***November 2010 Spaces***

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***November 2010 Spaces***

**November 2010 Spaces**

Welcome to November 2010 and Congratulations to you all! Smile

Please reserve your spot here AFTER you get your BFP.

Spaces are reserved for sharing...
1. Something brief about yourself
2. Info about your appointments
3. Pics of your BFP, your growing belly, ultrasounds, nursery shots, etc.
4. Additional pregnancy tickers
5. Anything else you want to share related to your pregnancy (please keep as brief as possible).

[FONT=Trebuchet MS]Please read the following before posting!

* This is a NO COMMENTS thread. Please post your newest belly pictures to the general threads for comments.

* Once you reserve your "space," edit it each time you post something new. Please DO NOT create a new post for each new picture/piece of info you are posting. Do this by clicking the "edit" button in the bottom right hand corner of your post.

* Because this is already a picture-heavy thread, please turn off your signatures. You can do this by un-checking the "Show your signature" button before your click "submit" to post your message.

* Most importantly, POST PICTURES! We want to see those growing bumps and beautiful babies! Smile

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Hello I guess i'll go first

I'm Gillian (30). Right now i'm due Nov 2nd. This my 2nd. I have a DS that just turned 3.

I had 2 rounds of blood work already, betas more doubled. I have an U/S on March 8. I had an ectopic pregnancy in Dec so this one will be watched very closely for about 12 weeks. I guess really hope this one sticks in the right place.

So had my u/s March 8 - everything looked great even saw a heart beat!!! I am over the moon. Of course this weekend DH tells me that the girl name we have had picked out for over 5 years he doens't like any more... oh... ok back to the drawing board on that. I'll try and post a pic later!

I haven't been here in a while, life has just been crazy, but we found out in early June we are having another Boy. He was pain for the U/S, but all and all was totally health. I am still hoping that my docs will thinking about letting this one come out to play a bit early... any time after Oct 12 is good with me, but i'll have to wait and see

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this space is mine!! I am Ryan, I am 28 I have been with my dh for almost 9yrs we have to sons Ben is 6 and Ethan is 3. We are expecting our third due Nov 3rd.


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I'll take this space Smile We got our BFP on 2/25 and my due date is November 7th. This will be our second baby, we have a 19 month old son. I have not made any appointments but am calling my clinic tomorrow to set up an u/s for around 7 weeks. My very first pregnancy was an ectopic pregnancy so we will be monitored closely again.

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EDD: Nov. 9

20 Weeks:

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Baby "Fidget" Due 28th October 2010

900 @ 4 Weeks 3 Days
6,500 @ 5 Weeks, 6 Days
7,500 @ 6 Weeks, 2 Days


6 Weeks, 2 Days - Heartbeat 122

19 Weeks 4 Days

Belly Pics:
7 Weeks 4 days and pretty sure I'm going to give birth to a watermelon

11 Weeks and now almost certain it's a watermelon

12 Weeks and upgraded from a watermelon to a basketball

16 Weeks and now wondering if it's a large bowling ball

19 Weeks

Ooops - been a while! 30 Weeks

PASSED my GD testing - YAY!!!!!!!!!!!

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My name Grenet, DH is Edwin. We have 3 year old son. I had a m/c on March 2008 at 8 weeks. This is our third pregnancy, due on Nov. 4.

On March 08 we found out we are having twins :eek:


On June 3 we found out we are having a boy and a girl. Yahoo

Pics coming soon!

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DH (Mark - 36yrs) and I (31yrs) have been married for 5 years. We tried to conceive for several years but were told that it was highly unlikely I would ever get pregnant. We had always planned to adopt after our first baby, so we just moved the timing up a bit. We were blessed with our DD, Shiloh in October 2007. In June 2009, we brought home our sons from Uganda. These kids have brought so much joy into our lives and we can't imagine life without them!

