***march 2012 spaces***

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***march 2012 spaces***

:stpatricks: WELCOME TO THE MARCH 2012 SPACES!! :stpatricks:


Please reserve your spot here AFTER you get your BFP.

Spaces are reserved for sharing...
1. Something brief about yourself
2. Info about your appointments
3. Pics of your BFP, your growing belly, ultrasounds, nursery shots, etc.
4. Additional pregnancy tickers
5. Anything else you want to share related to your pregnancy.

[LEFT]Please read the following before posting!


* This is a NO COMMENTS thread. Please post your newest belly pictures to the general threads for comments.

* Once you reserve your "space," edit it each time you post something new. Please DO NOT create a new post for each new picture/piece of info you are posting. Do this by clicking the "edit" button in the bottom right hand corner of your post.

* Because this is already a picture-heavy thread, please turn off your signatures. You can do this by un-checking the "Show your signature" button before your click "submit" to post your message.

* Most importantly, POST PICTURES! We want to see those growing bumps and beautiful babies!

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Ok I guess I'll be the first one to reserve my spot.

My name is Amanda, 29 and DH is Dan, 30. We have two precious boys Nathan, 5 and Luke, 3. Both of our boys were born full term, Nate was 7lbs 2oz and Luke was 8lbs 3oz. We are excited to add a 3rd baby to the mix! We have had 2 miscarriages as well, so the early part of pregnancy makes me a little nervous, but I put it all in God's hands.

Positive Test on June 24, 2011:

1st appt. July 12, 2011 - WE HAVE A HEARTBEAT!!!!Yahoo

July 12, 2011: HCG 58,825 Progesterone 20 Smile

Oct 10, 2011 - 20 week ultrasound. IT'S A BOY!!!!!!!

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July 4th, 2011
July 4, 2011

July 5th, 2011

Dr.s Appointments
July 15th - to "confirm" pregnancy (like 5 BFP tests lie...lol) Hope to book a dating ultrasound too!
Dating Ultrasound - July 25th

Midwife Appointments

1st appointment is September 1st!

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I take one too! Hopefully I will update this more than my March 2010 space.

My name is Lindsay and my husband's name is Jason. We got married in May 2004. Our first daughter, Isabelle Jayden, was born in May 2007 and our second daughter, Marianne Frances, was born in February 2010. We had always said that we wanted either 1 or 3 kids and after 1 we just had to know what a second would be like so we got pg again and had Marianne. When I was pg with May (that's what we call Marianne) we decided that I would be a SAH. It was a lot scary, but I quit my job and have been home with my girls ever since. I can't say that I love it every day, but I do feel lucky every day because I got to make that choice. We are really excited about baby 3 and will definitely be on team green again for sure!Appointment 1
1st appointment today
Heartbeat was 170, uterus was feeling about 11 weeks and best part was the u/s!

Everything is looking good!

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My name is Lesley (32) and I have been married to my best friend, Mikey (32) since 2004. We have a beautful daughter, Harper who just turned 3 in April. I was diagnosed with PCOS in 2007 while we were trying for Harper and it took us almost a year to get pregnant. We have been trying for #2 since March of 2010 and did 6 rounds of Clomid, 3 rounds of Femara, & 2 IUIs with Novarel all ending in BFNs. This last time we added Bravelle injections and got our BFP on July 8th! So excited but still very shocked! We've been so used to it being negative and moving on with the next step that we are scrambling getting all the pregnancy books together! Can't wait to see who we have in there!!

Docotor's Appts:
1st U/S - 7/26
Everything went great and we even saw a little tiny heartbeat!!

2nd U/S - 8/09
Starting to look like a little human!

Lilypie Pregnancy tickers

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I got my BFP on July 5th with a due date around March 14. I can't believe I am going to be a mom to three!

