****STICKY**** November 2009 Spaces!!

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****STICKY**** November 2009 Spaces!!

Hope you all don't mind me starting this!! Can't wait to see the BFPs coming in!! Biggrin

Please reserve your spot after you get your BFP!

Spaces are reserved for pictures of our growing bellies, ultrasound photos, and nursery shots.


* This is a NO COMMENTS thread. Please post your newest belly pictures to the general threads for comments.

* Reserve your "space" once you get your BFP and edit it each time you post a new picture. DO NOT create a new post for each new picture you are posting. Make a post ONE TIME and then EDIT it each time you'd like to add new pictures. Do this by clicking the "edit" button in the bottom right hand corner of YOUR post.

* Because this is already a picture heavy thread, please turn off your signatures. You can do this by unchecking the "Show your signature" button before your hit submit to post your message.

* Most importantly, POST PICTURES! We want to see those growing bumps and beautiful babies!

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Miscarriage 2/26/09 at 4.5 weeks.

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I'll reserve my space.

Due 11/2. Biggrin

Here's my clearest BFP:

4/9/09: Heard baby's heartbeat--161bpm! Biggrin


4 weeks:

6 weeks:

8 weeks:

10 weeks:

12 weeks:

14 weeks:

16 weeks:

18 weeks:

20 weeks:

22 weeks:

24 weeks:

26 weeks:

28 weeks:

30 weeks:

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Reserving my space!!! EDD Nov. 2, BFP 10 DPO.


Belly Shots

Starting line:
32 weeks
35 weeks39 weeks

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Bumping this for the new mamas!

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Hiya everyone :wavehello:

My name is Jennifer. I am 28 and I have 3 wonderful kids, Sydney 10, Hunter 7, and Logan 1. I have been married to my best friend, James, since April 21, 2007. We found out on February 24th that we are expecting our 4th and final member to our family!

My wonderful kiddos:
Sydney Danielle 07.24.98 8lbs 11oz 20.5 in Born on her EDD
Hunter Michael 07.12.01 9lbs 10oz 21.25 in [COLOR=black]Born day before EDD[/COLOR]
Logan Dominic 02.10.08 8lbs 6oz 20.5in Born 8 days early

#4 EDD Nov 6...Faint BFP 11DPO...Digital Confirmation 13DPO



[LEFT]Make a pregnancy ticker[/LEFT]

1st Appt March 16, 2009 @ 10am -- First u/s, We have a heartbeat!!! US dating has EDD 11.06, by LMP it is 11.10 Biggrin

2nd Appt April 23, 2009 @ 10am -- Heard HB for the first time! 164!

3rd Appt May 21, 2009 @ 9am -- Refused quad screening, HB 152 Biggrin

4th Appt June 18, 2009 @ 10:10am -- BIG ULTRASOUND SCHEDULED!!!! It's a boy!!!! HB 149

5th Appt July 16, 2009 @ 10:40am

6th Appt August 13, 2009 @ 9:40am -- HB 143

7th Appt Sept 3, 2009 @ 10:10am -- Ultrasound scheduled

6 Wk U/S

19wks 6 days.........Face and the money shot!

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:angel10: on 4.8.09 6w2d

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BFP 2/26/09


It's twins!

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m/c 5 wks 1day

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Reserving my space! BFP 11dp5et EDD11/8/09

Now How do I add a pic.....

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Reserving my space....not sure how this thing works but OK.

I'm Kristi (30) married to my highschool sweetie Jeff. We have Jensen who is 3 and have been TTC for 13 cycles so we are thrilled and relieved to be expecting #2

Found out 2/21/09 EDD 10/31-11/5ish

1st U/S on March 13th at almost 7wks
HB 126

19wk u/s

Its a BOY

26wk u/s

16wk belly pic




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March 3, 2009
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My name is Angie. I am 32 years old. I am married to Eddie. We have one handsome little man, named Jamie, born April 6th 2007 and now Miss Allie born November 4th 2009. It took us 10 years to conceive our son and thankfully only 10 months of active trying to conceive Allie.

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EDD November 8, 2009

Miscarriage 4/24/09 at 11.5 weeks

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reserving my spot....

EDD 11/10/2009

Im 22 yrs old and engaged to a wonderful guy named Kevin. I have my almost 2 year old son Shane. And just hoping for a healthy baby!

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EDD - 11/4/09

Hi my name is Robin. I'm 33 and just found out I'm pregnant with baby #2. My son, Aidan, is 2 1/2. My husband and I are very excited!


1st Appt. - April 2nd @ 10:30 - Got to see the little bean Smile
2nd Appt. - April 17th @ 9:50 - Just paperwork
Ultrasound - June 16th @ 11:10

9w 1day u/s

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m/c 5 weeks 1 day

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5 Weeks 2 Days Pregnant!!! 8wks2days...Ugh![

WOW! What a difference in line darkness hugh?!

First Ob Apt 3/17/09 Heartbeat 120! Measuring right on!

My EDD is November 4th and my next OB is April 15th!

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Hi I'm Allie 35 yrs old. Expecting baby #2 EDD November 9th. I have 2 1/2 yr old named Matthew. I am going to add my pic of the test in a few once I resize it on photobucket.

Make a pregnancy ticker

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This is my first taken on Saturday, Feb 28

This one was taken Sunday, March 8

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Nov 17 edc, but induced at 39 weeks.

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I'll claim my space too.

I am Carole, I live in Montreal. French is my first language. I have been married for 7 years now. I got married when I was 6 months pregnant with my first!

My daughter Kelly-Anne was born in October 2001, my son Raphael was born in December 2003, and my baby Nicolas was born in September 2007. This one is a complete surprise, and I am due either on November 8th or November 11th, depending if I go from LMP, or O date.

I'll add pics as soon as I figure out how to do it!

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My Hubby, Aaron and I on our wedding day September 9th, 2006

After a year and a half of TTC with endo and partially blocked tubes, we were strategizing how to pay for IVF. Much to my surprise...

We're due November 9th!

March 5th: First Beta 555 Yahoo
March 9th: Second Beta over 2000 Yahoo
March 13th: U/S showed our little bean in the right place, but measuring small.
March 20th: U/S measured bean between 6w5d and 7w even, right where it should be Yahoo
April 1st: Perfect U/S, got to see bean's heartbeat! From now on, it's a normal pregnancy, and I get to go back to my family doctor.

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This is my first pregnancy. EDD: Nov 10, 2009.

