***October Spaces***

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***October Spaces***

**October 2011 Spaces**

[SIZE=3]Welcome to October 2011 and Congratulations to you all!

Please reserve your spot here AFTER you get your BFP.

Spaces are reserved for sharing...
1. Something brief about yourself
2. Info about your appointments
3. Pics of your BFP, your growing belly, ultrasounds, nursery shots, etc.
4. Additional pregnancy tickers
5. Anything else you want to share related to your pregnancy (please keep as brief as possible).

Please read the following before posting!

* This is a NO COMMENTS thread. Please post your newest belly pictures to the general threads for comments.

* Once you reserve your "space," edit it each time you post something new. Please DO NOT create a new post for each new picture/piece of info you are posting. Do this by clicking the "edit" button in the bottom right hand corner of your post.

* Because this is already a picture-heavy thread, please turn off your signatures. You can do this by un-checking the "Show your signature" button before your click "submit" to post your message.

* Most importantly, POST PICTURES! We want to see those growing bumps and beautiful babies!

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About us: My name is Jennifer, 30, DH is Lorenzo, 33 and we have a 5 year old son named Stephen. My DH has a 15 year old daughter from a previous marriage named Morgyn. They are both very excited about having a new baby sister.

Our wedding day (when there were just the 3 of us):
Photobucket Photobucket

And then there were 4 (and now soon to be 5):
Photobucket Photobucket

Due date: October 1st

The start of a wonderful journey:
BFP on 1/20

Appointements: 1st prenatal appt on February 9th - dating Ultrasound (6 weeks, 4 days) and bloodwork
March 9th - U/S (10 weeks, 4 days)
March 24th - emergency appt due to bleeding, diagnosis was placenta previa
April 4th - 14 week check and U/S to check on position on placenta
May 2nd - 18 week u/s; It's a GIRL!!! Baby is breech and anterior placenta
May 16th - 20 week ultrasound; baby is still breech
June 13th - normal prenatal checkup. Everything looks great!
July 11th - 28 week appt. and glucose test
July 25th - 30 week appt.
August 8th - 32 week appt.
August 14th - Trip to L&D at 33 weeks +1, Contractions, 1 CM dilated, 70% effaced, -4 station
August 15th - Trip to L&D at 33 weeks +2, Contractions, 1 CM dilated, 70% effaced, -1 station. Received steroid injection and placed on strict bedrest until 36 weeks.
August 24th - 34 week appt., placed on NST, 2 CM dilated, 80% effaced, -1 station. Moderate bedrest and weekly appointments
August 30th - 35 week appt., U/S (weighs approximately 6 lbs. 3 oz.); 2 CM dilated, 80% effaced, -1 station
Sept. 7th - 36 week appt., 2-3 CM dilated, 80% effaced, 0 station
Sept. 13th - 37 week appt. Still the same; PA stretched my cervix to try to make it a full 3 CM. Baby is very low
Went to L&D September 16th with contractions. Labor & delivery was about 10 hours and completely drug free. Sophia was born at 11:04 PM!!

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

Belly Pics:

Sophia Ann - born September 16th at 11:04 PM, 7 lbs. 2 oz. 18 1/2 inches long

Lilypie First Birthday tickers
Lilypie Breastfeeding tickers

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Bfp 1/23/11 14dpo walgreens digital....My pics didnt come out and the "pregnant" disappeared so I cant post a pic. Sad

EDD 10/2/11

First Dr. appt 1/27 with first ultrasound too early but everything looked great!
Next appt 2/18 with ultrasound. I will be 7 1/2 weeks.

