Potty Training Updates

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Potty Training Updates

How is potty training going?
Who is training? Little potty, big potty, or potty seat?
Who is still waiting? If waiting when do you plan on starting?
Who is trained? Day and night or just day? Big boy/girl pants? Pull-ups?
Any tips, tricks, anything that worked for you that you want to share.

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Vance I think might be potty trained, I just don't want to say it out loud yet for fear of jinxing our huge progress, and it is also freaking me out, lol. I'm happy to have him go potty and not to change diapers but sad that my last baby is becoming a big boy. We had two outings today and he had no accidents all day, he asked to go potty like a big boy. I"m taking him to buy his own big boy underwear tomorrow since I think it is time for them. EKK! He just uses the big potty because he refuses to use the little potty we bought him for Christmas. Right now he is day and napped trained, he has some nights where he stays dry that is what we are working on next. I could tell he was ready by all his little signs so I just deciding to jump in full force. I left him naked all day and would ask him if he has to go potty, now I don't even have to ask he will tell me. I still put diapers on for outings until I get his big boy undies tomorrow, and he will stay dry and ask to go potty. He even goes number 2 in the potty. I'm so proud of him and his potty progress and how quickly he trained.

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We have started with Victoria because she has been really interested. So far though, we've only had 2 successes, where she actually went to the potty and peed. We are using little potties for now, although sometimes she wants the big one. She asks to go to the potty several times a day, but never does anything. Right now she wears pull-ups and will come to me and ask to be changed when she's peed or pooped. Occasionally, she will ask to wear the underwear that we got her for her birthday, but she just ends up peeing in them.

Starting Friday, I think I will let her go without pull-ups all day, regardless of the number of accidents, and just see how it goes over the weekend.

That's great that Vance is doing so well! :thumbsup: It seems early for a boy, but then my boys were really late.

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How is potty training going? It's beginning. Its not something we're totally pushing yet, Izzie seems to be leading the way so far. I'm planning on next week, when we will have a couple days at home without any interruptions to really focus on it. Yesterday she asked to go potty 10 times and went ewverytime - even with a poopy! But today, we're going to the zzoo and I really don't feel like having to run to the bathroom 5 or 6 times while we're there.
Little potty, big potty, or potty seat? We have a seat on the toilet.
Any tips, tricks, anything that worked for you that you want to share. Not really sure if this is a tip or trick or whatever, but instead ofd doing candy or a sticker everytime she goes (yesterday she wouldve been on a sugar high haha) we have some books in the bathroom that we'll read if she goes pee (on is a "potty book" that has a button to push to make a toilet flusahing and girl laughing sound so she likes that one a lot). Otherwise I just cheer a lot and tell her how happy I am. And in her potty book it says something about mommy and daddy being proud and yesterday after like the 3rd time of her going I told her I was so happy and she goes "mommy daddy proud of me too!" It was so cute!

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We've had a few successes, but mostly not going well, so we're on break. He knows when he has to poop and hides under the table, and *flips* if you take him anywhere near a potty, but he doesn't know before he has to pee. He can tell he's going and he can stop the flow, but usually he's just to interested, so he stops and watches it and then announces "I peed!" :rolleyes:

I think we're gonna try to squeeze in a few naked weekends of him running outside just to have him start recognizing the pee sensation and then work on stopping it and control. My goal has always been to be actively working on it with him by the end of the summer, so we'll see.

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How is potty training going? Its not, really Wink

Who is training? Little potty, big potty, or potty seat? We're not really training, but we did buy a potty seat to put on the regular toilet that he can sit on. He thinks its pretty cool, and asks to sit on it sometimes. But, he's never gone while on it. He just sits there and looks around and thinks its a cool new "thing" to do, lol. He knows what poop is and probably pee too, and I've told him that we do those things on the potty, and he does them in his diaper. I think he understands the basic components but isn't really putting it all together yet. Which is fine. I'll wait for him to show some more signs of being ready before I/we start actively training him.

Who is still waiting? If waiting when do you plan on starting? I'm waiting; other than occasionally asking him if he wants to sit on the potty. I don't think he's quite ready yet though. Maybe in 6 months or so?

Who is trained? Day and night or just day? Big boy/girl pants? Pull-ups?

Any tips, tricks, anything that worked for you that you want to share. None, but I'm interested to read what others have to say because I really have no idea what i'm doing!

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Not much going on here either. Ben pooped in the potty a few times, but I think that was fluke and it was quite a while ago. We aren't really doing anything except ask him if he wants to go sit on the potty when he 'strikes the pose', so to speak.

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We're not really potty training right now. If Kat asks to go we put her on it, but it's usually right after she's peed or pooped. She knows that's where she's supposed to go, but doesn't seem to quite understand how to get there before she has to do so. She's had a couple successes, which we cheer heartily, but otherwise I'm content to let her do this at her own pace.
She is trying really hard, but can't seem to decide if she wants to just use the regular toilet like the rest of us, or the one that sits on top of the toilet and is more to her size. I think I might take the small one out, just to eliminate having to make a choice and create some consistency. Most of the time she's so busy trying to figure out if she wants a big or little potty that we miss our window of opportunity.

