What should they know?

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What should they know?

I'm wondering what your LO's know when it comes to school stuff....

Ethan can count with me to 10, and by himself to 4.

He knows his colors except maroon looks brown to him, and red he always calls green. I'm starting to suspect he is red/green color blind but we'll see. Otherwise he knows yellow, orange, white, purple, pink, black, and brown. He also thinks a lot of blues are green.

He has NO CLUE about the alphabet, either singing it, recognizing letters etc.

He is working on shapes and will repeat them after me but I don't think he can identify himself much other than circle.

He has great hand coordination and can make amazing towers with blocks, duplos, put train tracks together, throw a ball amazingly far, zip his pj's and coats (if I start it for him). He also can use a paintbrush fairly well and his utensils when he wants to :rolleyes:

He loves books and can recognize and ask for which books he wants and remembers the storyline. he seems to have no clue that the words on the page exist though, it's all about the pictures.

Some days I think he's ahead, spot on, or behind. I feel like I don't do enough with him on the days when I am home because we are running around on the weekends and I'm trying to get the house clean, take care of him and DD etc. When do you all find time to work with your kiddos?

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At a recent parent teacher conference we were told that DD is behind on gross motor skills. Of course, we're talking about a girl who could speak in full sentences before she could walk (which was a 19mo by the way) - she's always been more into verbal stuff than physical stuff. Anyway, they were worried that she's not jumping and that the's super tentative about going up/down stairs, always asks for help. They had me a little worried. True to form, she started jumping within 2 weeks. Argh!

It is hard to find time to work with them. I try to inject learning into whatever we are doing - asking lots of questions about what colors, shapes and how many of things that she sees as we go around. The only time we've been very purposeful about it was after the PT conference - we were trying to make up physical games, like jumping around the living room - to get her up to speed.

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As for what they "should" be doing, here's a milestone chart for 25-30 months. As you can see, both recognizing ABCs and colors are advanced skills for this age. I wouldn't worry very much. Smile

A can count to 11. After that she starts saying random numbers. Wink She can sing her alphabet, but only recognizes a few letters. She still has trouble with fine motor skills, though she seems to be catching up in that area.

I don't really worry about "working with her". I remind myself that in countries like Sweden, children often don't learn their letters or how to read until they're almost seven. And they're just as literate (if not more) than we are. So I figure she'll learn these things eventually. What she needs right now is time to learn about the world through play, though I'm certainly not the model mom for providing that time for her....

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I honestly think he sounds just fine! Kids are so different and all over the charts when it comes to this stuff. I have the same worries sometimes though, and wonder if I'm "doing" enough with him since its just the three of us at home; he's not in daycare or preschool or anything.

Kieran knows/can recognize lots of colors, but doesn't know letters. Though, we haven't really "worked" on them; colors are easy because you can point them out with anything, kwim? He has counted to 15, though he usually skips a number or two. He used to LOVE reading and wanted to read books all the time, but nowadays he doesn't want to anymore lol. We pretty much just read before bed. He can stack blocks, put mega blocks and train tracks together.

We're still working on his speech but he's come so far, especially since he did not start talking until June. He speaks in 4-5 word sentences, and does things like use plural and possessive S's, -ing endings and past tense endings, etc. Still some pronunciation errors though.

ETA- I forgot about trucks. He looooooves trucks and when we're out somewhere he will name all the trucks he sees. Fuel trucks, tractor trailors (he just calls them "big trucks"), dump trucks, rollers and tractors at construction sites. And cop cars lol.

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I think Corinna is pretty advanced for her age, but I guess I'm a little biased Wink

Colors... She usually answers "green" first then tends to guess randomly. Every once in a while she'll say something else first and I'll think maybe she's getting it.

Numbers... she's a great counter, but oftentimes I can't get her to stop, so I'm not convinced she's really got the concept down. She can count into the teens in English and up to ten in French.

Shapes... she seems to get triangles pretty well and squares sometimes. I think she's a little better at shapes than some other things. She can definitely identify stop signs! She loves to point them out to me while we're driving.

She can sing the alphabet song, but not correctly. She knows her name starts with a C, but I don't think she really understands the concept of letters. She loves to tell me to write things for her. She also loves books.