Pregnancy Tests

03/04/2009 12 DPO:

03/05/2009 13 DPO:

03/11/2009 19 DPO:

Belly Pics

03/09/2009 Week 4:

03/16/2009 Week 6:

03/23/2009 Week 7:

04/14/2009 Week 10:

04/18/2009 Week 10 and 4 days:

04/28/2009 Week 12:

05/06/2009 Week 13:

05/09/2009 Later in Week 13:

05/19/2009 Week 15:

05/25/2009 Week 16:

06/02/2009 Week 17:

06/02/2009 Week 17 - Shirt down:

06/07/2009 Later in Week 17 - I popped a lot!

06/10/2009 Week 18 - Did I shrink?

06/19/2009 Week 19:

06/27/2009 Week 20:

07/01/2009 Week 21:

07/07/2009 Week 22:

07/14/2009 Week 23:

07/18/2009 Week 24 (almost):

07/29/2009 Week 25:

08/05/2009 Week 26:

08/16/2009 Week 27:

08/25/2009 Week 28:

08/22/2009 Week 29:

09/27/2009 Week 33:

10/03/2009 Week 34:

10/20/2009 Week 37:

10/27/2009 Week 38:

Ultrasound Photos

03/24/2009 Week 7:

07/14/2009 - Anatomy Scan - Week 23:

Ultrasound Videos
03/24/2009 Week 6 and 4 days - Ultrasound Video:

04/21/2009 Week 10 and 6 days - Ultrasound Video:

05/19/2009 Week 15 - Ultrasound Video - Part I:

Week 15 Ultrasound Video - Part II

Week 19 Ultrasound Video


03/24/2009 - 7 Week Visit
04/21/2009 - 11 Week Visit
05/19/2009 - 15 Week Visit
06/16/2009 - 19 Week Visit
07/14/2009 - 23 Week Visit - Anatomy Scan
07/23/2009 - 24 Week Visit
08/18/2009 - 28 Week Visit
09/01/2009 - 30 Week Visit
09/15/2009 - 32 Week Visit
09/29/2009 - 34 Week Visit
10/13/2009 - 36 Week Visit - 70% Effaced. No Dilation. Swelling. Starting to drop. Waddling due to pain.
10/19/2009 - 37 Week Visit - 70% Effaced. 1cm Dilated. Swelling. More waddling.
10/27/2009 - 38 Week Visit - Cancelled. Midwife called out sick.
10/28/2009 - 38 Week Visit - 75% Effaced. 2cm Dilated.
11/03/2009 - 39 Week Visit - 80% Effaced. 3cm
11/04/2009 - 39 Weeks 1 Day - Parker Sabrina Was Born!

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Ashley's Space

3 taken on March 5th
(bottom test was taken first)

On March 6th I took another digital and got the same results (sorry no pictures)
Told DH on March 6th (since he is in the military and had duty the day I found out). I bought him a gift bag with some baby stuff with all four test wrapped in the bottom of the bag.

His birthday is March 10, so I surprised him with a early birthday present Smile

No pictures taken yet!

Estimated due date.
Nov. 6th 2009 (my dads birthday)

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Dynamic Glitter Text Generator at TextSpace.net

Me and BF TTC #1 since Dec 2006
Bfp - Nov 5th 2007
Missed m/c - Dec 21st 2007 @ 8wks
D+C - Dec 28th 2007
First af - 6th Feb 2008
Blood work and u/s normal Nov 2008
HSG 22 Jan 08 normal, tubes clear!
SA 12 Feb 09 - good motility, good count, poss not so good morphology?
1st round Clomid 15 Feb 09
BFP 9th March 2009!!
EDD 18th Nov 2009!







18 March 2009, 2.40pm - 1st midwife appointment, booking in.

04 April 2009, 1pm - 1st u/s (private) as brown spotting that morning. All looks great, baby measuring 13mm - 7w 4d, hearbeat 145bpm.

21 April 2009, 12.45pm - Private u/s, baby measuring 3.02cm (9w 6d), heartbeat 168bpm, saw baby wiggling, kicking legs and waving arms!!

06 May 2009, 11am - 12 week NHS u/s, routine blood tests, nuchal translucency testing. Baby measuring 5.3cm, NT measurment 1.9mm, placenta lying anterior. Didnt get to hear hb this time but baby was wiggling round lots!! Saw all different views of body parts, all looked great!

2nd June 2009, 10.00am - Routine hospital antenatal appointment, urine clear, bp 120/70 (normal), HR in the 150's! Yay!

3rd June 2009, 10.15am - Private u/s as probably not having a 3D scan. Baby head down, unable to measure as akward position!! Sent for 15min walk, baby still not moved! HR 142bpm, saw clolour flow of unbilical cord, saw mini braxton hicks of uterus, Abdominal circumference - 10.85cm (16w 5d) Biparetial Diameter - 3.49cm (16w 5d) Head curcumference - 13.01cm (16w 5d) Femur length - 1.93cm (15w 5d). Lady switched to 3d/4d for pics!

9th July 2009, 3.00pm - 21 week NHS anomaly scan. Everything looks normal, yaayyy! Baby head down still, hiding face for pics! AC - 17.2cm, BPD - 5.0cm, HC - 18.9cm, FL - 3.5cm. Placenta anterior. Weight estimate 446g.

14th July 2009, 2.10pm - 22 week midwife antenatal appointment. Bp normal, urine normal. Fundal height 23cm - great! Heard hb with doppler which baby kicked twice lol!

12th August 2009, 2pm - 26 week midwife appointment. All routine, BP normal, urine normal, heard hb, fundal height 27cm.

25th August 2009, 2pm - 28 week midwife appointment. All routine, BP normal, urine normal, heard hb, fundal height 29cm, baby in breech position with back laying to my right side!

26th August 2009, 5am - Had to go to delivery suite at hospital as up early hours of morning with upper abdominal cramps. No obvious cause, baby fine, hb good and no contractions detected on monitoring! Phew!

29th August 2009, 2.50pm - 3d/4d ultrasound. Baby was head down (in the same position at my 16 and 21 week scans) with its head buried real deep into my pelvis/right hip area, its face/nose buried in the placenta and its hands covering the face!!!!! So unable to get any good pics or dvd, need to ring to reschedule. Growth good, AC - 25.02cm, BPD - 7.54cm, HC - 27.16cm, FL - 5.62cm. Weight estimate 3lb 1oz.

8th Sept 2009, 2.30pm - 30 week midwife appointment. All routine, fundal height 30cm, baby head down, heard hb!