In November we went to a fertility specialist to discuss embryo adoption. We were hoping to start the process sometime in 2010. After discussing my medical history with her, she shocked us both by saying she believed that we had been misdiagnosed and using a different medication, we would be able to conceive. DH was thrilled! I was skeptical and cautious since I had moved past all the drama of TTC and wasn't sure I wanted to go there again. She asked us to try again for a few cycle which I reluctantly agreed to. Much to my surprise and amazement I became pregnant our first cycle. We are all looking forward to the addition of this LO to our family. :grouphug:

February 18th

February 18th beta - 53
February 25th beta - 2,352 Yahoo

October 31st...but will probably deliver in November

March 8th

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Hi everyone! I'm 31 years old and am due on November 1 (I'll be 32 by then). I got my blood test results today and have an ultrasound scheduled for March 17th.

We already have a beautiful little girl named Grace who was born on Dec. 9, 2008. She's nearly 15 months old now!

I'm going to put it down in writing here that I strongly suspect this one is a boy! My gut feeling was right on target last time, so let's see if I'm right!

3/17: Just had my first ultrasound and we got to see the heartbeat!

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This is our 2nd child, first son Sam was born Aug 20, 2007.

I am really excited just got a BFP over the weekend, when we were on a vacation! I was hoping I was preggers & sure enough, I saw a faint pink line. I went ahead & also got the digital pregnancy test, & saw the pregnant sign. woo hoo!!

Really excited for this new addition to our family!

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Vanessa's space!

The Story of Us...
I am Vanessa (28) and DH is Ryan (30) and we have been together for 10 and a half years and have been married for almost 5. We knew we wanted children and started trying after about 3 months of marriage. Well after 6 months and still nothing I wasn't that worried yet, but we had to take a break because DH joined the army. We tried on and off (because of different trainings and other army stuff) for the next 15 cycles when we finally got some testing done. Well it turned out both my tubes were blocked and were irrepairable. IVF would be our only chance... but first DH deployes for a year so we had to wait.
Our IVF Journey...
We tried a couple of times once he got back from deployment to get things started but God had other plans. So finally in January of 2010 we had everything lined up to finally start!
Jan 30 last birth control pill
Feb 5 start stims
Feb 9 first blood draw and ultrasound
Feb12 blood draw and U/S
Feb 14 HCG trigger shot
Feb 16 egg retrieval they got 7 eggs and 6/7 were healthy! All 6 fertilized!
Feb 19th embryo transfer we transferred 2 beautiful 8 celled embryos

Feb 23 found out that 3 of our extra embryos made it to the freeze!
And then the waiting began my first beta was scheduled for March 4th. I talked to my belly everyday. Told my babies to get nice and comfy. On Thurs Feb 26th i decided to cheat and take a test and to my dismay it was NEGATIVE... i couldn't even squint and pretent do see a line. I lost all hope i was sure the cycle was a bust not to mention later that day i had a little spotting and cramps and back pain I was SURE AF was on her way! So i waited...
On March 1st I just wanted to find out already and get on with my life (since i was sure it was negative) so i took a $$ store test and Had to do a double take ...there. was .a. second. pink. line... I did not believe it! So i ripped open a FRER and dipped it and two of the most beautiful lines I had ever seen appeared! I cried and giggl;ed and cried I probably looked like a crazy lady!
Beta Results!
Feb 2 172.5
Feb 4 271.9
Feb 5 452
Feb 16 9,897
Feb 17th It's TWINS!
Pics to come...
test pics
Belly Pics

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Hi everyone

im glad im finally in this section enjoing...
i had a little prob with my last pregnancy but now i feel im ready 4 new one
i hope this one will be better...
im so excited

i wish u all the best

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Kandice's Space!!!!
***Due November 2nd***

Hi Everyone!

My name is Kandice, I'm 25 and married to my loving, amazing, wonderful husband Chris. We've been married for 3.5 years (together for a bit over 10).

