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    soooooo......You all know I was pretty bummed after my appt on Thurs the 29th because of him telling me he WOULD NOT induce. Anyway he had done a stretch and sweep and I started feeling crampy along with the little bit of blood. Well about 11 pm I drank 3 oz of castor oil with OJ and then headed to bed. Woke up at 2 am with contractions and more blood when I wiped. Let my mom know what was going on and went and picked my brother up in case this was "IT." Anyway got back to the house and my brother went to sleep on the couch. I got things together for my bag and took a shower. Was still having contractions every 3-4 minutes. Anyway I decided about 5:30 am to have my brother take me to the hospital. My mom would come up after she dropped the kids off at school and went in to work and called her assistant manager.

    So I got to L and D, got hooked up and was checked. She said I was about a 4 (was not quite 2 at my OB appt Thurs) but she said I was still Thick. So I hung out for an hour and she rechecked me. Said I was a 5 and would most likely be admitted since i was a VBAC. By now it was 7:30ish and they did shift change and "my" nurse came in to move me to my labor room. she also informed me that my OB was the ONLY ONE that DID NOT ALLOW and epidural for a VBAC (something about it masking the pain if your uterus ruptures) (Within a couple hours I knew I did NOT like this nurse, I think she was fairly new. Acted like she had no clue how to check my cervix...) Anyhow got to my room and the charge nurse came in to get me hooked up as the other nurses had a staff meeting. She also told me that my Dr was the one on call and said he would be in to break my water in a bit.

    About 8:30 he came in broke my water........about 15 min later my mom showed up and at 10ish my friend Liz got there. After he broke my water my contrax got alittle closer and more intense but not to bad. I did ask for a shot of stadol since I had been up since 2 am so I could sleep a bit. My nurse checked me and said I was still at a 6........My Dr came in and said they were starting a low dose of pit because I wasn;t progressing. Here is where i started to freak a bit as I knew I couldn't have an epi. Anyway by about 230-3ish I was having to concentrate and breath through my contrax. Dumb nurse checekd me and said 7.....I started feeling like I needed to poop so she decided to check me again and says I am a 5 (WTF???? My OB walked in right then about 4 pm and was like ummm from 7 to 5 thats the wrong way. He checked me and said i was about an 8. Apparently they had another VBAC going on and he expected her to deliver before me cuz he went to her room .....

    Right after he checked me I had one HELL of a contrax and the charge nurse came in to check me ( I think I had finally made it clear I wasn't impressed with my origional nurse). Anyway she said I just had an anterior lip and she wanted me to push with my next contrax so we could get babys head in front of it.... So I pushed through 2 contrax and she tells me to STOP pushing and starts yelling for the Dr....(like DR LOBAUGH HURRY UP GET IN HERE my mom said the nurse was pretty much holding her hands over my crotch and Allis head so I couldnt push her out. My body had other plans...lol. The Dr waks in all nonchalant and the nurse says SHE"S CROWNING!!!! He had his robe thingy about half way on and got his glove on just in time to catch her. Alli was born with that push. We went from no baby to fully delivered in one push.

    My first thought was she was small. I really thought she was UNDER 7 lbs. AND we were all surprised at her head full of brown hair as all my others were bald.

    The last 30ish min of my labor were pretty intense but the end result was worth it. And being able to get up and move about right after was nice also. My Dr told me before he left the room that his partner was the one doing rounds Sat morning and he would probably let me go then.

    Alli and I were discharged right at 24 hours after birth. She is cush alittle cutie and all her siblings are in LOVE....
    Amanda~mommy to Kodey & Kaleb 4/29/99,Cameron 4/30/00,Cheyann 10/14/03, Cole 11/16/07, and Alli 09/30/11

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    On Sept 28, my mom and mil were over spending time with dd. I decided to have a nap, and as soon as I laid down, contractions started becoming more intense, and period-like. I got up and tried walking around the house, drinking water, and they just slowly got more intense and closer together. We decided that my mom would go home and have a shower, and my fil would come join mil to watch Annabelle. In triage, they checked my and I was 3 1/2, where they would normally send my home, but with my history of very fast labour, they decided to keep me.

