Quick Update and Pics

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Quick Update and Pics

Hi ladies! I just thought I would post a couple pictures of Milo Henry, who was born on 5-16. I can't believe he's over 2 weeks old now! He's doing really well, very laid back compared to Zoey as a newborn. He has some nasty reflux though--lots of coughing and choking spells--so we're starting him on meds today to see if it helps. I'm also eliminating dairy as of today. Boo! Poor little guy. Despite it, he's still very laid back. Boys are really cool. Smile

Oh and get this--my milk supply is in abundance this time around. Yahoo He's gained almost a pound and a half on breastmilk alone in 12 days. Zoey was about 2 months old before she was over 8 pounds!

Zoey doesn't detest him as much as she did, which is great. She mostly ignores him now. She isn't really fond of me yet, but she's getting there. Baby steps. Lots of acting out on her part and tons and tons of insecure whining. Milo is pretty independent and sleeps a lot so I'm trying to just make sure she feels loved and secure.

Thanks for looking.

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Congrats! He is so cute. I am way behind.... as I didn't know u had your baby yet.

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Glad to hear that Milo is doing so well and that Zoey is coming around.

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Sorry about the reflux, hopefully the medicine helps. From what I've heard it'll take about 2 weeks to show any sign of improvement.

And glad to hear that Zoey is doing better. You're doing great mama!

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I had to eliminate dairy with Sofia. It effected my milk supply so be careful. I had to make sure I was taking in enough calories and ate a certain type of oatmeal cookies like they were going out of style. Also look out for hidden milks.

Glad things are going well for you.

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Cuteness galore!!!!

Glad to hear that things are going better with Zoey! She probably just had to realize that he was sticking around!! Way to go on the mama milk too!!

As you know, I cut out dairy with Maria (and soy and dairy with Jeena) and it helped a lot! Hope you see good results quickly!!

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He is adorable! I saw on Facebook he is having some reflux trouble, I am sorry to hear that! Your sling will be your new best friend!

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What a cutie!

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Yay! I'm so thrilled that your milk suppy isn't giving you issues this time! Yahoo

I have tons of dairy-free recipes, btw. If you're only eliminating dairy, there's really a ton of things you can eat, even if you're not eating milk substitutes. PM me, or send me a fb message if you need some support there. Biggrin