We welcomed our first child Hannah into the world in May of 2008. She's a bundle of joy and is absolutely hilarious!

We found out we are expecting our second baby while on vacation in the Dominican Republic on Feb. 23 which was actually about 4 days after my missed period. I always record my periods but for some reason January was a missed month (of recording) so I don't remember exactly the start of my period. Currently my midwives are "guessing" my due date is November 1st. I suspect it's a bit before that and if history repeats itself I'll be having this kiddo a week before his/her due date!

My first appointment is scheduled for April 5th and I'm sure following that appointment with my midwives will be an ultrasound. I can't wait to see this little munchkin!!

Nausea pretty bad as of late but still no vomiting
Bigger belly
Felt baby flutter around on May 11th
Started getting nausea and vomitting again around 17.5 weeks! Sad

April 5th - First midwife appointment
May 4th - Second midwife appointment
June 1st - Third midwife appointment with my secondary midwife
July 6th - Fourth midwife appointment with primary again

April 13th @ 10am
Big U/S June 18th @ 8:30AM

Belly Pictures

12 weeks

16 weeks

18weeks 2days

20weeks 1 day

23 weeks

Other Stuf


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Hello! My name is Ashley I am 26 and married to my wonderful DH Jeremy who is 31 for almost 4 years! We have the most amazing almost 2 year old Noah! He is a jaber mouth! Smile

How we are going to tell daddy when he gets home from work!

Found out at 13dpo we were expecting our 2nd!

Digi 13dpo SMU

More tests! I can't stop!

My EDD is 1 day after my birthday November 19th!!!

The Winning Chart!

Belly Pics

4 Weeks!6 Weeks!7 Weeks! 9 Weeks!11 weeks!14 Weeks!17 weeks!18 weeks!24 weeks!26 weeks!

May 5th - found heartbeat with home doppler! 160! The most beautiful sound ever!


April 16th - Intake nurse
May 12th - With the midwife!! - Midwife found heartbeat with doppler in 2 seconds flat! 157bpms!
June 9th - With midwife!
June 30th - the BIG ultrasound and appointment with midwife! It's a girl!!!!! And we think we have settled on a name already!! Anna Elizabeth K!!! Baby looked healthy except we couldn't see her face so we got back in 4 weeks to see if we can see the rest of her Smile Shy little girl!

July 27th - We had another ultrasound to get the rest of the measurements and see her sweet face! She always didn't cooperate again this time but finally showed us her beautiful face!

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Miscarriage at 10w5d Sad

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Lindsey's Space

Lindsey's Space
EDD November 24th, 2010

Hello...my name is Lindsey and I have been married to DH for almost 7 years! We have a DS, Joshua, who will be turning 2 this August. We are excited because we are expecting baby#2. This is my fourth pregnancy, so we are a praying for a strong little bean!

The BFP!

