who gets a nasty cold in the middle of May?

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who gets a nasty cold in the middle of May?

My child!! Just venting again.

She woke up covered in boogers. On the bright side, I didn't hear her wake up at all through the night. Or, maybe I was just soooooooo completely tired that I slept so well.

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Us here too. Leah just got over having a pretty bad cold. I feel like she gets sick every other month, doesn't matter when it is. Hope she gets better real quick, really stinks when they are sick.

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Oh Lordy, my kids went back and forth with a spring cold the past 2 months. Ben actually has pneumonia (again) right now and is on amoxil and puffers.:( He had pneumonia 2 months ago and again it's in the right lung.

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Add Hayleigh to the list! Right before we go to Hawaii of course. She has started to rub her ear as well so I am on Ear infection watch!

I hope all the other kiddos feel better soon, it has been a nasty year for most of you!!!