Sick woes, sleep woes, and a twist of great news

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Sick woes, sleep woes, and a twist of great news

Vance has been sick for about a month now with this horrible cough and wheezing. First they said ear infection with ear drops since he has tubes, then they gave him cough syrup, allergy medicine, and finally an antibiotic because they said he had a sinus infection. After a month of being sick and nothing was helping they decided to do a chest x-ray to see if there was something going on that they couldn’t hear as well as allergy testing to see if he was allergic to something in his environment. They are thinking asthma but he is too young to do the pulmonary test involved so we have to hold off on that. The x-rays came back and he has bronchiolitis, so now he has to take treatments as needed and an inhaled steroid daily to see if we can control his cough and wheezing. After a huge deal with the insurance, pharmacy, and doctor he finally got his medicine yesterday. He took his first steroid last night in his nebulizer and did really good. I’m really hoping this helps my poor sick little man feel better because he has really not been himself at all. I’m pretty sure he has asthma because he got RSV when he was 6 months old and his lungs are scarred from it, as well as it runs in my family. I feel so bad for him and that he got all of my bad genes. He is always so sick and I worry about him all the time. He was supposed to go back to the doctor in a month but now they want to see him next week to see how he is doing, I have been the doctor more times with him than I could count on all of our fingers and toes.
Now because he is sick he hasn’t been sleeping well at all. He doesn’t want to sleep in his bed so he just cries, then I take him out and put him in bed with us because if he cries too much it triggers a coughing can’t breathe fit. I think I have him spoiled sleeping with us because now he will not sleep in his own bed for naps or bedtime. This is really affecting my sleep and Shane’s so we are exhausted because he is an awful sleeper. How can someone so small take up so much room?! Of course I can’t just let him cry because it just triggers these awful cough fits that turn into him struggling to breathe so I would rather lose sleep than go through that. I just hate that there is nothing I can do to make him better; I suppose the least I can do is let him sleep with us.
Now on to the twist of great news: Shane and I are getting married! Well we are already married through the courts and now we are getting our marriage blessed in our church. We are having an all-out gown, tux’s, the whole shebang wedding. I am so excited and in wedding planning mode since we meet with our Father and decided. We are having our ceremony February 25th, 2012, 10 months and I cannot wait! I already have the church, the venue, and a photographer. I am buying my dream wedding dress on Saturday, it is just gorgeous and I am in love, it gives me the feeling. I have two bakers quoting me for cakes, one just gave me her quote and it is an awesome price she is also making and giving us a real sample cake in May so that we can taste it and make sure we like the look we picked out. The other baker is also a wedding planner and she is working up a quote for us to do a lot more; like the linens, cake, flowers, center pieces, favors, directing the wedding, and lending us the chaffing/serve ware. I’m hoping her price is reasonable so we can go through her if not we will be doing a lot of it ourselves. I’m blessed that my FIL is a chef at a prestigious country club so he is going to buy and cook all of the food for the 200 + people on our guest list.
Anyway please send positive get better vibes to Vance and I will keep you posted, thanks.

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Oh Stephanie! I am SO sorry to hear that your little boy has been sick for the past month. Ugh. As I was reading your post, I began to see so many similarities to Vance and Moriah. She has been sick so many times this past year. One respiratory virus after another. It seems that her nose is dry and she has no cough for about 10 days...then she gets hit again. She has tubes in her ears and there were many times that I thought she had allergies, sinus infection.. and last week she had a RSV and bronchiolitis. It was absolutely horrible! Thankfully she did not need to go in the hospital but she needed to use the nebulizer 4 times per day. And, like Vance, she did not sleep hardly at all for naps and bedtime. The more she cried the more she coughed. She would cough so hard several times per day that she would vomit. She had a fever for about 5 days and just was not her self at all. I was so worried about her and I pretty much worry about her constantly. I am fearful that she will get another nasty virus again. Moriah was also so used to DH and I taking turns holding her all night and rocking her that she still protests her crib to sleep in.
Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that your are not alone. Praying for you, Vance and your family. Stay strong.

Congrats on your upcoming wedding in the church! How exciting!!

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Congrats on your wedding!!! That sounds so exciting... You'll have to share pics!

Sending lots of get-well vibes to Vance... I hope it's not asthma. And good luck on the sleep situation.

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I hope Vance is better soon, and starts sleeping better!

That's so exciting about your wedding! I can't wait to see pics...although I know I have to Biggrin

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Sending lots and lots of get well vibes for Vance. Poor baby. I hope he gets some relief soon!

Yahoo CONGRATULATIONS!!!! Yahoo How exciting! You must be having so much fun planning your wedding! Best of luck!

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Congrats! Great news!

I hope everyone is feeling 100% soon!