Belly Pictures

Ultrasound Pictures

March 14th: BFP at 7DPO.
March 26th: First doctor's appt-1st appt at 5w2d BP 117/69 HR 75 Weight 142.2lbs HCG 6871
April 16th: Brown spotting, trip to the ER. Bedside ultrasound showed fetus in the uterus with strong HB!
April 20th: Second doctor's appt-2nd appt at 8w6d BP 132/82 HR 74 Weight 142lbs. Early ultrasound to be booked for spotting.
April 20th: Excrutiating cramping, trip to the ER. Overnight stay. Ultrasound revealed the baby measuring 8w6d with FHR 178bpm. Ultrasound showed a small subchorionic hemorrhage.
April 28th: First appt with OB at 10w. BP good. Bedside ultrasound shows baby is doing well.
May 14th: NT scan ultrasound. Baby is measuring 6cm. FHR 164 bpm.
May 25th: Third doctor's appt at 13w6d BP 116/61 HR 68 Weight 148lbs, gain of 6lbs. FHR present to the left of my navel.
June 25th:Fourth doctor's appt at 18w2d BP 117/62 HR 72 Weight 154lbs, gain of 6lbs. FHR present, baby very active. Fundal height 22cm.
June 30th: Anatomy/gender ultrasound completed at 19w. Baby is a GIRL. Heartrate is 143 bpm. Posterior placenta.
July 29th: Fifth doctor's appt at 23w. BP 112/62 HR 73 Weight 163lbs, gain of 9lbs. Heartrate 150 bpm.
August 14th:Trip to L&D at 25w4d for cramping and back pain. Baby is doing well and very active. No detectable contractions and no cervical changes.
August 20th: Another trip to L&D at 26w2d for more cramping and back pain. Baby still well. No deterctable contractions or cervical changes.
August 26th: Sixth doctor's appt at 27w1d. BP 130/60 Weight 169lbs, gain of 6lbs. Baby doing well. Diagnosed with an irritable uterus.
September 16th:Seventh doctor's appt at 30w1d. BP good, weight 175lbs, gain of 6lbs. Baby is in a breech position. Fundal height 33cm. Passed 1hr glucose test. Hemoglobin low, need to start iron supplements.
September 21:Trip to L&D for cramping and pressure again at 30w6d. Cervix dilated a fingertip. BP 127/66. Baby head down.
September 29th:32 Weeks. I think I lost a piece of my mucus plug today.
September 30th: Eighth doctor's appt at 32w1d. BP 134/77. Weight 179lbs, gain of 4lbs. Baby head down. Fetal heartrate 150's. Fundal height 34cm. Cervix still dilated a fingertip. Rhogam shot. Bloodwork done for TSH and blood screen.
October 14: Ninth doctor's appt at 34w1d. BP good. Weight 181lbs, gain of 2lbs. Baby head down. Fetal heartrate 138. Fundal height 36/37cm. Prescription to increase levothyroxine.
October 27: Tenth doctor's appt at 36w. BP good. Weight 184lbs, gain of 3lbs. Baby head down and engaged. Fetal heartrate 145. Fundal height 39cm. GBS swab done.
November 3rd: Eleventh doctor's appt at 37w1d. BP 117/60. Weight 185lbs, gain of 1lb. Baby head down. Fetal heartrate good. GBS negative, woo hoo!
November 11th: Twelth doctor's appt at 38w1d. BP 121/70. Weight 189lbs, gain of 4lbs. Baby head down. Fetal heartrate good.
November 18th: Thirteenth doctor's appt at 39w1d. BP 122/83. Weight 188lbs, lose of 1lb. Baby head down. FHR 154. Dilated 2cm. Membrane sweep performed.
November 25th: Next OB appt.

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*Shane And Erin Married On Oct. 22nd 2005*

Willow Marie Born Dec 21st 2007 (2 Years)

-Autumn Renee-
-Conceived On Feb 27th 2010.
-Due Nov 20th 2010
-BFP On March 16th 2010

12 Week Ultrasound

20 Week Ultrasound!

32 Week Ultrasound


14 Weeks


20 Weeks

23 Weeks

33 Weeks

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Dani's Space
EDD November 23

After 5 years ttcing I'm happy to say we've been blessed with an IVF miracle, and we couldn't be more excited.
If you wanna know more about our TTC story visit My blog


#1 03/18/10 - 722
#2 03/22/10 - 3699
#3 03/24/10 - 11,000+

04/07/10 - IT'S TWINS!!!

First baby(s) picture


11w6d (Integrated screening) - 05/10/10
Baby A: CRL 5.79mm and heartbeat 173bpm
Baby B: CRL 5.53mm and heartbeat 166bpm

26w5d - 08/22/10
Baby A (The round thing next to his head is Baby B's head)

Baby B (he was bent in half with both his legs straight to his face)

Belly Pics

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My Space

[SIZE=5]Daisy's Space
EDD: November 25th 2010
Turkey Baby!