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We're not even starting yet. He's interested in the potty. He has a book about the potty that he has memorized and recites randomly. He loves to sit on his little potty if he comes in the bathroom with us. He'll pretend to wipe himself and throw the TP in the potty, etc. But... If you try to sit him on it without his diaper on, he FREAKS OUT. He's still just not ready, I guess...

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We are going to give it a try in the next week or two. I just potty trained my son so there is alot going on right now. We have a little potty and a seat for the big potty. She likes the little potty the most. She has sat on it so far but not gone yet. I am hoping it will just click like it did for Josh but I know I cant be that lucky. LOL

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Good Thread! We're waiting over here. We're moving in a couple of weeks then taking a 10hr car trip at the end of the month. We'll wait until that's settled down. I'm excited to get started and be diaper free!!!

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Nothing going on here yet. Leah will sit on her little potty before getting in the tub but gets right back up. She'll keep doing that till bath is ready for her. She'll pretend wipe herself and throw it away in the big potty. I'm thinking I'll wait til I see her more interested, not really gonna "push" for it for another few months. She's my last baby so its bittersweet with her.

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Ben's just (like in the past couple days) taken an interest in my pee and waving bye bye to it when I flush. He even says 'bye bye'. It's pretty cute.

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We have been messing around with potty training for a few months. McKenzie had a real interest back in January, and had more successes than accidents, and we thought she would continue...but then as fast as it came...it went, and she lost interest. She LOVES to sit on her little potty and wipe, but hasn't actually gone in a while. I have to remember to watch her close while she sits because she will wipe herself raw if I forget to tell her to stop. More than once, she has ripped off her diaper, gone and sat on her potty and wiped until she cried...poor baby!
We will be hitting it real hard at school in the next few weeks...Ms. Sam, my co-worker/dear friend/McKenzie's teacher is brilliant when it comes to potty training. She has unbelievable patience...and takes the kids every 15 minutes. Once her sister (my other friend and co-worker) has her baby within 2 weeks, Ms. Sam will be here at school all day and will work with the 2 year olds...and I can't wait! Of course, I will follow her lead, and do what she does at home, but I will let her get McKenzie excited about it, because she is her favorite teacher!

As far as tips and tricks...these are what I did with Tyler and what we follow at our school...
**Consistency is the best and most important rule to follow.
**Accidents will happen, never make it a big deal. (For car rides, get a waterproof pad to put under them...it saves tons of trouble!)
**If they have accident after accident, maybe they really aren't ready. Try Pull-ups instead of underwear, and try to gain more successes.
**Reward for successes, and encourage them with a positive attitude for accidents. **The first time its a bad experience, trust me, it will stay that way for a long time!
**For girls, loose and short dresses or shirts and underwear is best. For boys, shirt and underwear work great. Never belts, onsies, or overalls. Rubber shoes like Crocs or flip flops are the best because they can be washed off and put right back on after an accident! Adding pants to the mix to early can discourage kids if they can't pull up or down pants.
**Taking them to the potty every 15 minutes works really well, but is time consuming! Once they get the hang of going, the time can be spread out farther.
**Poop is probably not gonna happen for a while! It takes the kids a whole lot longer the control that muscle, so don't be discouraged if they are "pee pee" trained, but not the poop!
**For boys, Cheerios and Fruit Loops in the toilet was a huge hit in my house. They actually make "toilet targets" but why waste the money if Cheerios or Fruit Loops work?
**And last but not least...never force it! Really and truly wait for the readiness signs, otherwise it's like beating a dead horse. They will become far more resistant, and actually have accidents on purpose to be put in a diaper. We have had kids in our school completely trained (day and night, poop and pee) at 16 months, and we still have some 4 year olds that are still not ready. Every child is different. Girls seem far easier than boys...blah, blah, blah. Smile I started Tyler at 18 months, and even with consistency, he wasn't fully trained until right after his 3rd birthday! So take your time, allow them to be independent, and be supportive...that's the best advice I can give!

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How is potty training going? It is not. She was really good for 2 weeks in Febuary but then stopped

Who is training? Little potty, big potty, or potty seat? We have a potty and a seat for the toilet as well as trainers but we are not pushing. She will sit on the toilet when we are on there but will not take off her diaper

Who is still waiting? If waiting when do you plan on starting? I will start after she is adjusted to the new baby so months from now

Who is trained? Day and night or just day? Big boy/girl pants? Pull-ups?

Any tips, tricks, anything that worked for you that you want to share. Tips on how to keep your carpets from messes?!?!?

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I didn't see this thread when i posted my other one! Good ideas!! Thanks ladies!

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Well, I thought I'd responded to this already, but apparently I was just imagining it. Wink

How is potty training going? OK, really. A is doing a great job of going when we remind her. She's very good about knowing when she needs to go and when she doesn't, but we have to ask first. That is, if I say, "Do you need to go potty?" she will answer correctly. But she's only told me she had to go a couple of times.

Little potty, big potty, or potty seat? We have an insert for the big potty, and that's all that we use. We found out the hard way at my sister's house that our dog + the little on-the-floor potties was a bad idea. :eek:

Who is still waiting? If waiting when do you plan on starting? We're just being casual about it now. So I guess you could say we're waiting?