Where is everyone?

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Where is everyone?

I want to hear updates on what is going on. I miss hearing from everyone.

Sofia is a fire cracker. She talks non stop compared to her brother. That said she is having trouble learning her colors. LOL. She is finally starting to sprout in the height department. I was worried she was going to be super short. As far a weight goes, we havent gotten anywhere. It is hard putting weight on her. I put tons of food in front of her but she just doesnt eat. Only when she really wants to. She does have a sweet tooth though. Christmas was good. She got a doll house (but we havent set it up yet), a strawberry shortcake playset (lost a bunch of pieces already, and set of Beauty and the Beast figurines (sleeps with them). In the end she fights with her brother of his present of a LeapPad.

And here is a recent pic of Sofia


So what is going on with your LOs? And dont forget a picture.

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Ethan is also a talker! He knows all the basic colors but is just starting to recite the ABC's. He adores building things with legos or blocks and loves play-doh. He's currently being very picky with food, but used to be a great eater. He loved Christmas and so did we. So much fun with a 2.5 year old!!! He really "got it" this year! Smile

Here is a picture with Daddy and baby sister Olivia on Christmas Eve decorating sugar cookies! He's concentrating really hard! LOL

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We are doing well. I lurk quite a bit but I am really bad at posting...

Hayleigh is doing well. She is actually starting to eat (we have resorted to bribing with apple juice). She is in love with her sister and has turned into quite a Daddy's girl.

I am going to be registering her for preschool next week. Saying that, I hope pt starts to improve because she is totally uninterested.

She is doing great with learning her letters but not so good with numbers but she can count to twenty. The stuff that comes out of her mouth is absolutely hilarious!

A few pics:

Just before Christmas Eve service

Hamming it up

At my parent's neighborhood Christmas party (Hayleigh with DH and Kyla with my Dad)

The girls snuggling

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Hey girls! Anthony is also a great talker! He can count from 1-15 (sometimes 20) by himself. He knows colors and all the letters of the alphabet. He just doesnt know how to say the alphabet in order. He is also a very picky eater! Its driving me insane! He doesnt want to eat anything thats good for you, just junk! UGH! My DD, MaKayla, is also doing better. We finally got answers to all our questions, and she was diagnosed with Bipolar... Now I dont want to start a debate, and Im not all for giving kids meds, but the medication they gave her has helped tremendously! So I am glad that I decided to get her help!

Christmas was great! We started at our house, went to my moms for brunch, then to my boyfriends (Billy) moms house for dinner, and then my aunts house for desert! It was a busy busy day! The kids got soooo much stuff, we couldnt fit it all in the back of Billys Honda Pilot! UGH! I really didnt want them to get that much stuff cause we have a small place. But whatever, they had a great time. DD's dad sent her a drum set in the mail. I wanted to strangle him thru the phone. But shes actually pretty good at the drums. So maybe it was a good gift afterall. (We keep them in the basement so our landlord wont freak out lol)... Anthonys favorite toy was his workbench! Hes infatuated. He tells everyone he is Handy Manny! haha...

Other than all that. Everything is pretty much the same. We are loving our place and we are actually thinking about buying a house. My great aunt & uncles house is up for sale, so we may buy it from their kids. Just need to check on a few things and see if we can financially do it...

And im just waiting for Billy to pop the question! lol Smile

Ill post pics later, Im at work, so I cant post them right now.

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Sofia is gorgeous! (And Izzie just got that dress from her godmother Lol

I LOVE Ethan's tongue sticking out in that picture. Pure concentration.

That picture of Hayleigh and Kyla snuggling is very cute. They're going to be best friends!

We're doing pretty good over here. I can't believe how BIG my little girl is getting! And then to have Max turning ONE in just a couple weeks! Izzie is starting the potty training thing - she does okay with it, it's been about 5 days and she's had 2 accidents. We haven't been super consistent with it though, but her daycare provider is helping out with it, too so I think that will help. She is a dancer - has started her 4th seven week session of a "mommy and me" dance class. It started out as the girls needing a lot of help from us mom's but now that they've gotten the hang of it, they pretty much do the class themselves. It's so cute to watch them follow their dance teacher around like little ballerina minions :). Let's see, what else ... she has become the PICKIEST eater! Her staples are macaroni and cheese, baked beans, chicken nuggets, and "peanut jellies". (She would eat peanut butter and jelly sandwhiches for breakfast, lunch, and dinner every single day if we let her). I also said I wasn't going to make my kids a separate meal and they just had to deal with it, but I've caved and found it it's sooo much easier just to make her a quick sandwhich and a pot of macaroni and cheese rather than hve her sit there and whine and cry and not eat anything. She will eat fruit, but put a vegetable in front of her and no sir! Oh well, she takes a vitamin every night and drinks her milk. As far as letters, numbers, and such - she is starting to recognize certain letters (A, B, O, M) and is even "writing" the letter M all over. It looks like a huge mountain range though haha. She doesn't recognize any numbers, but can count pretty consistently up to 13. She's pretty good with her colors (except that black, white, gray, and brown all take turns being each other).

Here are some pictures - (ETA: I went through and resized all these to be pretty small, but I don't know what happened, sorry!)

A little bit from dance class:
Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

All dressed up for Santa

She got a mobigo from DH's parents

And one extra of my little happy man

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A is doing well. She finally eats and STTN (!!!!), although she still nurses about 3x a day. She is still super short - her just-turned-one-year-old cousin is only a couple inches shorter than her!

She has learned to use a mouse, and learned all the letter sounds from playing around on starfall.com. Every once-in-a-blue-moon she'll sound out a word like fox or cat when she sees it, and the other day she spontaneously wrote an H while painting and said, "Look, Mama, I made a huh!"

She can count to 12 consistently, and then after that she just says random numbers between 13 and 20. But she can also count to 10 in Korean both ways (there are two counting systems in Korean, one based on Chinese and one on pure Korean numbers), so I guess it all evens out.

I've been really sick the last year, and had surgery in November, so she's spent way too much time in front of the tv - on days when I was the sickest, it was sometimes all day long. Sad But hopefully after my surgery there will be fewer days like that. She also is still in diapers full-time, though every couple of months it seems like she'll be potty trained. She'll go for a day or two, or even a week, with only a couple of accidents. But she always reverts and decides she hates the potty and loves diapers. *sigh* One day.

This is an old picture, from August, but I just love it.

And here's a picture from our Christmas cards:

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I hardly come to the BB part of the site anymore.

Kaia has only recently started talking and she is still very difficult to understand. She at least attempts to put words together now, which she never did. She is not good at her colours (she knows pink but that is it). She can count a bit on her own, but not well. Don't try to short change her though as she knows if she has one less treat then her brother. She doesn't know her alphabet but will try and copy her brother saying it.

Physically though, she is brilliant (a mother can say that, can't she). She learnt to ride a 2 wheel scooter at 18months and started to ride a bike (with training wheels) by the time she was two. She does tricks on her bike now and has started trying to ride her brother's bike without trainers. I think the only thing holding her back is her height (she is a dot of a thing.) She can draw a bit (people, shapes, etc but none are near perfect.) Dances, climbs anything and everything, swims on her own. She is very cheeky, stubborn and has a fiesty streak to her. She loves to sing in her own little language.

This pic is what I have recent on flikr (other than one currently on photo board). It was taken in Nov last year and she's sprouted a little since then and lost a little of her toddler look.