    My hospital's policy is that if your bmi places you in the obese category (above 35), you have no choice but to have continous monitering - my bmi was 35.4. But the room had telemetry, so I wasn't tied to the bed. My dr came in to check me an hour later, and I had progressed to just over a 4. Because of the position that Gillian was in, we were having a very hard time keeping her on the moniter, so after a discussion, we decided to break my water to place an internal moniter to allow me to have other options than on my back. My water was broken at 11pm.

    Within 30 minutes, the contractions were hard enough to keep me on my hands and knees in the bed. At 1am, the nurse checked me, and thought I was a 10, but when the dr checked me, I was a 5. At 145, things went crazy as I hit transition. The dr had confirmed that I was still at 5, and 5 contractions later, I told the nurse that I felt like I needed to take a crap. She checked me, and not only was I complete, Gillian's head was already past my cervix.

    They got me to pant as they paged the dr, and as soon as she was in the room, I started to push. They got me to push as gently as possible to avoid having her come too fast. Her head was delivered on the 1st push, and she was crying at that point. The rest of her body came in only three more pushes.

    Gillian Rose was born at 215 am on Sept 29, weighing 6lb, 8oz, and measuring 19 3/4 inches. She's nursing like a champ, my milk is already in. I'm feeling great, one small tear from her hand being by her face.

    And now for a few pics
    DD Annabelle 04/08/10 DD Gillian 09/29/11

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    Kessler Jay's Birth story

    The guys were in full swing harvest mode. Denny was working until 10:45 some nights. Two unexpected days of rain allowed for a rare break in work. Denny just had to truck two loads of corn on Saturday (October 8th) and he was able to come home. He was also getting Sunday off. We decided to drive up to Yankton, SD (45 minutes north of us) so he could go to an archery store and we could eat at a mexican restaurant we liked. I also had a very long list of items that I wanted to go ahead and get from Walmart. Earlier that day I was on a crazy cleaning spree. Every little piece of clutter made me feel crazy. I made DD organize her toys in the basement and lost my temper once or twice. (totally feel guilty about that) Denny was home for about 30 minutes and had just gone into the bathroom to shave and take a shower. At 3:50 p.m., I felt like I needed to pee, so I went in the bathroom and then realized that it couldn't possibly be pee. The water/fluid just kept coming and gushing. I remember just saying, "uh oh, on no, um.....crap" I grabbed a towel and basically made a diaper from it. I Waddled downstairs and said, "Babe....my water just broke!"...his response of course is, "You're kidding". I told him to go ahead and take a shower. I needed to pack and make phone calls and I wasn't contracting. I was worried about not having contractions b/c I was only a fingertip and thick the previous Thursday. Fast forward nearly an hour and I had everything figured out, trash bags and towels on the seat and a wash cloth shoved in my underwear....can you guess what the first item was on that list I had??? Yup. I didn't have any pads.

    We took DD with us and friends were going to come get here later that evening. Oh and Thank goodness we weren't in Yankton b/c the hospital is 40 miles south of us. It would have put us 80 miles from the hospital!

    I had to go through the ER entrance b/c it was past 5:00. I walked in grabbing tissues trying to wipe my leg and said, my water broke! They know I'm coming. they sat me in a wheel chair and I still had to sit there and sign a few papers while fluid just kept running everwhere.

    Got settled in and contractions started coming. DH took Abby to get McDonalds and they told me I could eat b/c no pitocin or meds would be started until tomorrow. We put the Nebraska game on TV, Abby went with our friends and we got ready for along night. I assumed it would be late into Sunday before anything happened.

    Around 3:30 the contractions were taking my breath away and making my legs buckle while I was walking. I was at a 4 and went ahead at got the epidural by 4:00 a.m. I got some sleep and at shift change, the nurse said she was going to empty my bladder. I warned her about Abby's birth. I was at a 3 when they finally remembered to empty my bladder after tons of fluids and I was complete in less than 30 minutes. So same thing happened! I went from a 5 to complete pretty quickly after she emptied my bladder. The room remained so calm and easy. They set up and it was just my nurse and kessler's nurse in the room. Dr. had checked me around 7:30 and said he'd stick around b/c I was so close. It was about 8:10 when I started pushing. On the first push I started laughing b/c I just couldn't believe how calm and easy this whole experience was compared to Abby's. We seriously talked about the Nebraska game (biggest comeback in NE history) in between pushes. At 8:57 Kessler was born. His scores were 9 & 9. He did awesome from the start. I did tear in two places, but compared to the episiotomy from last time, this recovery was a cake walk.

