Who is potty training/learning

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Who is potty training/learning

If you didn't see the introduction thread, I am Jamie from July 09, first post here since the boards merged and I need your help/thoughts/opinions/advisce, whatever you got. Sorry in advance, I am a little long winded and I seem to ramble sometimes.

On one hand I want to potty train him, on the other, I don't really feel like it. Since I am not buying diapers (we CD), I guess I am just not in that big a hurry, ya know. With the way our schedules are right now, it makes much more sense to train now, he is only at daycare from 12-4.30 3 days a week, and he always takes a 2 hour (sometimes longer) nap while there. He wakes up a lot from nap completly dry, and goes a long time throughout the day without wetting, there has even been some mornings where he is waking up dry.

We have a potty, he has sat on it here and there, he doesnt really like it. Not to mention, I am a girl, I have only ever trained a girl, I have no clue how to even begin to train a boy.

A few days ago, I was going start training him, started in the morning, had every intention of making a real go of it. I sat him on the big toilet with his seat over it (which he doesnt particulary care for either) and he sat for a minute, tried to point that little thing down, but Jax didnt like that part. Tried to get him to do it, but he would just play with it and laugh. 30 minutes later, I take him back to the potty and start over, nothing. But now I have to pee. I am sitting there on the toilet, and all I hear is Jax in the hallway peeing on the floor. Ugh! I got so irritated, discouraged and stopped. Obviously, this is not going to go well if that is the way I felt after only 30 minutes.

I have been dreading potty training since the day I got pregnant with him, it is such a pain. I really need to get over it and do it already.

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We're learning. Ana is mostly ok for peeing. Not trustworthy yet, but getting better. She will not poop in the potty... I'd rather it be the other way around.

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Funny you should post this. I was headed here just now to post something very similar.

DS shows interest but when we sit him on the potty and tuck it down he doesn't like it and flips "it" back up and plays with it and laughs. Just the other day he ran into his room and peed all down the side of his dresser.

My concern is that he seems to want to stand and pee like daddy. Has anyone ever heard of potty training a boy to stand??

No helpful advice but if I find anything I will let u know.

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I feel like DD just isn't ready. She is showing some signs.... but on the other hand when she starts pooping and I ask if she wants to go poop on the potty she says she doesn't want to. I'm not in the mood to do it either. We're going on a long carride to Tennessee the last week in Dec and I'm not interested in stopping every 30min to try.

I'm going to wait until we're both a little more ready.

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We have gotten rid of regular diapers and are now on pull ups (i know same difference). She always pees in the potty before bed or before a bath. She actually started it herself by watching her sister. Sometimes during the day she'll tell us she wants to go on the potty. We are gonna get more aggressive after the new year when Santa brings her some panties. I'm back to work so it'll have to be DH on this one. I loathe potty training.

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Vance is fully potty trained, he has been since June when he turned 2. He was interested in the potty and was staying dry especially through the night. We let him run around naked and asked him if he had to go potty every hour letting him sit on the potty when he asked. After a week of this he started going on his own and asking to go when he needed help taking off his pants. He wears underwear all day and even at night. He was really easy to potty train and my earliest one to fully train both day and night.

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When I see Nicholas pooping I ask him if he wants to sit on the potty. He says No very quickly. We went through a phase where he wanted to sit on the potty and has peed on the potty a handful of times but besides that, we are no where close.

With Emily due in a few weeks we aren't going to bother. Nicholas doesn't seem ready. They work with him at his part-time pre-school but that is only 2 days/week and I'm not even sure what they do. He talks about the potty though and flushes the potty for mommy as my special helper as he yells "bye bye pee pee" LOL

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We are exactly where you are Angela! Ethan just isn't interested. I'm thinking of trying again in January but we'll see. I really want him trained prior to 3 years old, mostly so his transition to preschool is easy. They really want him trained at least partially before they move him to the preschool room.