potty training solution

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potty training solution

We are working on potty training and have been for about 4 months. We aren't completely there yet but she is doing very good. She doesn't always tell me when she has to go but a lot of times she says "potty" and then goes on toilet. Well I have run in to being on the road or where there isn't a toilet and her telling me she has to go. Then she.starts crying saying potty. So I have put a childs potty in my car and so I will have it when I need it. Just did this the other day so haven't had to use it yet. But its like what do u do when they have to go and there's no toilet and your potty training.

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I am potty training my son right now. First I just stuck at home. Then put a pull up on an dc told him he had to hold it. Then we are now sticking to short drives. I think the eventually get better at holding it.