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Pregnant, TTC, Done? Share here!

Share your families plans and journeys with us here!

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We are officially DONE! Our family is complete and there will be no more surprises or planned additions added to our perfect family of five. Shane got a vasectomy in March so our baby making chapter in life is officially finally closed and we are moving on to the raising our three beautiful happy children chapter and being a happy family.

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We are (SURPRISE!) preggo with #3. Not sure if this will be the last one for us or not - more than likely it will be. Kinda bittersweet about the whole thing. We'll see, though. Got plenty of time to think about it. Smile

EDD April 24th, 2011.

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September 10th, 2010
Pregnant with baby #2 due March 16th, 2011. Today, I am 13 weeks and 2 days... Excited to be leaving a very bad first trimester full of bleeding and fear in hopes of a happy and exciting second trimester. I'm ready to enjoy the pregnancy, feel the baby move, find out if it's a boy or a girl, watch the belly grow, buy baby clothes, etc. Smile

We've always hoped for a total of 3 babies, so we'll see what happens. This difficult pregnancy has worn heavily on my emotions after the m/c we had in May, so part of me will be happy if I just end up with one more healthy baby. I think we will probably wait for a bit longer spacing if we do end up going for #3.

September 25th, 2010
Oh how a couple weeks can change things. I'm into the second trimester now and thrilled about that after all the bleeding and fear of another miscarriage in the first trimester. I'm 15 weeks 3 days and I've started feeling little tickles here and there that I'm sure are the baby moving. I had a very early peek at the gender a week or so ago, and it looks like we're most likely having another little BOY! I'm so excited for Sean to have a little brother, and especially one so close in age. I hope they'll be great friends. Smile

And the biggest change in 2-ish weeks.... DH has started talking the possibility of FOUR kids!! :eek: We were always hoping for 3, and I'd still be happy with that, but we would still like to have a little girl at some point. So DH said if baby number 3 ended up being a boy too, he'd be willing to try one more time. And if we ended up with four healthy baby boys, that would be perfectly fine (although perhaps a bit chaotic, lol). I'm still hoping to be done sooner than that, so I'd be happy stopping after three, even if it was another boy, but if DH is keeping it open to four, then I will too. I was an only child, so I always wanted a bigger family. Smile

December 23rd, 2010
I just realized it has been about 3 months since I updated here, so I decided to check in. Today, I'm 28 weeks 1 day with baby #2 (a boy, as later confirmed by my big u/s). I have struggled at times to bond with this pregnancy, for a few reasons. In the beginning it was because I was fresh off my m/c and then I had bleeding through this pregnancy from week 9 to week 13, so I was scared of another loss. Since then, I've been more willing to bond, but thanks to an anterior placenta, I haven't even felt the baby move all that much. Over the past few days, I've been feeling his movements a lot more, so I think he's finally grown large enough for me to feel his kicks even with the placenta in the way. We also aren't even anywhere close to picking out a name for him, and I think a name would help me bond as well. It is SLOWLY starting to feel more "real" but still just feels like a dream at times. I can't believe in 3 months (or likely less), I'll be holding my new little boy in my arms. Biggrin

February 11th, 2011
My OB appointments have become more stressful. My blood pressure has been borderline high at all of my appointments this time around. At 32 weeks, I was ordered to do a 24-hr urine test which came back fine. At 33 weeks, I was sent to L&D two consecutive days for NST's and also received 2 shots of betamethasone (steroid) to develop baby's lungs in case of early delivery. The NST's were fine and my BP was fine throughout. At 35 weeks (2 days ago), I went back to the OB and my blood pressure was 150/100. No protein in the urine, but my urine did test positive for GBS, so I will have to have antibiotics during the delivery. The doctor did the swab to culture the GBS because I'm allergic to penicillin, so we need to find out what other antibiotics can be used. My belly was also measuring a week behind, so we did an u/s for size. I was happy to find that baby was measuring appropriately at 5lb 5oz. My doctor informed me that because of the blood pressure, he wants to deliver me at 37 weeks, then sent me to L&D for another NST. While in L&D, they checked my BP every 15 minutes. They were all perfect. The nurse expressed concern that someone in his office may be poorly trained or their equipment may be faulty, but told me that I am not the first person this has happened to. My labs all came back perfect... No signs of kidney or liver dysfunction that would be associated with pre-eclampsia. The nurse and the midwife in L&D reinforced what I already thought, which is that everything looks fine. I don't know if I have white-coat syndrome or if something is wrong with how they're doing my BP at the office, but it's just not adding up. I also monitor at home, and with the exception of the occasional borderline result, they're all perfectly normal. So now I'm pretty much convinced that I'm going to have to fight my doctor on this. He wants to deliver me in less than two weeks. My cervix is NOT favorable at all. It was a fingertip dilated and still thick, high, and posterior. I don't see it changing in the next 12 days. I don't feel at this point that an early induction is medically necessary and I'm terrified that if my body isn't ready, I'll end up with a c-section. Not to mention, the baby may be considered "full term", but if babies were meant to come out at 37 weeks, then more of them would do it on their own. I'm not ready to deliver...

