These molars are horrific!!!

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These molars are horrific!!!

All I can say is poor Moriah!!!!!!!!!!!

She has had a temp for a few days now. She has been irritable for several weeks now. She constantly has a finger in her mouth or jams her tongue back on the sides of her mouth. She has two swollen areas on the top where her two year molars are under the gums. She has white points and molars breaking through on the bottom (both sides).

She has been waking up these past two nights at least 4-6 times per night. Her naps are pretty crappy, too.

My fingers are crossed both sets will come in before I am due the end of September!!!

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Poor little thing! I am hoping Hayleigh's will come in as well before September but I don't have it nearly as bad!!!

Hope things turn around and she cuts them!

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:bigarmhug: Fingers crossed that they come through soon for both Moriah and your sakes!

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Hey Girl! I have been thinking about you lately. I can't believe you are due in SEPTEMBER!! AHHHH!! I have not been on here in so long. How are you feeling?

I thought Liam had his molars in, but he has been sticking his hands, fingers, shirt...everything in his mouth lately and I thought it was just a nervous habit...maybe he is cutting molars??

Are you off facebook? I tried to find you the other day and couldn't.

Best of luck in your last weeks of pregnancy! I am so excited you are getting your boy...he will steal your heart in a way your daughters cannot! Biggrin

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oh my goodness!! Thanks for thinking of me!!!

After having a a fever for about 5 days, I noticed Moriah has both of her bottom molars now. I haven't checked the top lately but she is sleeping better and not so cranky so it looks like we have a little break before those come in. If I had my choice in the matter, I would like her to just get it over with and get the top 2 in NOW!!!!!!

Liam could very well be getting those molars. Have you been brave enough to stick a finger in there to feel?? Wink

How is your sweet little girl doing?

I have a little over 8 weeks left. It is crazy and scary and exciting all at the same time. I am really really looking forward to having a sweet little boy this time.

I took a very loooooong break from FB but just recently came back on as "Willow Rose" (my Boston Terrier's name) I am doing the FB thing on a very small scale--the 300+ friends I had before was way too overwhelming. And, half of them were HS friends that I guess were never really my "friends" in HS anyway!! It is nice to be able to get messages from friends (I honestly felt soooo out of the loop because this is the primary way my friends commmunicate on a regular basis other than texting I guess) I felt compelled to come back to it.......