Picture sharing!

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Picture sharing!

Anybody want to share pictures of their LO(s) or families?

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Here are some of our family:

This kid is such an accessories girl!

My techno junkie:

Snow last weekend:

Me at 18 weeks:

And our new LO:

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A with her new baby cousin

In our front yard one evening last month

Kissing her beloved Pooh bear

A, Jedi knight

Using her training chopsticks - she can actually pick up food with them and the food makes it all the way to her mouth! Most of the time... Wink

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Copied from fb, sorry big!

Playing outside yesterday because we finally got nice weather!

Some recent ones of Cal:

Cuddling in the moby:

Enjoying a bottle of mama milk:

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And here we are! (Thanks Mary for telling me how to do this!!)

Maria dressed herself for cleaning!

Cheesy girl!

Maria really wanted to sleep but I had to vacuum first, she fell asleep while I was vacuuming!

Mama and Jeena!

Maria's "please" face!

Riding together!