Kieran's EI Evaluation

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Kieran's EI Evaluation

So, I had Kieran evaluated by Early Intervention yesterday. I finally decided to look into this a few weeks ago because of his lack of speech- basically, he uses NO words. DH thought I was nuts because he seems fine, he jabbers all day long and basically "talks" just not using words we understand. But I figured at worst, they'd find he had enough of a delay and we could get him some help and at best, nothing would be wrong. Yesterday they came to do the eval. They evaluate him in different areas- adaptive, personal/social, communication and motor. He scored in the normal or high range (as compared to average 21 month olds) for everything except expressive speech- which is about what I figured. They said his receptive language is at the 3 year old level lol but expression was low enough for him to qualify for services. So, we're going to do it. They come for an hour each week and if it will help him start using words, I'm all for it! He really WANTS to talk, its just not coming out right for whatever reason. They're also typing up a full description of his evaluation that they mail in a couple weeks, I figure that will be interesting to see how he's doing in all the different areas.

I just thought I'd give a little update!

ETA- something else that's just kind of funny, sometimes I think we're teaching him the wrong language. One of the shows he likes to watch sometimes is Ni-Hao Kai-Lan, its basically like Dora only she's Chinese and they teach words in Chinese throughout the show. Well he has NO problems repeating the words in Chinese, even though I can't get him to repeat simple words in English! Chinese sounds must be closer to his babbling/jabbering than English sounds, lol!

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All in all it sounded like a great assessment. It is nice that you are able to qualify for help but it doesn't sound like it is bad enough to totally worry!

good job being on top of it!

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perhaps he is speaking chinese!
I hope this will help him to start using real words.

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LOL @ the Chinese! I could imagine some of their words being easier for a baby to babble than our own words are.

Good luck with it all... I hope he has a talking explosion soon!

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Good for you!!! Getting the early eval & intervention will make a world of difference - this is coming from the mama that knew her kiddo was delayed but couldn't get anyone to listen. I bet he'll be talking your ear off before long! Smile

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Good job for getting him evaluated. I had Joey evaluated in January and therapy started by the end of the month. We have had 8 or 9 sessions and holy cow what an improvement!! Joey now has 10 -15 words and he tries so many different words every day! KUP on his progress.

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Mandie- that's great you've seen such good improvement with Joey! That makes me hopeful Smile Erin- yeah its totally not something I'm worried about per se, I'm just glad to be able to get him help because I think it will help all of us for him to be able to use words to communicate. Especially with tantrums. He has total meltdowns sometimes and I think the majority of it is frustration at not being able to tell us what he wants/needs. And although I feel like I know my child pretty well, it will help to know just how much he understands from a given situation, when I'm explaining something etc.

BTW- he loves your dancing cow icon, lol! Any time I happen to be reading a thread and you've posted, he comes up and points to it and gets excited, its funny.

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wtg mama!!! EI is the best you are doing a great thing for him...another plus, he gets complete, baby-free attention for an hour a week

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That is awsome you go the services you need. EI has helped my oldest so much. He is still not up to his age level, but it has been such an improvement.

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Hooray for the eval! It sounds like it's going to be awesome for him. Please continue to KUP on how it's going. I know it must be scary or frustrating for you, but I'd be willing to bet that he's going to have a huge language explosion on you very soon! Smile

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It must be a relief for you that he is getting help when your gut told you he needed it. I'm sure he will really benefit from it.

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We went through this with Remi and she started receiving services at the end of January. Our Speech Pathologist came for her visit on Thurs and we counted up the words that she is using now and we totaled 25. This is up from no words in just a couple of months, so it's so worth it IMO.

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I have only heard good things about early intervention with speech!! I'm sure you'll notice a difference quickly! Smile