***November Nightlight Spaces (Update spaces for LO's)***

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***November Nightlight Spaces (Update spaces for LO's)***

Use this space like you did your original space. We want to keep up with our little one's :duckie:
Things to include would be are your Lo's firsts, milestones, well baby check ups, and so on.

Same rules as before. Please leave siggy's off, use your edit to add things to your space, this is a no comment thread, you know the drill. And Please, Please, Please, post pictures :thanks:


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Kellen Issac

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Well Child Updates:
November 12, 2012: first apt with doctor. good weight gain, felt that he was right on track, no major issues Smile
November 21, 2012: 2 week well baby check up. Looking good, eye cleared up (was in hospital with infection from November 12th to November 14th on IV antibiotics). Umbilical stump not off, but looking like its close to falling off. Weight gain good. Some questions about acid reflux, but waiting for meds. (November 26, 2012: went in for increase in reflux symptoms. put on meds)
Jan. 17, 2013: 2 month check up. 10lbs 4oz 3.32%, 21.25 0%,37.7cm 6.61%. Had first shots. Right on track developmentally

11/7/12 Birth: 6lbs 1oz, 19 3/4", ?cm
11/9/12 leaving hospital: 5lbs 11oz
11/12/12 1st doc apt: 5lbs 14oz
11/21/12 2week apt: 6lbs 11oz (8%), 18.25"(0%), 34cm (7%)
11/26/12: 7lbs 1oz
12/6/12: 8lbs 4oz
1/17/13: 10lbs 4oz
11/25/12: umbilical cord falls off
11/28/12: holds head up for extended period, pushes self forward with feet when placed on belly on the floor.
12/9/12: smiled his first big, on purpose smile this morning when his sister was talking to him... And gave her a cute little coo in response to her
3/27/13: Havent updated in a while. Kellen can now roll from his belly to his back, and is close to getting from his back to his belly. When in his bouncer he pulls himself into a sitting position and holds himself there Smile


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Gideon Maxwell

10/18/12-birth: 9lbs 1oz and 18.5" long
2 week check up: 9lbs 1 oz and 20 1/4" long
1 month check up: 10lbs 7oz and 22" long

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Reserving my spot, I'll update this eventually...

11/27/12 - birth - 9lbs 9 oz, 21.75" long
12/4/12 - 1 week old - 9lbs 4oz, 21.75" long
12/11/12 - 2 weeks old - 9lbs 14oz, 22" long
1/3/13 - 1 month old - 13lbs 5 oz, 22.5" long
2/1/13 - 2 months old - 15lbs 15oz, 24.25" long

1/4/13 - 4 weeks old - holds head up for short periods of time.
1/14/13 - 5 weeks old - smiles first "real" smile, coos.