Izzie's 2 year appt

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Izzie's 2 year appt

Izzie had her 2 year check up today. She was cracking the doctor up because Izzie kept throwing the info paper and giggling hysterically and screeching. Growthwise, Izzie is doing great - she's in the 90th% at 35.5 inches tall, and in the 50-75th% at 28 lbs, 4 oz. The doctor recommended we start vitamins with her since she's not a big veggie eater anymore. Does anyone do any of the chewable vitamins yet? Any recommendations? And they apparently came out with a Prevnar booster shot, so the poor girl had to get a shot today. It was quick though, and so were the tears.

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Wow she is growing good. Since Sofia loves gummies I got her some gummie vitamins.

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We do gummi vitamins with Cam. We get the Disney ones.

He's actually still a great fruit and veggie eater, so while the "dose" is 2 gummis we just give him one. And really we give them more to establish a nighttime routine than as a diet supplement - is that bad?
So nights are now 'gummi, teeth brush, story, bed.' Getting to eat a sugary gummi right before bed is a good incentive for starting the bedtime routine for him, so haha.

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That's great that she's doing so well!

Victoria will sometimes ask for a vitamin when I'm giving them to her brothers. She usually just licks it though, doesn't eat the whole thing. They are the chewable kind.

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Sounds like a great appt. Leah is on the gummy vitamins, we get different characters but currently on Target brand. They look like gummy bears. She also takes the chewable fluoride pills too. No problems at all, in fact she wishes she could have more then two a day.

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Glad the appointment went well!