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I haven't been on here too much as I am finishing up my Master's (thesis due in 14 days!!!) and just finished an internship.......but I have recently encountered diffuclties with napping and bedtime in the last month or so with Ethan.

Who has stopped mid-day naps or when do you plan on stopping naptime? We have had problems getting Ethan to bed at a decent time and he ALWAYS puts up a fight (gets up, starts playing, throwing a fit, etc.) So I thought if maybe we stopped naps, that would help??? But then some days, I notice if he doesn't nap, he is C-R-A-N-K-Y all afternoon and doesn't sleep well. I'm confused......nap or no nap?

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Moriah still needs a mid afternoon nap (right after lunch around 12:30pm) If she doesn't take this nap, she will have a horrible time getting herself to wind down and sleep at night. She isn't a very good sleeper at night time in general but things get 10 times worse without a day time nap.

What are Ethan's bedtime/wake up times? Has this nap time fighting been a trend for a while now or just recently? Moriah tends to have crappy naps when she is getting sick, constipated or the obvious-teething!!!

I would keep putting him down for a nap (even when he fights it) IMO, he is a little too young still to do without at least one nap mid-day.

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I always find the more rested Hayleigh is, the better she sleeps.

I refuse to stop afternoon naps. If she decides she is not going to sleep she is still in her crib for a least an hour (whether it is screaming or playing). 9 times out of 10 though, she sleeps

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Maria takes at least a one hour nap a day, sometimes 2 hours. Her naps happen at all different times of the day and I don't stop it. If she has a good nap (whenever) then her bedtime sleep is better!

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Ethan usually doesn't go down for the night until around 9:30 pm (much later than I would like, but he fights any earlier). We have a routine: Bath, lotion/massage, jammies, then bed. Then he usually will take about an hour to go 10:30 now. But once he is asleep he is usually out until 8am the next morning. Naps usually start at 1pm and he'll wake up around 3p sometimes 4p. I am not wanting to pull naps just yet because that is when I get everything done (well, right now its dedicated to my thesis). I"m just getting tired of the "wrestling" to get him down. ::sigh::

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I think this could also be a developmental phase as well. I have heard from more moms than not that around 2, kids commonly fight naps and bedtime. It just seems far too coincidental that so many kids have the same issue at the same age, kwim?

Zoey goes to bed at 8:30. Lately, she fusses until about 10. For at least a week now. Naps go well though for the most part, thankfully. But bedtime is a huge struggle right now for us.