    Of course we ended up back in the hospital for jaundice wednesday night but left by thursday at noon. He's doing great and my parents made it up on Sunday just after he was born. It was awesome to have them b/c my mom would ask if I had soemthing and my reponse was always, "Well it was on the list!" She went shopping and got everything that I needed. They stayed until yesterday, so it was emotional yesterday with a quiet house.

    If you made it this far through all my details, then you certainly deserve a pic!!!!

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    Default Owen Carver's Space

    Owen Carver was born October 6th
    12:14 am
    6 lbs 15 oz
    19 1/2 inches long

    Wednesday October 5th started out as a normal day. I took my oldest to school and my youngest to daycare. Came home and decided that their room needed cleaned. I was tired of looking at the dirty room everyday. I sat down on their floor and started going through their clothes and putting summer clothes in tubs to store. I stood up and my undies were soaked. I went in and changed but had no more leaking. This was about 12:15. At 1:15 I started having contractions one on top of another. They were about 1-1 1/2 minutes apart. I took a warm bath but that made the contractions worse. By 2:00 I was not able to do anything but breath through the contractions. I called the doctor and they said to go in. I called my husband and asked that he come home to take me. By time he got home I was even more uncomfortable and having severe pressure when I stood up. We arrived at the hospital about 2:15. Contractions still on top of each other, very strong and lasting about a minute each. Nurse checked me and I was at a three. She immediately started an IV hoping the fluids would help space the contractions out. By 4:10 I was ready for my epideral. Contractions had not spaced out and were getting stronger. The epidural was more painful than I remember with my other two. Dr came in about 5:00 and broke my water. At that time I was at 5. Baby was still high. At about 6:30 my contractions had finally spaced out and I was not progressing. Dr ordered pitocin. First few doses did not change contractions after the third increase I could start feeling the contractions. Unfortunately, I had hot spots with my epidural and was able to feel all contractions. About 11:20 I started feeling a ton of pressure. Nurse checked me again and I was at a 7-8. She left the room and called the doctor. She came back in about 11:35 at that time the pressure was really bad. She checked me and said that I was complete but baby was still high. She did not want me to push though because she said that my body knew what to do and it would not take much. At this time I was waiting on the doctor to come in. It felt like it took her forever to get there. She walked in just a few minutes before midnight and just a few minutes after midnight I was in position to push. The first two contractions I had a bit of trouble. I was wore out and the pressure was awful. I was able to push through the third contractions and during the fourth Owen was born. My husband said we went from no baby to having a baby.

    Owen was 6 pounds 15 ozs and was 19.5 inches long. Apgars was 8 and 9. We were discharged from the hospital on Friday 10/7 about noon. Owen was discharged at a weight of 6lbs 8 ozs.

    Owen had a follow up appointment with the peditrician on 10/10. He weighed 6lbs 12ozs. At this appointment they said he looked a little jaundice. His levels were at 15.8 so we had to go back in on Tuesday for another level. This time his levels were at 15.2 so they said he did not need to come back in.

    He is doing great. Sleeping about 4-5 hours and only up once a night to eat. I am solely pumping but am getting enough milk now that he is only getting breast milk. It is crazy at times with the three kids now but I would not change it for the world.

    I have attached the facebook link to see his photos.

    Owen Carver
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    Caleb Gabriel
    10/18 1:42pm
    9lbs 3oz
    21.25 inches

