Two year apt.

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Two year apt.

So Miles had his 2yr apt yesterday. He's doing great with his speech communication and all of that stuff, but he is behind on his weight. He's 34 1/2" L and only weighs 22 1/2lbs. I can't really get him to eat so he isn't really gaining weight. The doc said we have to cut down on the milk we give him. Its ALL he wants to drink. If I give him juice or water, he takes the cup, puts it in the sink and says "No mama, milk!". So he suggested not giving him whole milk anymore and only giving him like 2 sippy cups of milk a day. (luckily I already started doing that last week!) OH but good news, his head is finally in the normal range! lol Its at 50%. It started off in the 95% and has slowly moved down to 50!

Have your kiddos had their apts? How are they doing?

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Sounds like overall he's doing quite well! I'm a little surprised that they are discouraging whole milk if the goal is for him to put on more weight.

Victoria hasn't had her appt yet, but she's on the small side as well. Last time I weighed her, she was only 21 1/2 pounds, yet she eats a lot!

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We're scheduled next week too...but I am so curious of her stats. At 20 months, she was a hair under 25 lbs and almost 35 inches. I had her on the infant scale at school the other day and she was almost 29 lbs! She is in all 3T clothing, and some 4T shirts because she's so long waisted. Will post her up to date stats next week.

WTG Miles! Keep growing big and strong!

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What kind of milk are they having him drink? 2%? I was just reading that at 2, kids shouldn't have whole milk anymore, they should switch to a lower fat milk, and I'm curious if our ped. will do the same next month when we see her.

Zoey's small too and she's also a milk addict. I'm also wondering what the dr. will say.

I'm glad Miles is doing well. This, too, shall pass Mama. These toddlers sure can be tricky! Eating is a bit of a frustration here, too. :bigarmhug:

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"Thyninne" wrote:

Sounds like overall he's doing quite well! I'm a little surprised that they are discouraging whole milk if the goal is for him to put on more weight.

I *think* it was the fact that all he would drink was whole milk and eat nothing. He was filling up on just milk and didn't have an appetite for anything else???
I'm kinda glad the doc said to switch him to 2%...I was getting sick of buying 3 different gallons!! Toddlers are definitely tricky! lol He actually seems to be eating more now that we cut him down to 2 sippy cups of milk a day. He had 2 helpings of tacos last night!
Fingers crossed its a sign of things to come!

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Oh my gosh I just posted almost the same thing about Leah. I was told about the milk too and to give her 8oz of v8 a day. Since she is hitting all of her targets, they aren't too worried about it effecting her any other way then being small. Trying to get Leah to eat veggies, meat & chicken is such a battle. She loves her carbs and snacks. She doesn't like those Pedisure drinks, so I'll try something else. Sounds like Miles is doing just fine to me Smile

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The milk thing is what our dietition recommended for hayleigh and has worked wonders! She has put on weight and is eating more variety.

I am glad the rest of the appointment went well

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I have heard the same about milk. Jeena has always been small and actually when Maria started drinking whole milk, Jeena did too and it helped her gain some weight (and she's 5 years old). Not sure when I'll switch to 2% because my girls need the whole milk fat!

Good luck with the less milk transition!