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Heidi's Space
My name is Heidi and I am 29. My husband, Jason, and I have been married for 9 years and were high school sweethearts! We started our fmaily right away after we got married and were soon blessed with our first son, Brodie who is now 8. Around his first birthday we got pregnant again. This time with the schock of our life, identical twin boys! We didn't find out about them until our 20wk gender scan! We had a wonderful pregnancy and I was able to deliver them at term with no c-section! Deacon and Truman are now 6. When they were 2.5, our youngest son Sawyer was born, he is almost 4 now. And finally our baby girl, Elliot, was born in March of '09. We really feel like we have the heart for a large family. Things are crazy and fun and our house is full of love! We don't really care if this babe is a boy or a girl, but it would be nice for our daughter to have another girl to play with! Here is a recent family pics:

Doctor Appointments
8/31: Nurse visit for paperwork and blood work (wt:160)
9/7: HR in 150s, saw baby for the 1st time on u/s (wt:158 )
10/12: It's a BOY Smile He looks perfect! (wt: 159)
11/16: Passed my 1hour glucose test! Everything is good! (wt: 164)
12/13: Nothing exciting! BP good and Finn sounds fine! (wt:168 )
12/28: No weight gain, measuring 33wks (wt: 168 )



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As many of you already know, my name is Meg and DH is Ed. We've been trying for over a year and a half and finally got our official BFP on July 14. We had our first ultrasound on 7/28 and found out that we are having TWINS!

12w4d US:

13w belly:

Next Appointment
October 10 - cervical check U\S and OB appt.
October 31 - ANATOMY U\S

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I'll claim a space. I'm Jessie, married to my DH Jason (there are a lot of Jasons here it seems like!) since 2003. We have one beautiful daughter, Isabel, born December 26, 2007. I got a BFP on July 19, 2011, our 8th wedding anniversary, and my EDD is March 27. This is actually my third pregnancy, as I got pregnant when DD was 14 months old and I was on Mirena. A 1 in 1000 chance! Unfortunately that pregnancy was ectopic and we had to terminate.

We have a farm with horses and chickens, which we raise for both eggs and meat (the birds, not the horses!!). We love animals and nature, and try to eat and live naturally and organically. We cloth diaper, BF, cosleep, etc. DD was born naturally with no drugs or interventions, a fact I'm very proud of! I work at home as a book editor and writer, and DD goes to daycare/preschool three days a week.

Appointments Etc:
First nurse appointment is on August 3. First Midwife appointment is August 21. She wanted to wait until 10 weeks so we can hear the heartbeat.

Update: Ultrasound scheduled for tomorrow, 8/9, at 11:15 am. Smile

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Hi! I'm Amanda, married to Brian for over 8 years. We TTCed for over 2 years before finally conceiving DS1, Asher, with the help of Clomid. He was born 11/29/09 at 39 weeks and 2 days. He is the joy of our lives and such a laid-back, happy little guy. I initially returned to my job as a clinical social worker after he was born, but missed him too much, hated pumping, and found it difficult to juggle everything. Thankfully, DH was able to start a job making a little more money and was supportive of me quitting to stay home full-time! I do want to return to work in a few years, but for now, I love being home with Asher. We had basically decided to be content with one child because additional cycles on Clomid in an attempt to conceive #2 were unsuccessful. But then, surprise! I got a BFP on July 17th, already 6 weeks pregnant and vomiting before I thought to take a pregnancy test! Conceiving without the help of meds was supposed to be virtually impossible for us (2% chance). We are so thankful and excited to make Asher a big brother!

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Heidi's Space (socalmama)

My name is Heidi (37) and I've been married to my DH, Robert (34), since November 2000 and we live in Southern California. I got pregnant with my DD, Kayla, very quickly after we got married. I charted and got pregnant on the first try and she blessed our lives in October 2001. About 2 1/2 years later, she was joined by our DS, Eric, in January 2004. I also charted with him and was successful on the second try. I actually didn't try that hard the first go with him because I didn't want a December baby. And now here I am more than 7 years later with my pleasant little surprise. Even though I have Endometriosis and PCOS, and thought I couldn't ever conceive again (and didn't really want to), I guess I'm just a fertile myrtle and probably should have thought longer about going off of b/c (as it wasn't helping my Endo and PCOS symptoms), but there is no turning back now. Now that the shock has worn off, I'm actually pretty excited about it. Smile

The Tests


8w 3d

10w 3d

16w 3d

16w 3d

Possibly a girl?

