Up and down the stairs

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Up and down the stairs

When do kids start going up and down stairs 'normally'? We always lived in apartments or bungalows when Jeena was this age so I don't have her to compare to Maria!

Maria goes up the stairs 'crawling' and down the stairs on her bum. If I help her go down the stairs, she'll hold onto the wall and be able to do about three stairs before she has enough!

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I envy you in some regards. Zoey goes up and down normally one foot in front of the other exactly like I do. But she's such a peanut with short legs that she can't do it without a lot of help from me. Up is no big deal at all. She does great holding onto one of my hands and bracing herself on the wall on the opposite side (she's too short to reach the railing). Down is a nightmare and not safe. I keep trying to teach her to do it on her bum but she just won't. We're currently in a second floor apartment so we'll do stairs a lot as soon as this baby is born. I'm nervous about going down as I'm not sure how to grip her for dear life with one hand and carry the baby seat with the other hand. I really need to hold her tightly going down or she'll fall. Down is so hard for her. I blame short legs and not enough strength in her quads and hamstrings.

My mom tells me that by about 4 we were all doing it normally. Though my oldest brother had a really, really nasty fall down a flight of stairs as a young toddler and it scared my mom a lot, so she didn't encourage us to go up and down normally. Plus we were in a one story home and only used stairs to go to the unfinished basement, which wasn't often.

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Sean goes up normally, using the wall for support. He'll do the same going down, but he's not quite as good at it. He does great walking down stairs if there is a hand rail that he can reach. I usually am still too nervous and make him hold my hand though.

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D- Moriah does the same thing as Maria. She crawls up and scoots down on her bottom. She fell down about 7 steps and landed on the linoleum a few weeks ago--ouch! :eek:She fell on her side and smacked the side of her face as she landed. It was a little scary and now I am right there with her when she uses the stairs.

I don't even remember what age Sophia started walking up and down the stairs using the handrails. I should have wrote these things down for reference later on!!

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With DD I could confidently remove the baby gates before she turned 3. She was very good at stairs by the time she was about 2 1/2. Ben, not so much. He's just turbo - puts one leg out not even looking where he's going. Going up is fine, it's the down that scares the $hit out of me. So, gates will stay up for probably another 6 months to a year!

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Hayliegh crawls up and down. We still have gates and door shut though

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Victoria walks up normally, using the railing or wall for support. She will go down normally if someone is there to hold her hand. If she's on her own, she crawls down bum first.

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We don't have stairs so DS still crawls up and goes down on his bum at my mom's house. Cam has a little friend who was born in June 09 and he's been going up and down stairs 'normally' for quite some time. But that little boy was also doing slides a lot sooner than my DS was.

I think it just depends on opportunity and personality?

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With Miriam I know we were starting to leave the gates open occasionally by 2, and that she was fine with stairs before that, but she's absurdly well coordinated. Katie still has trouble going down stairs. She's super tall, so I know that isn't the problem, but she's got normal coordination, and she tends to either get distracted by something after a few steps, or she'll try to hurry and keep up with Miriam.
Twice Miriam has opened the baby gate in the morning before DH and I are up, and we've found both girls downstairs. Once I forgot to latch the gate in a rush to get to the phone and heard her say, "I'll be right back," only to see she was already 1/2 way down, so I know she can do it, but she also had a bad fall a couple weeks ago, so she's not great yet.

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Kieran goes up and down normally. We try to make him wait for one of us to go up with him, because he has slipped a couple times (they're hardwood), but that's pretty much pointless because he just goes up by himself all the time. He could probably go down unassisted too but he's less confident of himself with that and wants us to hold his hand.

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We moved to a house with stairs for the first time in August last year and immediately put baby gates on! Josie started to want to walk the stairs (holding our hand) by the end of the year and is now quite competent at walking up and down herself. She normally holds onto the rail or sometimes the opposite wall and only really asks to hold someone's hand if she's tired or feeling a bit insecure. She is learning everything quickly though because of following her big sister.

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We have the gates off and the kiddos are up and down them all day. Well, we have a gate at the top of the stairs. That's mostly to keep them corralled. It's extra tall and the twins still can't open it. The most of the gates came down when all three were scaling them last summer. The one at the top of the stairs is extra tall and they can't get over it or open it... yet.

Ana goes up normally with the help of a rail, wall, or person. Generally she scoots down on her butt.

Oddly enough none of them have figured out get in and out of their cribs. It's only a matter of time I know, but for now they stay put at night!

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Miles is pretty decent on doing the stairs by himself. He walks up and down normally unless I am chasing him to get off the stairs then he crawls up really fast! Unfortunately he likes to play on the stairs, which normally wouldn't be a problem, but we have the most accident prone kid ever!!

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Liam can go up with no problem but he gets distracted and will switch directions without thinking - he fell once but I was behind him to catch him - scared the poop out of me. we are super strict about him on stairs without someone to help him and he gets that.

the staris in the house are carpeted, but we have a bunch of stairs in the back yard that are concrete (leading down to the yard) and wood (leading up to the deck) so that is another reason we are so strict in the house about stairs b/c so he knows that when he is near them outside he has to wait, too.

I go back and forth on how to have him go down the stairs. Usually I have him practice the "right way" as in one foot at a time holding the rail, but occasionally i will have him slide down on his belly b/c its fun and safe Blum 3

I am a freak about stairs though - so don't count me Wink