Potty training success

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Potty training success

I am very pleased with DDs potty training success. On March 3, DD 21mo birthday she sat on her potty after seeing me pee, and went pee pee. As of today she has 17 stickers on her potty chart. Two days ago she went pee pee 4 time on the potty. Before hitting 21 mo she was never interested in sitting on her potty. We don't force it. We ask her throughout the day if she wants to sit on the potty and if she says yes then we bring her to the bathroom. She doesn't tell us yet when she has to go but she knows the words pee pee and poo poo. We are doing a sticker chart and she loves putting a sticker on it after she goes potty. She has not gone poo poo yet in the potty. After she fills her chart she will get a surprise and then start another chart. I printed the charts online for free and got stickers from the dollar store Smile

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Good work Eme! Biggrin