About Me: DH and I have been married for two years and TTC #1 for a year. We have a basset hound princess named Jackie and are super excited to be expecting our first child!

First Doctor's Appointment 4-1-10:
BP: 129/75, good and long 1st appointment, had an early glucose test and ultrasound. I am six weeks pregnant and very happy to see my little jelly bean. I go back in two weeks for another ultrasound to see the heartbeat.

Second Doctor's Appointment 4-15-10:
2nd u/s, saw the heartbeat...176bpm. Lost 3lbs. Good appointment and healthy baby!

12 Week Appointment 5-17-10:
HB 156, everything looks great. BIG ultrasound scheduled for June 29th! [/SIZE]

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My name is Korin, and my husband and I have two daughters (6yrs and 4yrs) and we just found out last week we are expecting another child, we are so excited! the EDD is November 20, 2010:)

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As the nickname tells it this little bundle of joy is my second unexpected but overly welcomed addition to the family. I had my BFP on March 26th...but could have had it way sooner as I was just denying the obvious until recently.
I'm 28 and my husband and I have been married for 8 years, together for 10 and have an 2 year old son, he'll be 3 in May.
No belly pics yet, I can't tell baby from fluff at the moment as I still have baby fat from my first son floating around the middle. There goes my weight loss plans for the summer.

I'll make this space pretty later....I'm tired.

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Cynthia's Space

I am 37 and have been married for 14 years. We have a DS who is 10 and a DD who is 7. We got our BFP on 3-13-10. First doctor's appt is scheduled for 4-7-10. We had an early m/c before DS but my other 2 pregnancies went well. This baby was not a planned one, so this has caught us by surprise. I'm a little worried b/c of my age, but am praying for a HH9M!

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Stacy's Space

I'm Stacy (31), married to Jeff (34). We have been married for a year this March and got our BFP on March 14. This will be our first, due on November 26. Our first doctor's appointment is April 19....I'm very ready for that to get here!!!

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Amber with Baby #4

My Name is Amber(28 ) married to Ed(30) for almost 7 years and this is our 4th baby! I have three little girls: 4, 3, & 1. We knew we wanted at least one more but didn't plan on that until next year! God's plans are obviously much bigger than ours.

LMP: 02/23/2010
BFP: 03/30/2010
EDD: 11/30/2010

05/06/2010 - Everything looks good. Heartbeat 176. Sent for ultrasound to confirm dates because I
have long cycles.
06/01/2010 - All is still well and measuring normal!!
06/28/2010 -
08/23/2010 - 25w6d, measuring 27cm, all else normal, had 3hour GTT - passed
09/10/2010 - 28w3d, measuring 30cm, bp & hr normal

05/06/2010 - At 10w2d. One baby. Heartrate 154. Measuring 10w1d
06/19/2010 - gender prediction ultrasound - It's a boy!!!!!!
07/02/2010 - Anatomy Scan - Still a boy!
09/10/2010 - 28w3d, baby measuring 30+ weeks, 3lb 4oz

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Our Dream Comes True!

EDD ~ November 16th, 2010

My Name ~ Brandy
DH's Name ~ Jeff
Married since ~ June 14th 2008

These are our first babies! They are our miracles and we feel so blessed and excited to have them with us!

We got pregnant during a snowstorm where the power was out for almost a week...
these are our snowstorm babies! Smile

"Crazy stuff happens during power outages" --- Me Biggrin

We found out we were pregnant on: March 12th, 2010! (4 weeks and 3 days!)
We found out we were having TWINS on: March 24th, 2010! (6 weeks and 1 day!)
We found out we were having 2 Girls: June 15th 2010! (18 weeks)
We foudn out I was dilated to 1 on: October 4, 2010
We found out the girls were BOTH head down on: October 5, 2010
We had our baby girls on: November 3, 2010

The magical pee sticks! Yahoo We have 4 alltogether.