9th Sept 2009, 7.10pm - 3d/4d Re-scan. Naughty baby was in the exact same position, head very down (even with my painfully full baldder!) and this time the face was even more covered with hands!!! The cute bit was it was holding its foot up to its face and would not let go!

22nd Sept 2009, 2.30pm - 32 week midwife appointment. All routine, fundal height 31cm, baby head down, bum to left side, heard hb!

6 Oct 2009, 2.30pm - 34 week midwife appointment. All routine, same as above!

20 Oct 2009, 2.30pm - 36 week midwife appointment. All routine, baby's head is 3/5 palpable!

28 Oct 2009, 11.40pm approx - Emergency trip to L&D as bleeding. Baby moving fine, hb fine, CTG picked up ild contractions. Internal - nearly fully effaced (cervix measured 0.5cm), 2cm dilated. More bleeing on internal exam Dr expected me to be in labour by morning so admitted me for overnight stay, said if bleeding didnt stop, they would induce. A very sleepless night later, no more bleeding and no contractions so sent home at 3pm the following day!

31 Oct 2009, 11.30am approx - Another trip to L&D as abdo pain. Baby monitored fine, cervix as above, no cause for pain found.

31 Oct 2009, 10.15pm approx- Back down to L&D as abdo pain worse. Baby monitored normal again, internal exam the same. BP raised slightly. Admitted for overniht stay on painkillers, the longest night every!! Didnt sleep, had bath at 5.30am trying to ease pain. By 7am pain nearly gone, morning checks ok so sent home.

2 Nov 2009, 11.45am - Private scan to check everything out. Baby looking good, measuring slightly behind but nothing to be concerned about, weight 6lbs 6oz. No obvious reason for pain or bleeding!

3 Nov 2009, 2.40pm - 38 week midwife appointment. All routine, bp up slightly still but still whats classed as normal.

12 Nov 2009, 1pm -39 week midwife appointment (home visit). Head 1/5 palpable, had membrane sweep, cervix 2-3cm dilated and fully effaced, midwife says she thinks labour will be within the next 48hours!!!

09 April 2009 - Ordered a doppler!! Cant wait til it arrives!!
23 May 2009 - Definately heard baby's heartbeat on the doppler today - 152bpm!
30 May 2009 - HR 164bpm.
01 June 2009 - NT scan/blood results are in risk of downs is 1:2800! Smile
15 June 2009 - Possibly felt very first movement, one small 'flick'.
21 June 2009 - 3 more possibly movements felt.
28 June 2009 - The most prominent 'flick' felt today as yet! 98% sure its baby! Yippeee!!
02 July 2009 - More frequent baby movements in evening when sitting quietly, can say for definate now!!
04 July 2009 - Felt baby kick when putting hand on belly!
30 July 2009 - Bf finally got to feel the baby moving!
17 Aug 2009 - Think i felt baby hiccuping for the first time!
19 Aug 2009 - Possible first braxton hicks, tightening of belly felt!
23 Aug 2009 - Bf saw belly moving from baby!!!
24 Aug 2009 - Sister got to feel baby move!
12 Sept 2009 - Yay! Baby shower! All went lovely, im very knackered now! Got some lovely presents from friends, including a high chair and baby walker!
26 Sept 2009 - Mum got to feel baby hiccuping!
7 Oct 2009 - Started antenatal classes.
25 Oct 2009 - Swelling of ankles, yay its all happening now lol!

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Hi there! My name is Brooke and this is my second pregnancy. I've been married to my best friend for 5 years (next month!) and we have a beautiful daughter named Loralei, born 11/19/2006.

EDD 11/7/2009

My 30th birthday was this Saturday, and I tested this Monday, so Happy Birthday to me! Biggrin


4/30/09 - 14 weeks

5/28 - 17.5 weeks

5/29 - 17.5 weeks

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DH and I have been married 3 1/2 years. It took 29 cycles to get our BFP. I have endo. We went through 5 rounds of clomid, 3 IUI's with injectables and a round of IVF.

12 week U/S

19 Week U/S

EDD 11/18

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Kristin's Space.

My name is Kris (30) married to Hector for 10 years. I am the mommy to 3 handsome little boys. William (7), A.J. (3) and Donovan (1).
A day in the life of 070
BFP on 2/19/09
2-20-09 001
First U/S on 3/10/09 measured at 6 weeks.
Due date for baby #4 NOVEMBER 3rd 2009
Can I cautiously think PINK!?!

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Real Name: Lisa
Screen Name: lcmacneil
Due Date: November 11
Gender Guess: It doesn't matter, but my family has no girls on my side, so that would be cool to have the first!

This is my first pregnancy (we have been TTC for about 13 months).

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Hi girls....just want to claim my space:wink:
I am 40 and have 3 daughters already. They are 18, 14, and 11, so you can see I am starting all over. This will be my husband's first. I had my 3rd M/C in Dec 2009 so I am really hoping this one sticks! My due date is Nov 10th

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Pamela's Spot!!!

Pamela's Spot!

(I'll make this all fancy later, just wanted to make my spot!)

BFP on Monday, March 2nd. No clue we were pregnant, but those lines are prrrrety dark! These were all taken around noon on March 2nd..so not even FMU..

These lines would pop before I could even dip the second test...yes I know, I'm obsessed! :eek:

And in case we had any doubt!! Yahoo

According to my last period,I'm due October 26th . We'll see what the doctor says since that would put my conception date at Feb 1st..and well..Dh wasn't even home from Iraq till Feb 8th! Smile I'm thinking we caught the eggy right as DH got home..Coooonfusing! I'm guessing I just O'd later than what the websites I researched suggested. After having our 2nd ultra sound, the Dr. is thinking we are more in the six week range...so since he can't give me a set due date yet, we're estimating November 3rd! It sounded like a fun day! Smile