16w 3d

It's definitely a girl!

The money shot:
20w 3d

Her precious profile:
20w 3d

Giving us a high-5:
20w 3d

Her wittle piggies:
20w 3d

The kicker:
20w 3d

Doctor Appointments

10/25/11 - Appointment cancelled due to doctor being called away for an emergency c-section. Re-scheduled for 10/28/11
2/3/12 - Appointment cancelled due to back-to-back deliveries. Re-scheduled for 2/6/12

Belly Pictures

14w 4d

17w 6d

20w 2d

27w 5d

32w 4d

36w 2d

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I guess I should book my space too! First off, Nice to meet all of you ladies and learn a litlle about each and everyone of you. My Name is Jenn, I am 30YO and I have been married for just over a year now. This is my 5th pregnancy. Unfortunately, no babies as of yet. My first appointment was July 27 and we found out baby was measuring at 6 weeks. HCG levels were good so far and Heart beat of 111. We actually saw the little blink on the monitor of the heart beat. (that was a first for us). I have my 8 week US on the 10th of August. A bit nervous about it as this is the time we have lost all of our other babies. But keeping positive thoughts Smile I had slight spotting between week 5 and 7 on and off. I had never experienced that before but the DR assured me that is actually common the first trimester. Keeping our fingers crossed and will update you ladies next week on that U/S

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Abby's Space

My name is Abby and I am 29 years old. I met my husband Jason (34) in 2001. We have been married since September 2, 2007. This will be his second child and my first. My stepdaughter lives in Florida with her mother and step father.
I found out I was pregnant on July 7th and had my first Ob appt on August 4th.

These tests were taken on the same day!

NT Screening Ultrasound 12w5d

IT's A BOY!!!!!

Next APPT: October 26, 2012

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Hi everyone, My name is Richelle and I'm 29 years old. Been with my DH for 12 years, we have 3 amazing kids and are expecting our 4th in march, DS 10, DS 7 and DD 1 year. This pregnancy was totally unplanned and a surprise as I was planning on getting my tubes tied in august! .....BUT.... I found out I was expecting #4 July 11th! I believe that things happen for a reason and although this pregnancy was unplanned and a total surprise I am super excited to welcome another miracle into our family!.....and after this one I AM DONE!! Wink

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Jess's space

Hey everyone! My name is Jess and I have been a silent follower of this board for a little while now. I think I was just too nervous to join before the 2nd trimester. My awesome DH is Jonny and we just celebrated our first anniversary in July! Two days before our anniversary we found out that we were pregnant and couldn't have been happier about it. This is the first time for me and has been full of all kinds of firsts. My EDD is March 21st and I'm so excited! We'll be going in for our 3rd appt. on Monday and I'm aching to hear that little heartbeat again. I'm excited to finally join the group after being a secret admirer. Biggrin

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I figured it's time to add my space on here. I have been secretly lurking since before my bfp but due to multiple miscarriages prior to this pregnancy I was super nervous to create a space!

At 7 weeks my progesterone was tested and at 7...scary low! I thought for sure I was going to loose this pregnancy again. Thankfully the progesterone the doctor put me on has helped me now get to almost 18 weeks and I am finally beginning to believe we might have a baby in March!

I have two beautiful children; Caleb who is 4 1/2 and Hallie who is 3. we hoped to have our third a little closer, but are so thankful we are being blessed with this baby now!

My pregnancies have been fairly uneventful, but my first ended in a un-necessary C-section. I really had hoped for a natural birth so I was devastated when I didn't get that. We decided to try for #2 when Caleb was only 9 months old and got pregnant right away. I decided that that birth would be different. In fact I made sure everything was exactly different. After tons of research and prayers we decided that having a homebirth was the best option to get the birth we wanted. Hallie's birth was long, but amazingly beautiful and I can't imagine going to the hospital again unless it is medically necessary. We are planning another homebirth with this baby and I am so excited for it!

10/12- 2nd Midwife appointment- Heard the babies heartbeat from Doppler!

10/28- Big Ultrasound appointment!!