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more pt talk

Hi ladies Smile

So, I've been very slow about starting PT with Izzie - there were a couple things holding me back: having max and not being able to run to the bathroom every half an hour and we were potentially going to be moving so I didn't want that to mess her up. Well the second problem has been solved -we're not moving because of the wy the stupid banks control things now Sad anyways ... I didn't want to push it, but bought a seat to put on top of the toilet just so she coyld sit on it every now and then and get used to it. Well, she's had twice this week where I've sat her on it (before baths, with my asking) and she peed! That was exciting. But then there has also been twice where she's actually said "potty potty" and so I've sat her on it and she peed! Once after a bath and she was fighting me getting her diaper on and going "no mommy, more potty!" And then this morning a little bit after she woke up she asked to go. I'm pretty proud of her Smile

However, now I feel trapped because I don't want to hinder this at all, but I'm afraid I'm not going to be able to drop what I'm doing (ie. Something with max) and take her to the bathroomm when she asks. Any ideas?

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First of all - awesome! Congrats to Izzie!

And secondly...ugh. I am right where you are. Cam has only peed on the potty once and it was after he asked to sit on it, but he's been telling us when he has to go and telling us right after, so we're *right* there also.

I have the exact same concerns. do I manage a grocery trip with the two of them alone if he's potty trained? I wear Riley, so at least I wouldn't have to abandon her, but I would have to abandon a cart. But...she's starting to like being worn less because she can't see very well, so that would put a kink in things.
And just in general around the house with an infant...I can't always drop everything - especially if she's in the middle of nursing. How can I drop her and leave her screaming and hungry to help him get on the potty?

We do have a small potty and a big one, so if he starts really getting it and I can't help him, maybe I can at least direct him to the small potty where he can mostly do things himself? So maybe getting a small potty would help for those times that you just can't put Max down?

My other main concern is not being able to deal with accidents quickly. If he has an accident on the carpet/couch, etc...and I can't put her down or she's *almost* asleep while I'm putting her down for a nap - I guess I'm just going to have to let it soak into the cushion instead of addressing it right away??

I don't really know.

Plus I'm sure Cam is going to be the kind of kid who needs reminded constantly. Sounds like Izzie is being fairly proactive about it, so that should help for sure! I can't get Cam's attention half the time unless I'm physically right in his face - so reminding and dragging him to the bathroom is going to be interesting.

Good luck! I'm sure it really won't be as bad as we think it will be. Biggrin And if it is, oh well, it's only temporary..and soon they'll be completely independent. :eek:

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we haven't really started with sean for mostly the same reason. he's also not quite ready... he tells us after he goes in his diaper, but rarely before. and he still freaks out if we try to sit him on his potty with no diaper on. so we still have a little ways to go, but i have a lot of the same concerns... it's hard to drop everything when you've got a younger baby!

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We haven't started anything with Maria, she's just not interested.

The first few days/weeks of potty training is annoying. With Jeena, I tried at 2 and she had seven thousand accidents, so I stopped. Tried again at 2 years and 5 months and she never had an accident so she was ready then for sure.

As for clean up, we had hardwood floor so it was easy clean up. I always put Jeena in pull ups for naps and bedtimes, up to a year after she was day trained.

For traveling and going places, I was so scared to go places because I thought she would pee in the car seat, at the store, etc. Never once!!!! I made sure she peed before we left and then peed when we got to the store and then peed before we left. That wasn't all the time, just at first.

You will feel like a prisoner in your own home for the first little while, especially if your LO isn't ready. With the summer coming up, it's a good time for naked time outside too then they might 'get it' too!