Our Appointments:
Emergency Appointment: *had spotting on March 6th. Did blood work and us- Dr. believes I'm earlier along than 6 weeks. More like 4. Considered a threatened miscarriage but Dr. does not think that is the case. Follow up ultrasound and blood work for Thursday 12th.
1st Appointment: March 11th, just paperwork. Will select first OB appointment at that time! YAY! FINALLY!
Follow-up Emergency Appointment: WE HAVE A HEARTBEAT! After our first shaky appointment and leaving with just an empty sac my numbers went from 5600 to 24,000 in six days! We are RIGHT where we should be in numbers and size. We could see the heartbeat on the u/s and saw our 'bean'. The doctor still couldn't give us an accurate due date, he said our 'bean' was at an odd angle and looked too small for what everything else was measuring. He said at our next appointment they'd be able to give me a more accurate due date- so for now we're estimating November 3rd putting me right at about 6 and a half weeks! Smile
OB Physical: April 10th, 2:20 pm
What a great appointment today! We got surprised and got an ultrasound today since I was having some issues! We once again saw the baby's heartbeat- anddd we HEARD IT!! How freaking neat! It was beating at about 150 bmp, the Dr. said she was counting it in her head so she didn't write it down, she felt bad. As soon as she put the probe in, we saw the baby dancing around! It was GREAT. She said the baby had hiccups- my mom is thrilled- I tortured her through her pregnancy with me being breech with the hiccups :eek:. It was so great to see the baby moving. Baby was kicking it's legs and moving it's arms. We got several ultrasound pictures and she also let us keep our next ultrasound date for next friday- yay! Overall, it put a lot of my unnecessary needs to rest! Smile Can't wait till November!! We have an OFFICIAL Dr. dated due date now- November 3rd, just as I said the whole time spot on Smile Mom does know best!
Nuchal Translucency Screening Ultrasound: April, 17th
Well, what a crrrazy ultrasound! :)It went really good except for the pain. This was my first non-vaginal ultrasound and the tech was DIGGING into my stomach and I had to have a full bladder so it was NOT comfortable! But we saw our little bean- nothing changed from last week, just bigger-LO was squirming ALL over! The HB was going right along at about 176 BMP. The tech got what he needed to see- it was called the nuchal fold ultrasound. It's apparently a newer 'test' that's being done so it's kind of neat that an army hospital is actually picking it up (we usually get the cheaper end of care!)! Anyway, as best I can explain it- there is a clear sac in the back of baby's neck. The ultrasound tech will measure that and it will help know your baby's risk factor for downs and other things. We (dh and I) really couldn't tell anything from the ultrasound and naturally the tech can't tell us, so we'll have to wait till the Dr. goes over the results with us. It was cool...it took about a half hour and it was just fun to watch the baby move all over! We learned that- at that point, LO was head up and facing my back.
Regular OB Appointment: May 15th, 10 am Can we say uneventful! But, as one of my fellow November Mommies said: uneventful means everything is perfect Smile We listened to the baby on the doppler and baby would NOT stop moving (thanks kid!). Finally we got a little listen to the heartbeat pounding along at about 150. I was also given the go ahead for my 20 week appointment and gender ultrasound. Even though we've got the 3d/4d- I'll also have a gender scan done by the hospital too- just for fun Smile never get sick of seeing baby! Smile I can't believe it's only 4 weeks away- eek! Smile Baby is perfectly fine. Everything is measuring perfect and right on. Our NT scan came back normal- nothing to worry about. I refused to take the CVS blood work, getting blood work for "fun" isn't my idea of a good day. At this point DH and I know this baby will be perfect no matter what and regardless of what happens this baby is 100% a part of our family and we wouldn't consider terminating so at this point, what happens will happen. It's in God's hands as it always has been. My gestational diabetes is also negative! Woohoo, so now I can still eat whatever I want- obviously within reason. The doctors aren't too worried about my weight loss. She just reminded me since I'm so short, I'm going to show outwards and no upwards. She was saying how nice tall ladies always look smaller because baby can sit more up and down where as me with a shorter tummy will be showing out since baby has no where else to go...basically she told me I'll be huge- so enjoy my "little" belly now! ha. Ah well, the price to pay for motherhood Smile
Regular OB: June 10th, 9:40 am- This went well, typical appointment. Measure belly, listen to heart- la de da! Baby was moving all over and Dr. couldn't catch the HB for more then a couple of seconds Smile
Big Ultrasound: June 10th, 3 pm (3D/4D ultrasound!) It's a boy!! This was a GREAT ultrasound! We had our family and friends there with us. We had a great time watching him cruise all over the place. I am really feeling him moving around now! We got lots of great shots and can't wait to see more of him!
Ultrasound: June 19th @ 3:00 pm- Well, we've officially decided we have the most bratty child ALREADY! haha He was ON THE MOVE the entire ultrasound. Would not hold still and gave the tech a hard time. A typical 45 minute ultrasound took TWO HOURS because our son would NOT hold still. I was in tears at one point because she was digging so hard trying to get pictures of his back. Finally I got up jumped around and he turned face down so we were able to get the photos we needed, but what a pain- literally! It was good to see him again, he doesn't look too different from last week Smile We won't know anything of how he is for a couple weeks till my next OB appointment. All we can do is assume that everything is just fine. Mind you this was the tech's first alone ultrasound but she did a great job and didn't seem to have issues finding anything so that helps leave me to believe everything is where it should be and HOPEFULLY the right sizes and positions...we'll see I guess!
Regular OB Appointment: July 21st @ 9:30 am-So we had our 24 week (I'm actually 25 weeks) appointment today. Everything went wonderful, he slept through it all haha! Everything at our 20 week ultrasound came back 100% right on track, he's measuring in the 52% range, so pretty much average. She said as long as he stays on that track we can expect a 7ish lb baby...that I can handle She didn't have a doppler with her so we got a little sneak ultrasound! YAY! All she was doing was look to make sure his heartbeat was okay, which it was, so it was super quick, but never argue to that! I have to go sometime in the next 4 weeks for my glucose, YUCK! Not looking forward to that, AGAIN Hopefully I still pass, we'll see. I'm a little irritated because she made a deal about my weight gain. Apparently from my last appointment I'm up 5 pounds (which mind you, was about 6 weeks ago!) BUT from my pre-pregnancy weight I'm only up about 3 pounds, and she's all "what have you been eating girl! remember, you've only got 5 more pounds to play with before delivery!" She was being nice about it, but omg honestly!? They REALLY only want me to gain 10 pounds and yes as much as that'd be VERY nice, let's be realistic here! I'm going to gain 10 pounds between baby, fluids and placenta ALONE! Arg, just annoying, frankly, 5 pounds in 6 weeks and only about 2-3 overall since day one of BFP not too shabby so they can bite me! I know, I'm SO mature! We also had the BC talk! haha. I think I've decided to use a LOW estrogen BC pill (yaz) starting at 8 weeks after delivery, so DH and I will just be extra careful, but honestly, we've gone 6+ months before, I think we can handle 8 weeks, especially when I'm bleeding for 6 of them! Dr. said as long as my milk count is doing fine on the pill then we'll just keep that track, if for some reason my milk supply goes down then we'll switch to a no estrogen pill which has a MUCH more strict time line to follow.
