To my BTDT Mommy's who had baby #2!!!

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To my BTDT Mommy's who had baby #2!!!

Well I'm thankfully into my 2nd trimester. This pregnancy is not going any easier or any harder than the first. It does feel like its going slower than my 1st one. I'm 15 weeks today.

My question for help is how did you prepare your 1st LO for child #2. Joey knows I'm preggo and thats mostly because I had to drag him to all the fertility appointments for the IVF rounds. So he knows that he is going to have a baby and he thinks its going to be a baby brother. (so do I but thats a whole different conversation...). But I know he doesn't understand what having a sibling means. Any words of advice or video's or books that you recommend?

Any ideas would be loved!

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I'm preggo with #2 also. Once we found out it was a girl I had Ethan start "helping" me with baby stuff. He helped me put away clothes for her, he saw me making her a blanket...etc. We talk every chance we get about him being a big brother and that he is going to have a baby sister. In the mornings when we wake up or at night when we go to bed he says hi to baby sister (to my stomach). He even found a soothie pacifier the other day and said "baby sister binky?" I said, "sure you can give that to baby sister" and he tried sticking it in my belly button and said, "It's not working!". LOL I told him he could give it to her when she is born. He is pretty hit or miss with the concept....sometimes he appears excited, sometimes he responds, "NO BABY SISTER!!!" lol. For me it's all about balance....talking about her enough to make if aware...but not too much that he fears she will take all the attention away. So far, so good! I'm really eager to see how he is going to respond when she is born!

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When I was preggo with DD1, we talked about it A LOT to DS. We also bought a baby doll that we would carry around occasionally & pretend to hold/feed/etc. He did fantastic when DD1 was born (actually, when DD2 was born as well). With DD1, we just talked about it & read stories about new babies. I honestly don't think it sunk in until we brought the babies home from the hospital though. You can do all the prep in the world, but they just don't get it. Smile Good luck!!!

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I agree with Heather, you can prepare all you want, but they won't really understand until that baby comes home. However, what we did with Izzie, and she transitioned REALLY well, is she got a book about being a big sister, and we would call the little girl in the book her and the littl ebaby in the book was Max. And she became addicted to this book, and we read it every night for about 2 months, and even after Max was born, then she would show Max where he was in the book and where she was. It was pretty cute. I think it's called "I'm a Big Sister Now" and I believe they would have a one for big brother too. Also, just incorporating the baby into conversation every day. For example, while I was changing Izzie's diapers, I would say "when your brother comes, do you think mommy's going to change his diapers, too?" so that she could start imagining him in our everyday life.

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You have good advice above about before baby arrives, but Don't forget when baby #2 does arrive to involve Joey as much as possible. Ask him to help get a diaper, a burp cloth, whatever you need that he can handle. Also use the terms "Our" baby a lot and pay Joey a lot of attention when the baby is down for a nap etc.

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Thanks Ladies!! You've given me some really good idea's!! I love talking to him know about daily life and the book idea!!!!!