Our first sonogram: March 24th, 2010! (6 weeks and 1 day!) TWO BABIES!!!!

Baby A - It's a Girl! (18 Week U/S)

Baby B - It's a Girl! (18 Week U/S)

My Belly @ 37 Weeks!

Our Birth Story

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Shanna's Space

shanna's space

I am 32 and have been married to my DH for almost 3 years. We are very excited about starting our own little family. Living 3 hours from my family is going to be very difficult during this exciting time. But I'm sure I will have plenty of support from my in-laws!!

1st Baby Appt.----4/20/10

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Louise's space.

DH and I have been married since 2004. DS Joseph was born in March 2006 via c-section. He was breached.

We started trying in August 2008 for #2. Got this BFP on March 11.

Wishing for a girl, but a boy will be much loved.

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Lauren's Space

About me: My name is Lauren (26) and I am married to Isaac (28 ). I am a SAHM to Samantha who is a little over 2. DH works for a bank in the fraud department. I am originally from KY, but moved to NC about 11 years ago.

We found out on June 16th that we are having another girl. We've picked out a first name, Corinne, and are considering Lillian for a middle name. Everything measured on track and the U/S tech estimated the baby to weigh about 10 ounces.

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I'll take the next "space"!

I'm Jelene. Married to DH for 5 years. We were blessed with our beautiful daughter in April of 2007, and our DS in May of 2009. We are expecting our 3rd in November of 2010.

3/24/10- BFP
3/26/10-Doctor says Yep I'm pregnant, and due Nov 23rd.
4/5/10-1st u/s. I say I am 6 weeks-due Nov 30th., Tech says I am 6 weeks, Doctor says I am 7 weeks.
4/8/2010- Doctor confirmed over the phone that my due date is now Nov. 30th given the ultrasound results. He said it was a textbook u/s for 6 weeks. Smile
6/21/2010-(17 weeks)We were told our baby has a 34 in 100 chance of having downs syndrome. We did the sequential screening test. And now we are doing a Level II ultrasound soon where, besides measurements, they look for any indicators. Now we prepare ourselves for the possibility of having a baby with Downs. How to take care of him/her, what medical conditions could we be facing, etc.
7/6/2010-(19 weeks)- Level II ultrasound shows no indicators of Downs. Smile All our preparing and worrying is now set aside. yes the chance is there, but now is minimal. Doctor said a baby born with any syndrome will show at least 2 indicators on an ultrasound. Especially Downs because of the common physical features. Now we can go on with our pregnancy and relax now.

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***I'll take this space***

I found out I was pregnant at 4w3d,
first u/s 6w1d no heart beat detected yet, however normal for the type of u/s I had and it was just a quick scan as my progesterone was a little low.

Can't wait to enjoy the experience of being pregnant, and hopefully ENJOY it, unlike my first where I was always nervous about every ache and pain:D

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i should reserve this space im prob the last just slowup date soon

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Love the spaces idea. Smile

I am Meagan, mother to Brian (July 2003 Ruby Cutie). I got engaged to John on Halloween 2009. Three weeks ago, we found out that my Ortho Evra failed miserably and we were 7wks+ pregnant. Turns out God has a great sense of humor. Our wedding is set for 10/10 and the baby is due 11/11. :neener: [No, I don't want to wait for wedding until after baby is born; no, we can't move it up due to both sets of parents living internationally currently and because the reception location said we would forfeit and have to repay our deposit if we moved the date. :mad: ]

This pregnancy has been very different from my last. I'm 31 now; was 24 when I got pregnant with Brian. I had no nausea and no breast changes with him. Just wicked bad sciatica. This time I have been exceptionally nauseated and vomiting. That seems to have finally stopped and now I am just super dizzy. I am also extremely hormonal - crying, grouchy, generally unpleasant. Not to mention already showing at 10 weeks. All of my clothes are uncomfortable and my body hurts. Waah. Having a hard time getting happy about all of this, especially as I face selling my dream wedding dress and being 37 weeks on my wedding day. That said, babies are a blessing and I know it will work out. Just hoping I can get with the program soon.