Regular OB Appointment: August 18th @ 10 am This appointment went good. Doctor didn't mention anything about weight gain- smart on her part! I'm gaining weight RIGHT in line with a "normal" pregnancy. Passed my GD test! YAY! So all in all, good as gold! Baby and me are measuring normal. HB was normal. Doctor discussed when to go to L&D for fetal kicks and we talked about classes and from the looks of my work hours, it's not going to work out...we'll see though. It's going to take some serious adjusting..Ah well...worst case- we wing it Smile haha.. We're going to make it work classes or not, so that's just how it is Wink
Regular OB Appointment: 34 weeks pregnant September 23rd @ 1:50 pmSo.. Today was my 34 week appointment- not so good .. My BP has been high this whole pregnancy and we've been keeping an eye on it- obviously. At my appointment today my Dr officially put me on the weekly program. I go every week now for appointments, versus every two. She wants me to be monitored and says she believes I'm traveling along the lines of pre-eclampisa. Wonderful. I'm starting to really show all the signs, other than JUST high BP. Ready for this one.. I gained 11 pounds, YES, 11 pounds in 4 weeks (this makes me want to puke!!)... yet my body hasn't changed (everything still wears/looks the same..). She suspects it's all water gain as my feet are ridiculous.. according to her, ha- she should come around my house at about 9pm! So anyway, I now have to go in every week so I can be checked. She doesn't want to induce earlier than 39 weeks. She said at my next appointment if things don't start to turn around it will be bed rest with 24 urine collections and blood work. If that doesn't help.. baby here we come. She told me to keep my bag in the car and we should install the carseat- JUST in case I have to go in for one of my "checks" and they decide induction now. I'm 'prepared' then. I'm trying not to worry as we haven't even touched the "severe" window yet, but I suppose being prepared is better than walking in blindly. She ended the appointment with- "let's focus on getting you to 36 weeks and take it from there- I don't like to induce before 37."
On a happy note.. baby is doing fine, not measuring big at all, hb was good. He is "dropping" she said she could still feel his head but it was getting lower. He had his back to my left side and his but jammed WAY in my ribs.. so all in all, we're just getting closer.. I'm off to pack my bag and finalize his and get it ready for DH to load this weekend.. Eerk.
L&D Appointment: 35 weeks pregnant- September 30th @ 8:45 am/ in L&DOkay, So here is the latest... On Sunday night I went to L&D for a lot of stomach pain.. BP's were checked at that point, way high still...SO they did labs and urine on that appointment. The Dr. on call that day said nothing to worry about- not pre-e! WOOO! Well today (wednesday) I had a "35 week appointment" in L&D via my midwives orders b/c of this high blood pressure crap...well- it was QUITE the appointment. Got there about 8:45 AM- got me hooked up to the monitor for BP and checked LO's HB- he is fine.. me, ha not so much. My first BP reading was 135/102. LOVELY! So then.. they hook me up to ALL the monitors and continue to take my BP every 15 mins- MORE labs- MORE urine! My bottom number in my BP went anywhere from 103-65-92.. I was all over the place (mind you I was laying there NOT moving..)So they kept me there for almost 3 hours.. Midwife comes back in and reports that my labs/urine look good still so they are pretty much ruling out pre-e at this point. Then she starts in on how she wants me to do 24 urine collection and bring back on Friday am.. THEN she tells me she wants me going for NST appointments 2 times a week ALONG with a once a week ob appointment!! CRRRAZZZY. They aren't putting me on "bed rest" BUT I am supposed to pretend I am haha.. super easy do nothing kinda stuff.. rriiight haha. They will also be doing labs once a week in NST and they will do an ultrasound once a week in NST to check for low fluids. I also have an ultrasound on Sunday (odd..) to check growth. So all in all, we went from like 4 appointments till baby is here, to like 12+.. CRAZY. She will also be consulting with a doctor at every appointment and my 37 week she wants me to have an appointment WITH a doctor NOT her (a midwife). Then she runs away and comes back with a date.. Yes ladies, we have an induction date. I will go in for my induction on October 27th-39 weeks, IF I can make it that long. She isn't so confident I will. At this point, at ANY of these appointments I could be induced if my BP is too high or something is wrong with LO... it's going to be a CRRRAZY few weeks.. but for sure we'll have an october baby.. Just wanted to update!
NST check: October 2nd @ 9am : labs/urine and ultrasound to check fluids Ah, start of the weekly appointments! Well...We got there and they hooked me up to the monitors- no contrax thankfully- but his HB was rather high- in the 180's. He FINALLY came down and baselined at about 150's which was great! He showed a little distress in his movements (HB would drop to the 130's but come right back up) and the nurse said this was NOTHING to worry about. Then it was time for the fluid check.. I had my fluids checked a while ago when I was in NST for lack of fetal movement- I was at 13.64 then.. Well the first check she did she said it was 7.6 :eek: NOT GOOD! The second time she checked she got a reading in the 10's..little better. None the less, they sent me to L&D to do an internal to see if my water was leaking.. I had a HORRIBLE time in L&D- not a single nurse hardly talked to me. Finally the Dr. and the nurse came in to do the internal and confirmed it wasn't leaking- thank goodness! Then my BP was taking after that and it was 132/117! :eek:.. So the nurse comes back in several minutes later to unhook me and send me home and I was like um.. hold on! What's up with that BP!? So she took it again and thankfully the bottom ##'s were in the 90's... phew! The whole time in L&D I was pissed beyond belief because these were the most rude nurses ever! They didn't even come back and tell me I wasn't leaking- I had to freaking ask someone! Ugh. I was beyyyond frustrated and I will be talking with my Doctor about it on Monday.. All in all though, it went okay, and LO was doing fine that day so we got sent home.