    I started having contractions on Sunday, the night before my EDD. They were definitely more intense than the ones I was having before and they were 7-8 minutes apart, but I wasn't letting my hopes get up since I was having so much pre labor. I barely slept at all that night and was out of bed super early and took a shower. In the shower I noticed I was bleeding some. Contractions continued all day, we went down to visit both sets of parents and had a super busy day. Around 9 that night I figured this was probably it and tried to sleep a bit. I think I slept an hour, but the contractions were hurting so I had trouble. I knew I needed to rest up so I just laid in bed trying to sleep all night. About 5:30 they had been coming every 4 minutes for some time so I woke DH up to ask him if he thought I should get my mom to come. She lives over an hour away from us (with morning traffic probably about 1 hour 45 minutes) and we lived about 45 minutes (over an hour with morning traffic) from the hospital so I definitely didn't want to wait too long. But at the same time I knew it wasn't urgent yet. So I called and she flipped, her labors were very short and she was sure I waited too long lol. While we were waiting for her to come DH brought up his middle name. We agreed on Octaviano which is a family name on his side. It wasn't my favorite, but since DS1 has my dads name as his middle name and one of DDs middle names is my mom's name I was fine with it. The problem was his mom and grandma hated it lol. So he chickened out hehe, he let me choose whatever I wanted and I picked Gabriel. My mom got there around 7:30, right as my kids were getting up. I was happy I got to say goodbye. They were so excited to meet baby Caleb and excited that Grabdma was there to spoil them, I was scared to death to leave them. But I kept the tears in until I was out the door .

    Once we got to the hospital was when all the drama started. I walked in so excited that I was going on my own. I was sure if I could just avoid intervention I could have this guy naturally and be back home to my kids in no time. I could do everything they need me to do and not just be a lump on the couch only good for nursing the baby. I was wrong. They didn't even let me try. I checked in and they put me in a room, a dr came in and told me he wasn't sure how this could have happened but my MW and the consulting physician had it wrong, I could not even attempt a VBA2C. They wanted me to have the c-section immediately. There were a few emergencies that came up so I ended up having to wait a few hours. Which sucked since I was laboring for nothing. They offered drugs but I declined because I didn't want Caleb to be born all loopy.

    He was born at 1:42, he was completely healthy and screamed the instant his head was out . He weighed 9-3 and was 21.25 inches long. A big healthy boy. In recovery they checked his blood sugar and it was a bit low so they wanted to give him some formula. I protested and said I wanted to nurse him first and if that didn't help his blood sugar we could consider formula. They said no, but they could give it to him through a tube while I nursed him so he wouldn't get a bottle. Again I was crushed, none of my babies had ever had a drop of formula the first 6 months of life. Nothing was going my way. While I was nursing him DH noticed I was bleeding through the sheet that covered me. Everyone went crazy, nurses were pushing on my freshly sliced open tummy and DH looked like he was going to pass out. I told them this was normal for me. I always have quite a bit of bleeding afterward and it's fine. The dr came back in checked me out and didn't seem too concerned either, he said it seemed fine but if I started passing big clots he'd go back in. They just kept massaging my belly and jamming their hand way up there checking for clots. It turned out to be nothing and I'm just a heavy bleeder. I finally got out of recovery around 6 and called my mom to bring my babies. I felt a lot better after seeing them. They were a bit nervous, not because of Caleb but because I had an IV and all the hospital bracelets and I was in a strange bed hehe. They loved their brother though and were both super excited to meet him.

    I got to leave thursday around 11:00am, I was so glad to be out! Just like with the births of my first 2 not a single thing that I wanted to happen actually happened except leaving with a healthy baby. Which all in all is the most important part. I can't believe that no one bothered to mention to me that this VBAC I was planning was not even an option. I am so furious it all went down that way, but at the same time I am glad I didn't know. Before I got pregnant with Caleb I checked to make sure I could try a VBA2C. I vowed to never have another C/S after having DD, even if it meant no more children. I hated not being able to care for DS like I usually do, not being able to pick him up broke my heart, and his heart . I didn't want to do that to him again and to DD this time. So I never would have even had Caleb if I knew this, I feel like it was sort of a blessing in disguise. Or at least that's how I'm trying to look at it. I believe God has a plan and this is what he wanted for us . But at the same time, if they had told me just a bit sooner I could have had a planned c-section and prepared my kids for everything and not had to endure all the nights of prodromal labor. I could have mentally prepared myself and not had the breakdown I had in the hospital lol. I was an inconsolable mess! It just makes me sad I will never get the amazing natural birth I had planned 3 times. But its over with now and our family is complete. I'm so glad to have Caleb here, he's such a good baby. He nurses like a boss and is so absolutely sweet. He's bald! My first 2 had hair so I was surprised! How can a half mexican baby be so bald? Haha! I'll add pics tomorrow. If you got through all that you deserve a hug
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    Jessica Rose
    3lbs 6oz

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