So much change in 1 day...

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So much change in 1 day...

Today has been a HUGE day in Joey's world. We decided to put together his toddler bed today and the plan was just to let him check it out for a few weeks until we actually made the switch. Well he loved helping DH put it together and then he helped me make the bed. At nap time he asked to sleep in it so we agreed. In 15 mins he feel asleep and took a long nap of 2 1/2 hours. After dinner he asked to go to bed and I actually told him no he should play. (it was only 6pm. Bedtime is normally 8 or 830.)

Then after bath time with DH he asked to sit on the potty. Which for the past 3 months he just sits and giggles and then says he's all done and gets up. Well today he actually peed for the very 1st time!!

Sniff...sniff...sniff.. My baby is growing up way to fast. I can't believe all these things happened in one day. Where did our little infants go???

Oh and an update on my IVF. We did the procedure and now I'm in the dreaded 2ww to see if it works. Lots of prayers and fingers crossed would be much appreciated!!!

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Way to go Joey!!!! Yes, they are growing up too fast! Sad

Good luck with the IVF!!! I hope it takes!