Ultrasound: October 4th @ 12:30 pm- growth scan This went well. They are estimating him at about 6 pounds already- HOLY COW haha!! I was hoping he'd top out no more than 7 and IF he were to cook the full 3 weeks till my induction we COULD be looking at a LARRRRRRGE baby! Hopefully he was on the smaller side of "almost" 6 pounds! Smile The tech can't tell us anything, but we've had no reason to think he has any growth issues so far- and being that he's in a reasonable weight bracket for his gestational age, one can assume that he's probably doing pretty good! She also confirmed the "long leg" theory we were told back at 20 weeks is NOT true and his legs were NOT long haha! So now I'm freaking out about a short fat baby, just like his mama was haha! Ah well, I suppose time will tell. We'll hear from our dr tomorrow how he's looking- so at least I don't have to wait super long. Ah.. only 10 more appointments to go..
"Regular" OB Appointment: 36 weeks pregnant- October 5th @ 7:30 am/ in L&D(the point of no return, Dr. will not STOP labor at this point; could be baby day..possible induction if BP is too high..) Well, what a joke of an appointment. My BP's have NOT changed and they acted as if life was totallllly normal! ARargh! I left very frustrated. They had me in and out- which yes, is wonderful, but then why in the hell was my 35 week appointment with the sammmmme conditions pretty much the end of my pregnancy world?! I guess we'll see what the DOCTOR says next week.. We got all our pre-administration paperwork done (after waiting almost 2 hours!) and we talked a lot about what an induction is going to entail- she seemed pretty sure this is the route we'd end up.. AH well.. At the most 3 weeks till baby!!
NST check: October 6th @ 1 pm: labs/urine Ah what a trip. So after a pretty busy am I get to the NST area about 2 pm haha. I was the only one in there and just got to lay and relax and that was nice! They got me all hooked to the monitors and started with my BP- my first reading was over 95- not terrible...not lovely. So then we're on to baby's heart. The nurses kept coming over and looking at the print out.. and then walk away and go to the computers and come back and so fourth. Finally, one of them sits down and starts feeling my forehead and asks if I'm feeling okay. I said I was a little tired but other than that fine- and asked why. She told me the baby's HB didn't look so good. He had been hovering in the 170's-180's and that was too high. So she ripped off my strip and said she was going to L&D to talk to the doctors. In the mean time they had me take my temp and it was normal and BP's kept going off- now naturally sitting in the 100's+. So she comes back and says I had to stay on the monitor for a little longer until his HB dropped back into the 150's. She told me at this point in pregnancy they'd like babies to be around 110-160 BMP and although he was super high for most of the time I was there he would drop in the 150's and that's okay. So after all that they sent me home. I go back on Friday and they'll do labs and run my 24 hour urine collection and check fluids and see where we stand there. Only one more week till I see the doctor. I've had a headache for the past two days now off and on and I just KNOW if I go to L&D all they're going to do is draw blood and tell me I'm juuuuuust fine- just like EVERY. other. time. I'm sooo sick of worrying.. I just want to know my LO is REALLY okay and not just "okay- and we'll see what happens next time".. well damnit, what happens if the "next time" something major has happened, huh- then what! At this point, being 36 weeks if I go into labor on my own the DR's won't stop me so why the hell do we just not take him out now?! Arrrjkgj! :mad: I don't know how many more of these type of appointments I can take. It is SO frustrating going in and SOMETHING being too high or something being not normal, yet I'm told to go home and sleep it off.. rarlkja;f! Are we there yet?!
NST appointment: October 9th @ 9 am: labs/urine and ultrasound to check fluidsMy BP's were still MAJORLY off- at this point it's odd to say it's "normal". I turned in my 24 hr urine and they ran that for me- proteins are still present but not up from yesterday's dip so they weren't inducing yesterday (that would have been the #1 factor). His HB FINALLY came back down into normal ranges. The major concern was his lack of movement for the past three days. They checked my fluid= 13.75 so all is good there. He has been moving just vvvvery little movements and very sparse through out the day. She watched him on the ultrasound for 20 minutes and we saw him move, although I only felt 'one' movement. He was turning his head and opening his mouth- things like that. He was moving his arms and legs just not any major whole body movements. We saw him doing "fetal breathing" and she said that was an awesome sign. He was once again playing with his tongue and putting his fingers in his mouth- he must have just figured out he can do this, he did it ALL during my growth scan last week took. haha. So anyway, even though I'm not feeling his as active he is, it's just that I'm not feeling EVERY little movement.
Next NST: October 13th @ 1pm: labs/urine This appointment, came and went and it was what followed that started it all. This appointment was on a Friday afternoon- that Sunday, DH and I were helping my brother move, OF COURSE I was doing nothing, but still I had a massive headache. I took a normal dose of aspirin and about two hours later, still had a pretty terrible headache. I called L&D to see when I could have my next dose of pain meds and she told me that b/c of my "record" she wanted me to come in and get checked. Fine. Dh and I packed up for ANOTHER, "wait and see" kind of appointment and much to our surprise we were quite wrong. I get there later in the afternoon and get all hooked up and although at this time I don't recall my BP's they were insanely high- I believe my bottom numbers were between 117-120. More labs, more urine.. more BP's.. by this point it was all getting pretty old! Finally after a few hours of waiting the nurse came in and told me they were taking me to a room- that with this blood pressure I wasn't going ANYWHERE. After TWO DAYS of bp medicine and sleepy drugs and pain killers they finally felt it was okay to release me to go home. Due to the fact I was still 36 weeks, they refused to induce me.. odd.
Next Appointment: 37 weeks with high risk doctor: October 15th @ 11 am Well.. this was our last appointment.. After my CRAZY weekend I went to this appointment expecting the sammme thing we had been getting "you're fine, we'll see what next week brings..". We get in and the nurse starts off with my BP- too high. She tells me she wants to take it again.. we chit chat for a few minutes and she runs it again- still too high. She tells us that she's going to go talk to the doctor, she'll be back in a minute. Shortly after, the doctor returns with her.. he looks at me and says we want the BP one more time.. so he takes it- looks at me and goes, "okay, it's baby day". I froze! He informed us that he already called L&D telling them I'm on my way up but he just wanted to double check the BP (what, the first three times weren't enough!??). He did an internal check, I was MAYBE 1.5 cm's, and upstairs we went.. It was baby day..
Next NST: October 16th @ 9 am: labs/urine and ultrasound to check fluids
Next NST: October 20th @ 1 pm: labs/urine
Next Appointment: 38 weeks pregnant- October 21st @ 2:00 pm
Next NST: October 23rd @ 9am: labs/urine and ultrasound to check fluids
Next Ultrasound: TBD- to check growth- 38th week
INDUCTION DAY!!!! October 27th!!! 39 weeks(IF I can make it this far...)
Next Appointment: 39 weeks pregnant- October 28th @ 2:20 pm
Next Appointment: 40 weeks pregnant!- November 6th @ 10 am- if still pregnant, will set induction date! :eek:

