My little nudist

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My little nudist

Miles will NOT keep his diaper on anymore! He will be in his play room reading a book or watching a movie and come out completely naked...well pants and diaper off with his shirt half way off (he always tries to get out through the head hole). Last night he took off his diaper 3 times in a matter of 45mins! I tell him "we only take off our diaper to go pee pee on the potty or when you need to be changed". Well I ask him if he needs to go pee pee and he says yes, we try and nothing happens. (he does go once in a while). I just don't know how to make him keep it on, or try more on the potty. Does anyone else have nakey babies running around?

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We have to fight Hayleigh to change her diaper. She also does exactly opposite as Miles. If she sees something she wants to wear she puts it over top of whatever she is wearing (she loves my underwear for some reason)

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Victoria is that way a lot. She wears pull-ups through the day, but often she will fight me when I try to put one on. But when I tell her that she has to pee in the potty if she doesn't wear one, she says "no potty!", and usually ends up peeing in her clothes if I let her go bare. Every now and then though, she say "Pee! Potty" and go running to the potty and pee in there. That gives me hope!

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Vance is a nudist! I can't keep clothing on him at all. When I potty trained him I left him naked to train and I guess he really enjoyed it and now hates clothes. He is fully potty trained but hates his underwear too. He will cry and freak out if I have to put clothes on him to go out, once home he strips down completely. He even sleeps naked because no matter how hard I try he strips when I'm not looking. I find him naked butt in the air every night. I keep telling him he has to at least keep his underwear on but he refuses. I'm glad I'm not the only one who has a little nudist.