When do they start rejecting naps entirely?

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When do they start rejecting naps entirely?

Just curious... It seems like Sean is on his way there. He still takes one nap a day *most* days, but has started rejecting naps altogether on some days. I don't like it because he is then cranky earlier in the evening. I'm just wondering if anyone knows at what age it's normal to stop napping?

Some of my own earliest memories are of going to my babysitter at about age 2.5 years and being forced to nap midday and I HATED it because my mom didn't make me nap. I switched to a new babysitter at age 3 on the agreement that she did not make me nap. Some days I do remember still falling asleep on my own midday, but most days, I didn't nap. I just don't remember what age I started my non-napping.

I'm sure it varies child to child, though. Just wondering if others are still napping or not?

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Jeena was just over 2 when she stopped napping. My sister in law and her husband came to visit and she was so excited to spend time with them, we were so busy with showing them things that she stopped napping. After they left I tried to get her to nap again but nope! The way I could tell that she was ready to not nap was that she could 'make it' till bedtime without huge meltdowns. On days that she would have meltdowns, etc. I would give her 'quiet time'. The same time as her nap used to be, but she could read, play quietly in her room. Some days she'd doze off, most days she didn't.

Maria is napping later and later in the day so I'm thinking she might be close too. The other day she didn't nap and fell asleep right after her bath at 8 p.m. I thought that would be nice but it wasn't. She was up from 2-4 a.m. wide awake. You wrote on FB that Sean goes to bed with you, that's how Maria is with me too. So if she stops napping, I'm not sure what will happen with bedtime. I can't go to bed at 8 p.m.!! Wink

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Our naps keep getting later and later too. It used to be at 1pm everyday, but it gradually went to 2, and now we're lucky if he's out by 3 or 4. If not, then we usually just give up on the nap for the day. In the evenings that he misses his nap, he doesn't so much get cranky and melt down as he misbehaves, gets into trouble doing things he knows he shouldn't do. :roll:

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I switched to a new babysitter at age 3 on the agreement that she did not make me nap.

Ha ha. This made me laugh. It sounds like you sat your mom down for a talk and said "Mommy, I've decided I'm not going to that babysitter anymore, so I'm going to find a new one I like better and who won't make me nap." Wink

Ben still naps pretty well. A couple hours starting right after lunch, usually. Even DD who is 4 will conk out for at least 3 hours on the weekend if we've had a really busy, active morning. I LOVE that my kids are such awesome sleepers.

eta - to answer your question, there's no way to know when your kid will give up the nap. Some will nap for years, others will punt the nap before they turn 2. I guess I was a good napper for quite a while, but my younger brother had given up naps before 2. Luck of the draw, I think.

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"Claire'sMommy" wrote:

Ha ha. This made me laugh. It sounds like you sat your mom down for a talk and said "Mommy, I've decided I'm not going to that babysitter anymore, so I'm going to find a new one I like better and who won't make me nap." Wink

LOL, that's pretty much how it went. I was a spoiled kid, hahaha. No, there were other reasons my mom didn't want to send me to the other babysitter anymore (it was her aunt, and she once forgot that my mom had paid her in advance and accused her of not paying her or something along those lines :rolleyes:), but I did beg her to find someone who wouldn't make me nap... And she did! Smile I just remember being SO miserable, being forced to lay there on some blankets on the floor, wide awake because I couldn't sleep, but I wasn't allowed to move or do anything. Hated that! Funny that I can still remember it so vividly... It gives me a little insight into how Sean's mind works, haha. Wink

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I think it really depends on the kid. Mia naps some days, and she started that ~2 1/2. Elly will ask for a nap pretty much every day, and will take one every day and she's days away from 3.

Ana won't be 2 until July and her nap patterns match Mia's.

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Gianna will still nap in the afternoon but its not enforced because she is 4 now. She stopped taking them as part of her schedule when she was around 3. Leah still enjoys her morning & afternoon naps. If anything she'll skip the morning one but after lunch she will put herself to bed. its lovely.