Ultrasound Pictures!!

*"Baby" at 6 weeks.

*Baby at 10 weeks 3 days- arms, legs, tummy and head (bottom of picture)

[FONT=Georgia][SIZE=4]It's a boy! Jackson had NO problem showing his goods Smile

My most favorite picture of my Lil' Man!

Belly Pictures![/SIZE][/FONT]

15 week baby bump Smile

16 weeks 3 days! My, my how I've changed!!

18 weeks 3 days...I don't see much of a change from 16 weeks Sad

19 weeks 6 days- the "almost-but-close-enough-to-count" half way there belly shot!!

20 weeks 6 days- He's WAY up there today!!

21 weeks 6 days, I'm loosing the belly button divot! woo!

I'm a slacker! 24 weeks 1 day! *6 months!!* YahooYahooYahoo

26 weeks 5 days- Once again, slacked..but it's nice cuz I really get to see how much my belly is growing! Smile

27 weeks 6 days- Third trimester here we come!!

29 weeks! 11 weeks left till baby! Smile

30 weeks 6 days- Black doesn't work out so well.. poor lighting Sad

33 weeks 3 days- do I look as huge as I feel..yes, I do!

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In Memory of Taylin Jo, born silent May 30, 2009. Forever in our hearts.

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This is number 2 for my husband and I. We are so excited!

I am getting pretty desperate on names. Please help us figure one out. N[COLOR=darkred]ame Suggestions[/COLOR]

I am terrified of giving birth due to the complications from my first birth, a cervadil and pitocin induced unplanned c section due to cephalopelvic disproportion, arrest of dilation, meconium stained fluid and in the end fetal macrosomia. My doctor told my husband that I had a blood vessel in my uterus burst. I had to stay in surgery for 3 hours to repair the problem.

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A little bit about me: My name is Jaime and I have been married to my wonderful husband Jake for three and a half years. We met in school, and have been inseparable ever since.

We have a two and a half year old son named Alexander Jacob aka "Xander", who is such a joy in my life. It took about 4 seconds to conceive him, and though I developed Gestational Diabetes, my pregnancy was quite uneventful. Xander was born at 41 wks, on Oct 25, 2006. I did not use any meds during his birth and am quite proud of myself! We nursed for 27months, and I still miss it.

And after many long and laborous discussions we decided to try to have another baby. And after about 2 seconds (really just one cycle) we are preggo with #2!

BFP- 03/17/09

Due Date- 11/28/09

1st EVER belly pic- (its mostly fluff :lol:)
6wks2days ------------------------------------7 wks 4days

9 wks 4days-----------------------------------11wks 5days

17 wks 4 days --------------------------------21 wks

24 wks 2 days-------------30wks 2days



April 15, 2009




BFP- March 17th 2009- EDD Nov 28th 2009
1st Drs appt- April 10th 2009- Blood work, education, internal, blah, blah, blah - everything good!
1st Ultrasound- April 15th 2009- Checking dates- everything went GREAT- HB at 156, measuring 7wks 1 day (LMP Date- 7wks 4days)
2nd Drs appt- May 7th- Belly Check, education- everything fine
3rd Drs appt- June 3rd- belly check, heard h/b, Q&A with Dr.
4th Drs appt- June 29th- early glucose screen (I PASSED), belly check
2nd Ultrasound- July 17th- IT'S A BOY
5th Drs appt- July 31st- belly check, blood work for exposure to 5ths (IMMUNE!), lost 2
lbs, spilling trace ketones. Drs orders DRINK MORE WATER.
6th Drs appt- Aug 14th- GD test (NORMAL!), everything fine and normal
7th Drs appt- Sept 11th- Belly check-- bebe measuring at 32 wks, everything normal,gained 2lbs
8th Drs appt- Oct 2nd-Belly check-- bebe still measuring big (90th + percentile), gained 2 lbs, everything else normal.
9th Drs appt- Oct 15th- U/S to check bebe size. Belly check, etc. Everything fine, baby at 5lbs, growth normal.
10th Drs appt- Oct 30th- belly check, etc.- bp a bit high-- 24 hr protein, *everything ok*, group b neg
11th Drs appt- Nov 3rd- first internal, everything normal, "baby sitting high and not doing anything"
12th Drs appt- Nov 9th- internal, same as above
13th Drs appt- Nov 16th- internal, Finally dialating 2cm.
14th Drs appt- Nov 23rd- internal, still 2cm, NST schedule for next week.

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Micah's Space!

EDD 11/17/2009


Tuesday, March 24th @ 10:00am - Nurse Appointment for background, goody bag, etc.

Wednesday, April 29th @ 8:45am - First OB appointment, PAP/Annual Exam, Ultrasound

I love my OB! He delivered both of my other girls and has been with me through it all!

Mary Alyce - Born after 15 hours of labor on May 22, 2003

Korynne Annalise - Born after 4 hours 57 minutes of labor on February 18, 2008

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Hi! I'm Julie and recently found out we are expecting our second baby!
My DH and I have a one year old son, Tristan, who was a preemie ( born at 32 weeks) after pre term labor for no found reason (he basically just wanted out!) He has always been very healthy even though he had to stay in the NICU for a little over a month, and people can't believe he was a preemie when I tell them as he is so big.
We are hoping to get to full term with this new baby or at least closer to it!
I probably won't be posting too much here as I'm always busy with my one year old, but I'm excited. I also tend to be a worry wart, so trying to stay off the internet a little bit more. Smile
I will feel better though once I have my first doctor's appointment in about a week.
Right now I'm estimating my due date around Nov. 7th.

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Im pre-reserving my space....
first faint bfp : March 19,2009

Ok so this will be my 3rd month in getting a bfp.. in jan i had pos bfp for 2 weeks and then i started bleeding and then last month i had post bfp for about 1 week and started bleeding and now i took a test today and pos bfp... so hopefully this will stick until the end of preg.. i am hopeing to have this november baby.. i had my dd 7-4-06, my ds 11-21-07.... i will keep everyone updated

HCG NUMBERS 3-23-09 : 316
3-25-09 : 867

APPOINTMENTS: April 2nd at 8:30 am
APRIL 2ND had reg u/s Saw yolk sac didnt get hb done yet but going back next week for a trans u/s and reg appt.
APRIL 9th had a trans u/s Saw baby and yolk sac and heart beat of 115!!! Had first appt test blood test ect.
April 23 had reg us Saw baby heart beat 170, the Subchornic Hemmorage got smaller.
May 7th getting a trans u/s to check on baby and Subchoronic Hemmorage UPDATE.. SEEN BABY MOVEING... HEMORAGE DECREASED 50 PERCENT... HB: 156
Weight :179
Apt 3 : 182
May 7th: 183
july 9: 204

apt july 23...

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I have ended up having a miscarriage so I won't be needing this space.

