't need to think about. I was lucky with the pill because I took it but I had forgotten MANY times and just fortunately didn't happen to get pregnant. My periods are almost non-exsistent (I have light spotting every couple of months). Having it inserted was a bit painful, and I had some cramping throughout the day or so. I will most likely get another one when this one wears off.

The success rate is actually better then the pill, patch, ring, and shot.

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IUDs creep me out. Don't think I'll ever go there only because I have no problem remembering the pill and it's worked well for me with no side effects.

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Oh.... have a good friend that did the shot and loved it.