I'm really not usually such a downer. I got a lot of support from PG.org when I was pregnant before (and for several years after) and am hoping to find a community here, too, so that we can commiserate on all the pregnancy fun rather than driving our family, friends and coworkers nuts with the constant baby talk. Biggrin Looking forward to getting to know everyone.

**10-week pic**

**12-week NT Scan**

**17-week OB visit**
OB says baby is growing "perfectly" with a heartbeat in the 160s. Have gained only 2lbs. Big u/s scheduled for June 15!

**19-week Big U/S**
It's a boy!
And we are about a week ahead of schedule!

**25 weeks**
DX'd with DVT (blood clot) in leg on 7/20. Put on Lovenox 2x/day for the rest of pregnancy and beyond... Two weeks bed rest.

**26 weeks**
OB/Gyn says she will have to induce me at 38 weeks so we're looking at 10/21 or 10/22 for delivery.

**27 weeks**

**28 weeks*
Well, amazingly, bed rest has made me lose weight. Probably because I have no access to salt & vinegar potato chips and chocolate - LOL. Saw doc today and I am now only 4lbs over my pre-pregnancy weight (which means I lost 14 of the 18 I had gained). I'm normally a 14/16 so I had weight to lose. Doc's not worried.

Still on bed rest for blood clots in leg until at least end of August. My BP was slightly elevated (normal for me is 95/60 and today it was 118/75) and baby's HB was 170 (!) so they put me on a monitor for a while. Baby was still kicking up a storm, though, so they said all is fine.

My son, 7, has a Big Brother class and hospital tour this weekend. FI is going to drive us all down there and they said I can use a wheelchair so I can still participate in everything with him.

Happy about the weight and looking forward to the tour this weekend. My son is so cute - keeps saying, "What if I don't learn it all before the baby comes?" Awww...

**30 Weeks**

**32 Weeks**
Went in last Thursday for my 31-week appointment and a consult with a perinatologist. Perinatologist said "Mommy is miserable but, fortunately, baby doesn't seem to notice." She said even though I keep losing weight (now lost all 16 I had gained and about 3 more this week), the baby is growing well. He's 4lbs and looked good on ultrasound. He's breech right now. She wants me to continue on anti-seizure meds, agrees with neurologist that I should start physical therapy for headaches and see if I can get the nausea under control that way (versus Zofran) because perhaps it will help me eat more. They want me to try not to lose more weight this month and will rescan me October 1 to see how baby is doing and whether he is still breech.

**34 Weeks**
Still sick as a dog. Almost puked on one of my bridesmaids today. Third week of physical therapy this week and not much improvement. That said, we had a block party today and my fiance pulled a chair out for me in front of the house. I was able to participate for about 45 minutes and it was nice to get out.

**37 Weeks**
Got married 10/10/10 and made it through. Then spent last week puking, exhausted and recovering from it all. Now I am just DONE. OB has set induction for 10/22.
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Baby #2

Hi, I'm Stefanie, and I'm from Texas. I have a 13 month old son, and (Surprise to us!) we're expecting baby #2 in November. I'm 9 weeks, 2 days.
Looking forward to meeting you all!

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Hi, I'm Jenny (35) married to Michael (43). We have a beautiful little girl, Catie, who will be 2 on July 8th. I'm expecting my second little girl on November 15th.

My screen name is furbabymama because I had 3 dogs and a cat while my DH had 2 dogs when we met. Therefore, we have a brady bunch of animals.

I'll have to pizazz this and make it more interesting when I have more time. Smile

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***Mandie (27) and Matt (26)***
3 years of ttc, one m/c, dx of PCOS and MFI lead up to one sticky baby boy!
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