Potty in Public

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Potty in Public

I'm not sure if this was discussed before, but Miles wasn't close to being ready at all so I don't remember. He has been going a LOT lately for us (and at the sitters), and I was wondering how do we handle this when we are out in public? Sometimes he asks to go, other times we ask, he says ok, sits then goes, so I want to be prepared. Are there things you guys use instead of putting his bare butt on the seat in a public restroom? Are there such things as travel potty seats? I get grossed out with public bathrooms, so I am not looking forward to have to take him in there.

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They make all kinds of disposable toilet covers just for this purpose. We've gotten by with out them ourselves. Most of the restrooms around here have the paper covers available.

"Baby Products › Potty Training › Seat Covers" on Amazon brings up all kinds of options~

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We had a potty seat that was about $3 in Walmart - basically a toilet seat but a lot smaller that just sits on the big one. It was easy to take out with us. Also, to spare Miles the trauma that DD went through with public toilets, be sure to cover up the sensor with your hand when Miles sits down, because sometimes wriggly little tushies make the toilet flush while they're still sitting on it. It happened to DD several times and she was freaked out.

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An add on to what Lisa said... you can carry along some posts with you and stick on over the censor so it doesnt go off.

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We just use toilet paper over the sensor :). My DH taught my oldest how to do it and she still does it.

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Never thought of covering the sensor... great idea!