She has completely regressed

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She has completely regressed

I need suggestions about my daughter and PT-ing.

She started to self-train around 18 months which I didn't encourage. Once she got closer to two I let her go full steam ahead - she'd learnt how to communicate she needed to go which she hadn't earlier. Previously, she would take her nappy of herself and just go. Within days she was 90% trained (accidents only 10% of the time) and shortly after she would have an accident maybe once a week.

Shortly before Christmas she started having accidents once or twice a day. We didn't make a big deal, figured it could be related to all the excitement going on and a possible UTI in the lead up. Move forward to the last two weeks. She has probably only made it to the toilet once every 2 days. Most of the time she doesn't even attempt to go to the toilet. She wees in her knickers and never stops playing. There is no signal she is going to until we see the wet pants.

So, suggestions? Do I go back to square one and encourage potty training as if she had never been trained? I don't want to put her back in nappies after a good 8 months without them (during the day). She has been wetting her carseat thought which drives me mad! Plus she wees if she falls asleep in her car seat which she never did before.

I'm at a complete loss here. We are trying not to makea big deal of it but this is getting ridiculous. She wet three pairs of knickers in an hour yesterday.

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Gemma, IMO you should get her urine tested. If there's e-coli she could easily have a UTI that's causing her to leak urine since it's so hard to make it to the bathroom. When Claire gets a UTI (which she does often because of the reflux) she often leaks urine without her even knowing. As far as the training goes (if there's no UTI) I would suggest putting her back in dipes for now. As much as it's understandable you don't want to take away her 'toddlerhood' by using dipes again, if she can't control her bladder in the car and is going through clothes and staining carpets then there might be something more going on. Claire has no overnight bladder control either. Gemma, I'm not saying she's got reflux for sure, but her symptoms sound much like Claire before she was diagnosed. In children who get a UTI, 30-50% of those infections are caused by reflux. It is very common and very treatable. But, you need to have her tested . Talk to your pedi about first testing her urine when she's symptomatic and leaking pee. It's just a pee dipstick. Even if the urine is negative for e-coli or other bacteria ask your pedi about getting a VCUG done. That's like an xray test that shows if liquid is flowing down and out of the bladder, or if it's refluxing back up the ureters.

All that said, if it's a behavioural thing then you might need to start over again. No doubt she hasn't forgotten about potty training, but she might respond well to a reward plan (star chart, treat, etc.) Ben is pt-ing and we take his dipe off as soon as we get home. He hits the potty every time, and gets an m&m as a reward. Very effective for him, and now he's starting to be aware while in a dipe that he needs to go.

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Thanks Lisa. I kept wondering if it was worth a doctor's trip, but then would second guess myself

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Gemma, what did the dr say about Kaia?

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Hey Lisa, I'm very late on this. We did take her to the doctor. All clear for infection. Doctor suggested putting her back in pull ups and starting from scratch a week later. She said she may not be completely empting her bladder or she may be just holding it for too long. So, a week in pull ups and we started again. She was good for almost a week then went back to not bothering to go to the toilet at all. We put her back in nappies but she kept insisting she was a big girl and would slyly remove the nappy once she was out of eyesight. I went back to asking her regularly if she needed to go to the toilet and watching for signs. She will be standing there with her legs crossed doing the 'I need to wee' dance and will still say she doesn't need to go if I ask.
Last week she wet her knickers 5 times in 4 hours (plus went to the toilet twice in same period of time). That is way too many toilet trips in that amount of time to start with. Then, i put her in the car while I returned trolley (we were grocery shopping and trolley bay was two spots over). I returned to car to find her sitting with her backside on the centre console and each foot propped up on a car seat (one seat near each window) weeing all over my backseat. To say I was angry is an understatement. I actually had to close the door and step away for a minute to calm down before I went back and told her off. She is back in nappies again now, but we are still finding her taking them off whenever we are not looking. I honestly have no idea what to do with her.

I'm thinking that we might have to have a week or two at home where I just keep making her go to the toilet regularly then make he sit there until it is all out. At the same time, I don't want to do anything so strict that she starts negative associations. But weeing on my car seats on purpose!!!! Ugh

P.S. I'm deactivating this account shortly

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