March 20, 2011
Our little man, Calvin Michael, arrived on February 28, 2011 at 7:39pm. He weighed 6lb 8oz and was 18 inches long. I had a doctor appointment at around 9am that day and my OB informed me that he would be out of town the following week. He said that another doctor in the office would see me, but that his colleague may decide to induce me after ongoing issues with my blood pressure and borderline low amniotic fluid. He said that he was willing to induce me before then if I wanted because of those mentioned issues, that way he could deliver my baby still, if that was my preference. But he knew I didn't want to be delivered early unless absolutely necessary. He also said that he wanted to measure my fluid again that day, and that if it was too low, I'd be induced that day and the whole discussion would be a moot point. So off we went to measure my fluid. As he did the ultrasound, he explained how they got the measurement. They divide the belly into four quadrants and measure the fluid in each quadrant. If cord is visible in a quadrant, it is considered empty (or something along those lines). Three of my four quadrants were considered empty and my final measurement was 3.8. If it falls below 5, induction is necessary to avoid cord accidents and potential death of the baby. So off we went to the hospital to be induced. My cervix was unfavorable, so I was scared that I wouldn't progress and would need a c-section. They started by inserting a balloon into my cervix and inflating it with fluid along with a low dose of pitocin in my IV to "ripen" my cervix. They also began IV antibiotics because I was positive for group B strep. Once the balloon came out, they ramped up the pitocin and I started to feel the contractions. I dealt pretty well with them and DH helped by rubbing my lower back and applying counter pressure. Eventually, the hospital midwife came in to break my water. It was probably the most painful part because my cervix was still quite high and posterior. I had to really breathe through it. I eventually got the epidural, and it was a very different experience this time than it was with Sean. I was totally numb with Sean, but with this one, I could still feel contractions. When it came time to push, I was actually able to feel what was going on, but with no pain. He came out in eight pushes and I didn't tear at all! The mood in the delivery room was very laid back. Aside from DH, baby, and me, there was only my OB and two nurses in there. We got to hang out in the L&D room for about 2.5 hours before moving to my permanent room. In that time, we had amazing skin-to-skin bonding time and I was able to nurse him for the first time. It was amazing! We're so happy he's finally here safe and sound. Biggrin

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Pregnant with #2. Barring any "surprises" this will be our second baby and our last! DH wants to get the big V next Fall. I can't wait to have my little family complete! Biggrin

EDD: March 27, 2011 (LMP DD - March 25)

I'm officially 12 weeks today! Third trimester here I come! (The baby is measuring consistently 2 days behind my LMP date, but Cam always measured small by a couple of days, too - so I figure that's just how they grow? lol. So I'm still going by the LMP) I can't wait until the end of Oct/beginning of November to find out what we're having. It's going to make this pregnancy so much more real. I can't believe how quickly that date is creeping up, too!

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We are expecting numero dos on February 26, 2011! (SURPRISE)

We are going to be surprised by sex again (I think, since this was a surprise and I am having a little trouble connecting with this pregnancy we may find out and keep it to ourselves to help me connect....have a few weeks to decide, though)

We would like 3 since we both come from 3, but the plan is to wait a little longer between #2 and #3 - like hopefully 2 years (and keep our fingers crossed its not twins b/c mulitples run in my family)


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I'm expecting number #3 any day. I'm officially due on September 30, which made me 37 weeks yesterday. I'm being induced on September 22nd if the baby hasn't come by then. I'm thinking if it decides to come early that it will happen at the beginning of next week when both sets of our parents (babysitters for my older 2) are going to be out of town. That's the kind of luck I have Smile

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I am 20 weeks pregnant with baby boy number 2 Smile Kind of a surprise, kind of not- we were going to wait until the end of this year to officially ttc, but decided to not try/not prevent... and got pregnant right away, go figure :rolleyes: But we wanted them to be fairly close in age and we are very excited.