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Hi, I'm Kim (screenname Lyon). I'm 35, married to Paul (41) and mama to 10 month old DD Savanna Belle! Got my first BFP 3/17/09 and the second one 3/21/09. Official EDD is 11/18/09!We're sooooo excited! We started TTC in November, so it only took about 3-4 months...same as the first time!

20w0d: Big U/S! It's a Girl!!!!! Savanna will have a baby sister. I can't wait to dress them in matching Gymboree outfits! We'll be naming DD#2 Reagan Amber. She was moving around like crazy and did a complete 180 in my belly during the u/s and her hands were covering her face so we couldn't get any good 3D pics. But she's looking great!

week 36:

week 31:

week 19:

15w2d: YAY for baby kicks!

14 week bump!

12 week u/s 5/1/09

8 week u/s 4/8/09

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I've been married to my wonderful hubby, Eric, since December 4, 2004. He's my soul mate and I feel so blessed to have him in my life!
We have a beautiful little boy named Jackson, who just turned three in February! He's SO excited to be a big brother and continues to tell us on a daily basis that he wants a little sister. Smile

After two devastating losses near the end of last year, we were SHOCKED and THRILLED to get a surprise BFP on March 8, 2009! I ordered a bunch of internet cheapie tests for my own peace of mind.... I loved watching the line get darker! Smile

BETA Levels:
17dpo - 885
19dpo - 2300
24dpo - 8922 Yahoo




March 26th - Saw our teeny tiny baby with a heartbeat measuring 5w6d!
April 6th - Saw our little turkey again.... measuring 7w4d, right on target!
April 13th - ER visit for spotting, baby measuring perfect with HB of 178!!
**Next ultrasound scheduled for April 20th!**

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Sarah's Space! Due November 14 , 15 or 16th 2009


Married December 13th, 2009
DD June, 1999
DS Jan, 2005

March 2/09-1st BFP

March 3/09-First BETA-11dpo-32:confused:
March 5/09-Second BETA-13dpo-76:eek:
March 10/09-Third BETA-18dpo-1024:yahoo:

March 20/09-1st U/S, 6 weeks, HR 106
March 30/09-First M/W appointment
April 1/09-Second U/S-HR please go up!

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m/c 1/04/09

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Kitty's Space

Not too sure what I'm supposed to put here. Got a BFP on March 19, yay! I have one ds, born Oct 28/01. This is my 4th pregnancy and, so far, everything looks good! I don't get to see my GP for 6 more weeks though(boo). My EDD says Nov 23 based on my date of conception, but taking into account my shorter cycle, I believe my EDD will actually be somewhere between Nov 16-19. I will be having a repeat c-section.

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miscarried at
10 wk, 2 days (although ultrasound showed baby stopped growing at 8 weeks, so noone's sure)
Rest in peace sweet little baby! We miss you already! Mommy loves you.
:angel1: :angel2: :angel4:
:angel5: :angel8: :angel10:
:angel11: :angel13:

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 - Glitter Graphics

Hi, My name is Candi (26), b/f Kurtis (21) and we got the BFP on 03/22/09 - EDD 11/27/09


3 positive tests

Kurt N Candi

Candi N Kurt Michigan

Candi and Kurt cartoon

Baby on the way! Pictures, Images and Photos

Baby On The Way Pictures, Images and Photos

How`s my pregnancy doing?

 Pregnancy Ticker

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Susan's Space

YAY! my pregnancy and beyond space! i can't wait to take this ride with all of you gals!

my name is susan and i've been married to my college sweetheart for over 3 years. we have a daughter, angela, who is 9 months old and she is going to be a big sister around november 23. when we didn't get pregnant in october we were planning on waiting to have a 2010 baby, but we are thrilled to be here! i'll be 33 when i have this baby.

my last birth experience was wonderful and i hope to have a similar experience this time around. i had an un-complicated, un-medicated hospital birth.

BFP on 3/31 at 5 weeks 1 day

positive hpt


5 weeks 1 day (day i found out)
7 weeks
11 weeks 1 day


1st: April 20
weight: 126
bp: 110/70
Ultrasound: measuring 1 week behind based on LMP. Go back in 2 weeks to re-confirm due date.
ultrasound 4-20

2nd: May 4
weight: 126
bp: 90/66
Ultrasound: Given new due date of 11/29/09. That means I'm 10 weeks 1day.

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My name is Shannon and DH and I got married Jan 6 2007. We started TTC after we came back from our Honeymoon in June. I got pregnant in July (loss at 5 weeks). I got pregnant again in November (loss at 7 weeks). I was sent to a specialist where it was discovered that I had a uterus septum. Following surgery in March of 08 I was required to wait for 5 months before trying. It was probably the longest 5 months of my life. I got pregnant again Sept 08 (loss at 8 weeks) at my first ultrasound it was discovered that there had been no grown beyond the early division and I was diagnosed with a blighted ovum. I had a D&C and was told to wait for a month before TTC again. Four very long months later I found out I was pregnant and I am due on Thanksgiving. This is truly our most wonderful blessing!


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10 weeks 4 days

14 weeks 5 days

Gender scan 20 weeks 5 days

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5w PhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucket

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3/17/09 - 1st Beta - 161 Progesterone - 26.7
4/24/09 - 2nd Beta - 5798 Progesterone - 22.5 - given Prometrium to use once a day
4/6/09 - 1st OB appointment and u/s - 6 weeks 4 days - measuring 7 weeks 2 days Photobucket
5/4/09 - 2nd OB appointment and u/s - 10 weeks 4 days - measuring 11 weeks 2 days
6/2/09 - 3rd OB appointment and u/s - 14 weeks 5 days - measuring right on
6/29/09 - 4th OB appointment - nothing exciting, listened to the heart beat
7/14/09 - Gender Scan!!! - It's a Boy!! heartbeat 146
8/11/09 - 5th OB appointment- Normal results for GD, anemia, and Rh factor. listened to the heartbeat
9/8/09 - 6th OB appointment - listened to the heartbeat, measuring just a little ahead.
10/6/09 - 7th OB appointment -listened to the heartbeat, still measuring a little ahead of schedule. Went to the hospital for pre-admission. Surprise tour of labor and delivery and post-partum rooms

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Tiffanys November Space
To start with my name is Tiffany (22), I am married to Cory (29). We where married on 8/31/06.
We had our son Sawyer on 1/19/08. After only 7 hours of labor. Smile
I am also step mom to Ethan who is 11.

Our November Baby
I got my first BFP on 3/6/09 (3 days before my birthday Smile
We are due 11/16/09!

I'll get some pics up soon Smile