OT, sleep help/advice for my sister?

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OT, sleep help/advice for my sister?

I figured I'd ask this on here because I know many of you have/are still co sleeping so you have more experience than I do! My sister's baby is about 9 months old and she is BFing and cosleeping with him, and she loves it. He's growing and thriving and seriously the happiest baby I've ever seen, he's always smiling lol. But he is still waking every hour or two and needs to nurse back to sleep and she's getting exhausted. When he was smaller it wasn't a big deal because she would hardly wake up, but now that he's getting bigger he rolls around and takes up the bed and keeps her up lol. She doesn't want to wean him yet. She said he will usually take naps in his crib. She tried getting him to sleep in his crib for a while at night, but that totally backfired because not only did he not sleep well but was extra clingy the next day and would not take a nap in his crib at all.

Her situation is kind of complicated too in that she still lives at home with my mom (she's only 21, isn't on her feet yet) but spends the weekends with her boyfriend at his house, so she's always going back and forth. I imagine that makes it hard to keep a consistent routine. But, does anyone have any tips, things you have tried that helped your co sleeping child sleep better? Or tips for transitioning them to their own bed? TIA!

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I'm afraid I don't have any advice to offer as I never did co-sleeping but I hope your sister finds a solution soon and is able to get some sleep!

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Sorry it's taken awhile to respond. I don't think I'm a very good person to answer the post but I can give you my perspective!

I started out cosleeping with Maria because I had to. We were living with my mom and Jeena, Maria and I were in one very small room with all of our things. There was no room for a playpen, a crib, etc.

We moved to our new house when Maria was 9 months but I continued to cosleep because her room was the guest room for my Mom and my sisters who came to visit one right after another.

Now Maria is 22 months old and we are still cosleeping and just last week she started sleeping more than 2 hours at a time. Breastfed/cosleeping babies do this. They smell milk, they want it, they get it. Easy access!!

If she wants some suggestions about cosleeping/nursing, a really good book is the "No cry sleep solution" by Elizabeth Pantley. It has great suggestions.

I still find that I get rest, even though I am colseeping/nursing because I lay on my side and I don't really have to wake up to nurse her.

This too shall pass! Hope she's doing okay!