She also loves to sing. Her imagination is amazing. She will make up songs and have conversations between her stuffed animals and tell them stories.

Her language skills are really good, too. There are certain issues she has with pronunciation, though, like the L sounds like "W." Nothing unusual.

I'm not sure how her ball-throwing skills compare at all, but she's great at running jumping and climbing (like a little monkey). She still trips and falls randomly.

And I think her coordination for smaller things is pretty good, too. She can put her own socks on (though she usually won't) and loves to push buttons. She's getting better at turning pages and her spoon skills could use some work.

Socially, she loves to play with other children, but is very pushy and grabby. She's started to be a little more clingy with me. So far, she is very loving toward her little sister (still in my belly right now).

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"harmonybear" wrote:

I don't really worry about "working with her". I remind myself that in countries like Sweden, children often don't learn their letters or how to read until they're almost seven. And they're just as literate (if not more) than we are. So I figure she'll learn these things eventually. What she needs right now is time to learn about the world through play, though I'm certainly not the model mom for providing that time for her....

I was a smart kid, but didn't even know my alphabet until kindergarten. It took that kind of environment for me to figure it out.

I totally agree about "learning through play" and it's SO hard to be a good mom and do all that we want to do with and for our kids.

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I think it really varies on what you focus on and what you play with. DH takes Nicholas to the park all the time so he can climb, run, jump no problem and does really well with that. His verbal is getting there, he can say tons of single words and can string a few together.

If you look at that chart Nicholas can't wash his own hands (but we don't let him usually) but he can draw a circle on his chalkboard and knows some colors and shapes. (We work on that a lot at home). I'm not worried as long as he is on the "spectrum".

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Sounds like all our kiddos are doing great!

Izzie lacks a bit in the gross motor. She can walk and run just fine. But when it comes to jump she has a difficult time getting both feet to leave the ground at the same time. And she's kind of a chicken, which I'm a bit greatful for when it comes to her not trying to go down the stairs by herself or jumping off random objects haha.

As far as fign motor she does fairly well. She likes pushing buttons, doing puzzles, drawing (she can do lines and circles).

She loves to sing songs and dance (I'm hopinng her dance class will help her develop more in the jumping/balancing department). She can sing her ABC's and count to 11, but doesn't recognize letters or numbers yet - except for "O" and "Q". And she's just starting to count objects one to one, but still needs a lot of work.

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Sounds to me like everyone's kiddos are pretty much right on track.

Ben's had a language explosion lately, so now I can see that he knows far more than maybe I worried about a few months ago. He knows all his colours, most animals, names of vehicles on sight (car, digger, tractor, boat etc.). He can count to 10 by himself and can say the numbers from 11 to 20 if I help. His phrases are coming along - 2 and 3 word phrases. He'll point at a house and say "kissmas lights" (yes, we have a few neighbours who have their lights up already). He knows all his body parts and knows what colour eyes we all have in our family. He actually knows his left from his right, most of the time. DD still doesn't get that, even though she was far more advanced with language at the same age.

Motor skills are great for him, except going down stairs is a bit scary. He never watches what he's doing and I have to hold his hand or he'll biff. He can climb anything and jumps on both feet. Sometimes he can catch a ball, but mostly not. He can throw like the major leaguers. He LOVES to get himself dressed, but needs help. He can't quite pull pants up over his butt, but shirts he mostly gets right except sometimes I have to help him with the sleeves. He has fallen in LOVE with books these last few months and knows every page of Brown Bear Brown Bear by heart. I'm loving this age with Ben. He's learning at an exponential rate!

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I go back and forth worrying about Ariana, and I think it's because of Amelia. Mia is WAY beyond verbally. She's already spelling 3 and 4 letter words to me. "C A T is cat, right mom?" Though she also says "D O G is puppy, right mom?" so she's in the ball park. Sill, pretty freaking awesome for 3 1/2. Mia's motor skills are way behind her verbal. Anyway, with Ana who didn't really say more than a handful of words by her second birthday, didn't really seem to know colors, numbers, letters etc. I was worried. She wasn't really outside the charts much, but I was worried since she was way behind her sisters, especially Mia.

She's talking more and more by the week and at this point does know most of her letters, shapes, colors, etc.

I think she just can't get a word in edge wise with the twins, so she talks less. lol