Sold my house! (OT)

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Sold my house! (OT)

AAAAHhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!! We accepted an offer after just 2 weeks on the market. Closing date is 7/15. Now we need to find a place to live. Like, now! AAAHHHhhh!!!! Exciting and scary all at once.

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Very exciting! Good luck!!! Smile

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Congrats!! Good luck on finding a new place. Did you guys ever make a decision on your DH's job situation?

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Finally some good news!!! That was quick!

I was also wondering if you guys have thought more about moving?

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Wow 2 weeks on the market. I am so jealous. We had ours on the market for a little over 9 months. Happy house hunting. R u thinking about staying in the K of P area?

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Congrats, that is so exciting!