Ultimately we want 3, possibly 4 kids (depends how we feel after 3), so this isn't our last. However there will definitely be a bigger gap between #2 and #3 because we have other plans we need to work on- namely, getting to a better place financially and selling this house and moving (we hate our house and our neighborhood).

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So, so, so done. Not that I wouldn't be thrilled if my tubes became mysteriously untied...but considering we lucked out with a boy and a girl, and my age is creeping up on me, we know our family is complete. However, don't think I won't be stalking the living daylight out of you beautiful preggo's! Good luck to all and HH9M!!!

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Pregnant with #2 here. Something that was not so planned, but I'm getting more and more excited about it every day. I am 19 weeks, and we find out on Tuesday what it is!

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STICK A FORK IN ME!!!! Our family is complete. We have these two beautiful girls and can't wait to watch them grow up. Of course part of me wants another one but I know that is not gonna happen. I am happy to have one through all you girls and my family.

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Although having third child would be a blessing, I am happy with my 2 healthy, beautiful little girls. They keep me VERY busy!!! I couldn't even imagine adding one more in to the mix.:eek:

I get my baby fix through a lot of my friends who are pregnant and have had babies as well as the children's ministry at the church where I work.... There is always an abundance of sweet little babies to cuddle for an hour and a half each weekend.

So....I am going to have to say, "Done!"

With having "said" this, we do need to stop being lazy and careless when we are DTD. All it takes is once..:eek:

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We are preggo, due Sept 5th 2011

I have baby fever big time but will wait until January to TTC!

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Done... done done done! (supposed to be the little song.. haha)

Very happy with my two Ladies!! DH said the other day that he'd like one more in 4 years and I just laughed at him! I'd be 39 and umm no thanks!!! To be fair to him, he missed out on Jeena's 3-6 months and Maria's 0-9 months, both was away with his job so he wants to see the baby stage again. But nah! Wink

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I'm very newly pregnant with #2!!! Biggrin I'm only 6 weeks today so I'm still hesitant and anxiously awaiting the first trimester to be over with so I can relax a little bit. I'm hoping for a girl so Zoey has a sister to play with (something I always wanted), but I'm tickled either way and won't be disappointed if it's a boy.

I want 3-4 kids. DH wants 2. He keeps saying this is our last. We'll see. Wink We seem to get pregnant just by looking at each other so you never know what the future will bring.

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"April777" wrote:

I want 3-4 kids. DH wants 2. He keeps saying this is our last. We'll see. Wink We seem to get pregnant just by looking at each other so you never know what the future will bring.

Hehe, that sounds like my sister and BIL. They're expecting their second, and both babies were conceived despite BC. Smile

I'm apparently not super fertile, since we've never used any birth control and we've been married almost 4 years. But, my midwife just prescribed me a supplement for my horrid PMS that is actually supposed to be a fertility treatment. So... our timetable might speed up a tad bit.

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"harmonybear" wrote:

But, my midwife just prescribed me a supplement for my horrid PMS that is actually supposed to be a fertility treatment. So... our timetable might speed up a tad bit.

Oooh how exciting! I hope it both attacks that PMS and helps you in the fertility department. Smile

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We still want more. But we have to save up a little more money for another round of IVF before that can happen. If everything works out the way I'm hoping we would get our assisted BFP this coming summer.

The number of children really depends on money I hate to say. If we can save enough for a 3rd round of IVF then we might try for a 3rd. But we will deplete the insurance money sometime in the 2nd round.

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We want more.... DH says 2 but I say 3. Either way we would like to upgrade our house before having any more because right now it feels like we live in a shoe box. We're going to try our luck putting the house on the market in the spring. We'll see what happens. I'd love another summer baby, so summer of 2012 would be ideal!

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Better late then never...
After feeling the baby crazy for a while, DH is finally ready to have another baby!! We wanted to give Miles a little more time with just us, but I don't want them to be too far apart, so we are officially TTC!! I'm so excited!