She just won't eat it

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She just won't eat it

Leah is the most picky eater I've ever seen. She will only eat buttered noodles, mac n cheese, some cereals & pizza. I can't get her to even try chicken or meat. So far the drs say its ok as long as she is eating. They told me to add olive oil to her noodles but she hates it. She goes for her 2 yr check up in a month and I get so nervous. She is this tiny little thing. She wears 18 mo clothes but most loosely. Anyone have any tricks I can try?

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Have you tried dipping sauces like ketchup? DS wouldn't eat chicken until we tried that and now he eats it all the time and without sauce.

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I was going to suggest dips too. Hummus, Guacamole, Ketchup, Mayonnaise, etc.

Other than that, give her a lot of choices? If you have a muffin tin, you can fill up a few of the sections with little snacks! Fruit, vegetables, meat, crackers, bread, etc. and she may try it that way?

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Miles is the same way! He's getting pickier and pickier by the day. I have absolutely no problem feeding him breakfast (fruits, yogurt, pancakes, waffles, muffins) but when it comes to the rest of the day forget about it! Most days all he will eat is breakfast and some snacks here and there (fruit, crackers). I've tried the dipping sauces too, no such luck. He's still in 18mo pants, but 2t shirts he's tall, but skinny. I think the last time he was weighed he wasn't more then 25lbs!! He goes back for his 2yr on June 7th so we'll see what the dr says, but I'm at a loss just like you.

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I gotta say I don't really agree with the "as long as she's eating" thing your doctor told you. Yeah, it's good that she's at least eating something, but I imagine you'd like her to eat not only more in terms of quantity but start trying new things that add to a more balanced diet.

My kids are great eaters, so I never had to try the dipping thing. DD will dip in ketchup from time to time, but doesn't throw a hissy fit if we're 'out' of ketchup (being out of ketchup is a lie - sometimes I just want her to eat what's put in front of her because a) I know she likes it plain, and b) because I'm not catering to her every whim at mealtime.) DD has gone through this "I don't like potatoes!!!" thing and I am beginning to think that she really does not like potatoes. I'm not going to force her to eat something she hates, so we usually have rice or pasta as a side dish instead. It's no biggie.

I know it's probably not terribly popular, but I tend to be a bit stricter than (probably) most at meal time. Yes, I try to make meals my children will like, but if they pull the whiny refusal and choose to not eat without even trying it then there's nothing else. I'm not getting up from the table to prepare a second meal for the kids. I have neither the time nor the money to do that. However, flat out refusal in our house is pretty rare (with the exception of the potato thing with DD). I don't know if that's because they just like all food or because they know that it's not an a la carte menu that they get to select from. There are a few exceptions though - if they're sick, or if I royally screwed up the meal and made it too spicy, then I will relent and make them something more palpable.

IDK. I guess what I'm kind of saying is that most children will not starve themselves. IMO it's all in the attempt and technique you use to get them to try something new. Try to be as creative as possible!

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I tried the dipping thing and all she does is suck off the dips from whatever they are on. I agree "as long as she is eating..." is not good. She needs certain foods, doesn't she? I give her choices but sometimes she just throws it on the floor. I don't make a million meals, if she doesn't eat what I give her then I'll move on. If she is hungry enough she'll eat. I think Leah is only like 20lbs, my oldest weighed that before she was even 1. Its just so different then Gianna so its all new to me. I'll try anything.