Separation anxiety? Now?

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Separation anxiety? Now?

In the last couple weeks Ben's gotten crazily addicted to Mom. He freaks when I leave him and always wants to be held and give hugs and kisses to me. I love the affection, but it just seems weird that this is starting now at 2. 99% of the time it's me he wants, but a few times he's gotten his mind set on DH and wants nothing to do with me. It's cute, but can get exasperating when I'm trying to make supper and he's literally crying to be picked up and doesn't want to be put down.

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I would say this falls into the realm of normal. Zoey got it at a very, very young age--about 9 months old. The pediatrician was saying that any time between 6 months and about 3 to 3 1/2 is fairly normal, though it's usually seen closer to 12/18 months.

It's totally exasperating. Zoey is having a bit of trouble with Milo, so she's attached to DH like crazy. She completely freaks when he leaves the room.

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Victoria gets into "mommy-only" mode sometimes as well, and it certainly can be frustrating when you are trying to get things done. When I am doing things like making supper, I let her push a chair up to the counter and 'help' with whatever I'm doing. It usually keeps her happy and my hands free.

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With Miles it totally depends on his moods. When he is tired or upset he ONLY wants one can even look at him! When I get home from work he wants NOTHING to do with me and its totally up his father's butt!

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Hayleigh got really bad after we got back from vacation. It is just starting to ease up.

What is with the "up the butt" right now. I hate the height they are at because Hayleigh is at the height where her head is either in my crotch or up my butt!