Are you thinking......

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Are you thinking......

of having any more children? when, how many?

(it's too quiet on this board! LOL)

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I would like at least 1 more, but not ANY time soon. Having 2 kids on 19 months sent us into a whirlwind and we're still adjusting and finding a balance. Also, we need to get to a better place financially, which includes moving to a bigger place, having a savings account, not to mention a bigger car, lol. So, we're not ready to call it quits yet, but we're not ready for another any time soon!

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I have been thinking about this for a bit. I have my Essure procedure scheduled for the 1st of December. Both Dh and I agree no more children, but there is a part of me that is having a tough time with this. Sad

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I'm thinking any day now. LOL

The official due date is December 13th, but I'm hoping she'll arrive well before Christmas.

It's so much harder being pregnant and taking care of a 2 year old at the same time.

After this, maybe we'll be done, but it's one of those decisions you shouldn't make until you give it a few years. We've always said 2 maybe 3 kids.

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I'm ready - DH has in his head to wait to TTC until 2012. I'm trying to convince him to start a few weeks early.... my cycles are so long... and don't really want to have a baby around Christmas... so it'd be perfect to get pg with this cycle and be due in Sept.

I think we'll only end up havng 2. But it's hard to say. Guess you don't really know how you'll feel until you get there.

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I'm hoping that the surgery I had on the 17th will make it finally happen for us. We're hoping for a 2012 baby at this point... but we were also hoping for a 2011 baby, and in four more months we'll have to start hoping for a 2013 baby. So who knows. We just know we want more, and hopefully sooner rather than later.

We definitely don't want to stop at 2, either, btw. We have always wanted a 'big' family, somewhere between 3 and 5 kids. The dreams of 5 children have been sort of dashed by our fertility struggles, but 3 or 4 is still really do-able. And if baby #2 is a girl and #3 is a boy, I really, really want a fourth if only because I don't want people to think we only had three children so we could get a boy. I mean, I know lots of people plan their families that way, but that's never been our plan and while I know we would know it regardless, I would like for the rest of the world not to be able to assume.

Silly reasoning, right? Wink But regardless of how it happens, we are definitely wishing for more!

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YUP!!!! I am 5 weeks preggo right now and due in the end of July!! We are so excitted. We would love to have more but I'm not sure with our fertility problems if we will be able to have more.

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Realized I didn't answer my own question! :rolleyes:

We want more, just not sure when. I'm not getting any younger, so it will probably be sooner rather than later. I do feel like my hands are full, but if we have a 3rd I'd stop working full-time and I think it be less stressful, even if it was crazier! Smile

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Unsure here. We have two and that was a definite all done, no more. But I never felt 'done' and DH was always happy to have more but said no because of concerns about money. Financial reasons were my main reason for saying no, as well as concerns about work, relationship, size of house, etc. It is no longer a definite no, but not a definite yes either.

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Forgive me...I almost never get one here anymore, but lately I have been missing I came here and introduced myself when the boards merged, but not since then. Sorry!

As for the question...I dont know. Jess and I are content with the 2 we have, but we have talked about having more since Jax was born. It is just the same things, I hate being pregnant, with the back urgeries I have had, it really isnt the smartest choice, financial on and so on. But I do get baby fever when around infants and I know Jess does a little too. I guess if it ever does happen, it would be a shock, but most likely not something that will ever be planned.

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Well, #2 is due in about 30 days or less Smile

After Emily, we are DONE. I have always envisioned us as a family of 4 and so has DH. As long as I don't need a C-section (I have it in my chart to tie my tubes in this case) DH will be getting the snip-snip next summer.

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I want atleast 1 more. I am only 24, so I still have time. I dont want any after the age of 30 though. I had my DD when I was 15, and I dont want a huge age gap between DS (2years old) and my next one. This time, though, I want to do it the right way. I want to be married first (God willing) and atleast half way thru school before I have another one. I need to get my ducks in a row. Also I need to be more financially stable. But as we all know, most of the time it doesnt happen that way.

I got the Mirena put in April 2011, so I still have just over 4 years til I HAVE to take it out. But Im thinking ill probably be taking it out within the next 2.

DD and DS keep asking for a little brother or sister. Everytime I hold a baby (a few of my friends recently had babies), my DS asks me "mummas baby?" and then cries when we dont take the baby home. lol

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We are DONE, 3 is perfect for us. After Vance I felt like my family was complete and Shane got a vasectomy 9 months afterwards.

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Well, currently 21 weeks preggo with #2. This will definitely be our last. Although, I'm having a hard time thinking about getting my tubes tied (DH refuses to get snipped) I'm thinking some type of BC will be neccessary for a while. We already have DS and are expecting a girl this time just feels perfect. No more for me!