OHhhh...so THATs what that means...

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OHhhh...so THATs what that means...

Well I think I missed my chance at the Mom of the year Award today!

So I am driving from a potential new childcare place for Liam and Eloise for the next school year (a whole other post) and I was thinking, *Man, Liam was sleeping so well and all of a sudden he is up several times a night! Teeth are in, cold is bothering him but not too badly - he has had worse (insert slight nagging feeling), he must be trying to manipulate us into pulling him in bed...he loves the attention....wait - he has had a runny nose for a week now and the cough started on Saturday, hmmmm, maybe I will call doc and explain symptoms to* (end thought start dialing phone)

Well I told the nurse
1. No fever
2. Runny Nose on and off for the past 2 weeks, mostly clear, occasional green in the morning
3. Frequent wakings the last 2 nights and hard to console

Nurse: "Does he get ear infections?"
Me: "he had one at 5 months but never since...we keep his bed on a slant and the humidifier going all year long"
Nurse: "Well bring him in, croupe is going around and we want to make sure it is not that"

So I take him in. Keeping in mind the child has had NO lack in energy, NO lack of appetite, NO (and this is a big NO) lack of conversing, and his cough is rare during the day. Mostly at night.

Well we leave with 5 perscriptions. An antibiotic for his double ear infection:eek: an oral medication for the infection in his lungs:eek::eek: new meds for his nebulizer which I am to have him do every 6 hours or sooner if he is coughing badly:eek: and then 2 other meds for breathing (a different one to try with nebulizer if the first does not clear it up enough in the next 3 days and a new inhaler med which is optional).

So I guess frequent wakings, even with a crappy sleeper can be a sign that something bigger is going on. the dr. did an informal test for asthma and it came back somewhat inconclusive so they are going to keep a close eye on his symptoms over the next 6 months.

feeling like the the worst Mom ever, I just keep shrugging it off as a seasonal cold. Then we leave and I am sitting in the car on informational overload and another thought hits me...
*sh#t! Eloise has been super congested for a week and even coughed a few times this morning.
I sort of shrugged hers off as new born, wacky weather, possible future allergy type of cold, too! Back to the dr tomorrow with her Sad

On a good note - Liam was super awesome taking all the meds in the office and sitting with the face mask and nebulizer while reading a book. The nurse there is in love with him Smile

Hope to have good news reagarding Eloise - although I am thinking she probably has whatever infection he has! DUH MOMMY!!!!

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That is scary! I hope he feels better soon and I am glad you were able to get him seen!

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Uh-oh! Glad you were able to figure out what was going on though. I hope he feels better soon and does not have asthma!

And don't feel too bad... I had my own crappy mom moment a few days back. It involved somehow getting sunscreen in Sean's eyes and having to hold him down on the floor of our van in the walgreens parking lot and flush his eyes with saline while he screamed. Nuff said.

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I wouldve chalked it up to just being a cold, don't feel bad. Those ear infections can creep up out of nowhere! I took izzie in for pink eye, and she had a double ear infection to go along with it! Hopefully the meds help and he'll be back to getting a full nights' reast soon Smile and I hope that little eloise is ok!

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Wow, that's crazy! Don't feel bad about it - how are you supposed to know without any symptoms?

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Don't feel bad! Zoey had terrible bronchiolitis last winter, the doctor was so concerned about her lungs and breathing. And yet, to me, she didn't seem that sick. It was her first cold, she coughed a little bit here and there for a few days, and I decided to bring her in just in case. And it turns out she was a pretty sick little kid. But very asymptomatic from my perspective.

Hang in there mama. Totally not your fault.

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Wow! That is crazy! All that going on and yet he wasn't really too affected by the illness. At the end of March, Moriah had to be treated for a similar condition (minus the ear infections). Although, she was exhibiting a ton of symptoms- fever, lots of discharge from nose, horrible horrible coughing fits, lethargy, retractions as she breathed, etc.

So, really it is hard to know what is going on when the symptoms are apparent. It isn't your fault!!!!!!

Interesting that the doctor did an informal test for asthma. What does that consist of? Moriah, too is being "flagged" as possible asthmatic. Wow, this asthma stuff sure is pretty prevalent in kiddos these days.

Our doctor mentioned the night time coughing as a symptom that is common in children with asthma and similar conditions.

Moriah has yet another virus, I believe. She has a ton of drainage from her sinuses and another cough. I haven't taken her back to the ped. yet, but if she continues going down hill, I might have too.

Hopefully, Eloise will be feeling better soon, too! Has Liam been pretty healthy thus far this winter/early spring season? I am trying to get an idea whether or not it is common for toddlers to be sick with some sort of virus or URI every single month!?! (Like Moriah)

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Sorry to hear he is so sick! Hope he's better soon, and that Eloise gets better as well.

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I hope they feel better. Josh gets croup everytime he gets a cold now. And he is being treated for asthma. I hate the nebulizer now. LOL.

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Oh wow!! Its so hard sometimes to figure out what's wrong with them! I'm glad you called the DR..good instincts! I'm sorry he's sick, and hope he feels better soon!!

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That's crazy, I never would have guessed.

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Eloise is fine...just seasonal congestion. The doc just told me to keep doing what I am doing with ocean drops and suction!

BTW she is 7 weeks old and 12 lbs 2 oz :eek::eek::eek: She is the cutest chubbiest little thing and I love it! The doctor was proud of me for that Biggrin

Liam continues to act normal as he did before, in fact he has a little more energy than usual, I suspect from the meds :rolleyes: He is back to sleeping...well, ok - still an early riser! I am sending him to the sitters today so I can clean the house and get caught up with chores.

He was super sick last year @ Easter, and I am thinking if he ends up with an asthma diagnosis it will be triggered by spring and fall allergins in the air. He gets this same cold every October, too. Other than that he stays pretty healthy Smile

He is a hard kid to read though because unless he has a fever over 100 he is just happy and a hurrican Wink Constantly on the move. Over night is sort of hard to tell if he is not feeling well because he has never been a great sleeper, although he typically goes 10 hours with no interruptions so I will be more sensitive to that in the future.

Thanks for making me feel better. The babysitter said she would have NEVER guessed b/c he was totally fine on Monday for the little bit he was there and my whole family was all together on Sunday and when I called to tell them he was "so sick" they were all shocked. On a side note, my niece went to the dr yesterday and found out she also has a double ear infection!! Are they contagious or do you just think the crazy weather + drainage= ear infections? It was her first and his second! Weird, right??

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Just getting to this now but hope that Liam is feeling better now!! I agree with the others, don't feel bad for missing it, I think all of us would have too!! It's supposed to be obvious with kids when they are sick!! Smile