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Oh man I am not looking forward to nap time going away any time soon... I love nap time! Haha. I don't think Kieran will give it up any time soon. He still sleeps anywhere from 2.5-3.5 hours every afternoon! He only switched from 2 naps to one a few months ago (right around 18 months I think) and I fought him on that one; he didn't seem "ready" because he would be sooooo tired and cranky, but absolutely refused to take more than one.

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"DunyaWolf" wrote:

Oh man I am not looking forward to nap time going away any time soon... I love nap time!

Umm... This!!! I love spending time with my LO's, but I NEED nap time, hahaha. If I can get both of them to sleep at one time, it's like I've hit the lottery. My DH is a SAHD, and boy do I feel sorry for him once Sean does decide to stop napping, hahahaha... Better him than me. Wink

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I was just wondering that myself. Cam has been good for a 2-3 hour nap starting anywhere from 10:30am-1130 usually. But lately he has been pushing them back until noon or so. He was still taking super long naps, so I figured he wouldn't be dropping them soon.

But then just overnight in the past couple of weeks he has refused his nap a few times. One time he made it until 3pm until he looked like a zombie and then begged me to sleep, which, of course, I gave in...haha. Then the other day he fell asleep in the car at 1pm and usually we can take him out and get him in bed and he'll stay asleep, but this time he woke up within 5 minutes and didn't take another nap the whole day.

I'm thinking right now we'll be good as long as I push back the nap until noon, maybe 12:30. Because if he doesn't have one at all he is definitely crashing between 1pm and 3pm. But I definitely think we're on the verge of losing them within the next 3-6 months.

I was a no-napper as a child. I was in daycare by 2 years old and I remember vividly not napping. They would lay everyone down on cots in middle of the room. I either kept whoever was laying next to me awake by talking and giggling all of nap or (more often) my cot was moved out in the hall next to the door so that I could be awake and quiet alone so that at least the other kids could nap.

And seeing as Riley is already a tougher sleeper than Cam, haha - I'm thinking she'll be a lot more like me when it comes to naps/sleep. :rolleyes:

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I miss being on mat leave - putting Ben down for his afternoon nap and then crawling into my bed with DD and all of us crashing out for a couple hours. Man, there's nothing like a little kid or baby sleeping beside you to make you pass out too. Best sleep aid ever.

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From what I understand, naps are like teething - there's a hugely wide range of normal. Some children stop napping altogether by the time they're 2. Others still need a nap in kindergarten.

A dropped her morning nap really early. We had VBS at church the week after her first birthday, and she's only taken a handful of morning naps since then. Ever since September or October, she's been dropping her afternoon nap once every week or two, and it's not unusual at all for her to refuse a nap all afternoon and then crash at 5 or 6pm and take a two-hour nap. I have no idea when she'll just give it all up, but my guess is that naptime will become more difficult when my in-laws get here for her birthday week.

(I also wonder if she might sleep better at night if she didn't nap so well during the day - 3-hour naps aren't all that unusual around here.)

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Hayleigh shows no signs of giving up her nap but if she happens to fall alseep in the car or on a walk in the morning, she will not have an afternoon nap.

Bedtime is solid at 8pm regardless of what time her nap was and how long it was.

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My DD1 was always a sleep fighter so around when she turned 2yrs, we had to read her to sleep to get her to nap. After a few months, she wised up to that and stopped napping altogether unless we went somewhere in the car.

Josie has always been a much better sleeper but since going into her big bed a few months ago, started fighting naps. The only way I can get her to nap now is to wait till about 2pm when she's really tired (she wakes b/w 5-6am) and then hold her on my lap in her room and she'll often go to sleep snuggled into my big belly! Wink There have been a couple of days where she hasn't napped at all and while she makes it to her bedtime of 7pm ok, she usually doesn't eat dinner so well as she's too tired.