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Remember me?

Your long lost fellow June mommy?? I'm sorry I've been absent, I'm back in school full-time which leaves little free time! Hope you are all well! Amaya and Cash are doing great. Cash is feeling much better and is finally tolerating his meds.

Other than that...we just found out we are expecting again. Total shock as I was on birth control and was never late or missed! I'm due around 12/19 which is right around my brother's (who passed in oct 09) birthday! I'm going to try and be on more, love catching up with everyone and seeing all the little ones getting so big!!

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Of course we remember you! Welcome back and congrats on your pregnancy!

Glad to hear everything is going well. We were sure thinking of Cash!!! Did you ever find out what had him so sick?

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We know Cash had humanmetopnemovirus (sp?). We think he had it before he had his surgery for tubes and adenoid removal. I personally don't think the surgery should have been done that day especially since the anesthesiologist thought he sounded congested but the ENT insisted that was normal. I wish I would have spoken up.

After the surgery he developed pneumonia in both lungs and spiked a fever of 105. We were sent home from the hospital twice with antibiotics, told he was fine. When his doctor finally admitted him he was put in icu, sedated and put on the bipap. He was on that for 3 days. His oxygen was between 81-90 at the highest. They didn't know if he would make it. Fortunately he is a fighter and pulled through. He's back to normal now, he was diagnosed with asthma during his hospital stay, but we haven't had problems. He's on the neb 2x a day, advair 2x a day, proair as needed, singulair and I think that's it. He's finally just letting us give him the neb without fighting it!

Sorry so long, I wanted to get the full story in! I know I didn't give too much info on Facebook...I was sleep deprived while posting!

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Welcome back and Congrats.

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Welcome back and congrats on your BFP!!! Biggrin I'm glad Cash is doing better... That was so scary!

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Good to see you again! Congrats on your pregnancy! So glad to hear that Cash is doing better!

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Good to see you on here again! That all seemed so scary, but I am so happy that Cash made it through and came out healthy!

Congrats on the BFP! Suprises are hard at first sometimes but once you meet the LO it all goes away! (my #2 was a HUGE surprise)

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Welcome back! Thanks for the update on Cash, so scary!!!

And congrats on the next baby!! Yeah!! Biggrin

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I checked up on Cash the whole time...poor little man! I'm glad he's doing better and you guys were able to find out what it was. Congrats on your surprise!!