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BFP Thursday, January 20, 2011
9 DPO not using FMU

EDD according to Fertility Friend (based off of O date): Oct 4, 2011
EDD based on LMP: Oct 6, 2011

Big Sister Savannah, born 5/28/08 at 41w1d:

January 25, 2011- Everything looks good. Did a blood draw: Beta HCG 425 mIU/ml @ 14 DPO
February 28, 2011- Baby measured right on at 8w5d, heart rate 167
Nuchal Scan- Everything went great Smile
April 11, 2011- Looking good! 2 lb weight gain from pre-pregnancy weight, heart rate 146bpm
April 28, 2011- Boring appointment, everything looked good.
May 23, 2011- Boring appointment, everything looked good.
June 6, 2011- Nurse intake appointment with OB in Alabama (same OB that I had with DD!)
June 23, 2011- Glucose test followed by boring appointment. Glucose was good, but platelets looked a little low. Not a big deal, same thing happened with DD and no 'bad' outcome. Had to do a redraw.
July 15, 2011-
July 29, 2011-
August 16, 2011-
August 25, 2011-
September 9, 2011-
September 16, 2011-

Belly Pics:

Ultrasound Pics:

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Hi I would like a space please. Just took a HPT this morning and it was a BFP.
EDD based on LMP is Oct 7th 2011.
So excited already have 2 DD ages 9 and 3.

Fist midwife appt March 2nd will be almost 9 weeks.
First ultrasound March 30th ugh will be almost 13 then. I hate the NHS.

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Lisa's Space

About Us

DH and I were married on November 26, 2005. We welcomed our adorable DD on June 4, 2008. We are excited to be expecting #2!

The Big Sister!

BFP on IC at 9DPO - January 25, 2011; BFP on FRER at 11DPO - January 27, 2011; BFP on digital at 13DPO - January 29, 2011

EDD: October 9th


February 28 - 1st Ultrasound, confirmation of pregnancy - baby's heart rate: 167
March 25 - Nuchal Scan - baby's heart rate: 164
March 30 - 12 Week appointment - baby's heart rate: 160
April 27 - 16 Week appointment - baby's heart rate: 152
May 25 - 20 Week appointment - baby's heart rate: between 149 and 153
May 27 - Anatomy scan Yahoo - it's a boy! Heart rate : 150
June 21 - 24 Week appointment - Heart rate : low 160s, baby boy was active!
July 20 - 28 Week appointment and GD test - Heart rate : 142
August 8 - 31 week appointment - Heart rate : mid 130's
August 22 - 33 week appointment - Heart rate : 145
September 7 - 35 week appointment - Heart rate : 145, baby is head down! I'm 1cm dilated and 50% effaced
September 15 - 36 week appointment - Heart rate : high 140's
September 21 - 37 week appointment - Heart rate : low 150's. I'm 1.5cm dilated and 50% effaced
September 28 - 38 week appointment - Heart rate : mid 140's. I'm 2cm dilated an 50% effaced
October 1 - unplanned visit to L&D. Contractions regular, but no cervical change. Came home later in the evening
October 4 - 39 week appointment (Will I make it this far?! - I didn't make it..)
October 4 - 1:50pm Welcome baby boy!!!

UltraSound Images

~8 weeks, 1 day

~20 weeks, 5 days

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Guess I get to post here...

My name is Tara, and this is pregnancy #2 for me! I have a son Liam, who is the light of my life

HPT + on January 26th. Doctor gives me a due date of October 1st, but I suspect that's way too early. I have long cycles and that stupid chart just doesn't work for me.



Feb 14th - First prenatal appointment
Feb 16th - First u/s!

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Hi! I'm Kristin and I'm reserving my October space!

I got my BFP January 28, so hubby and I are expecting number 1!

Appointment February 3 - BFP confirmed!

EDD October 4

First OB appointment and ultrasound: March 1 (I will be 9 weeks!)
Gender scan: May 6

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Got my bfp on Jan 31 at 9dpo.

First Dr's appt is Feb 7 for blood work.
Next dr's appt June 1.

Edd is Oct 12.

Anatomy scan May 16 - It's a girl!

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Removing my info.

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Due October 7th 2011

Well here I am! I finally got my BFP after trying for 9 months. DH and I have been married for 4 and a half years, but have been together for over 10. This will be our first baby and the first grandchild on my family's side.

Today I'm 4 weeks and 4 days

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Edited:- Miscarried baby at 4+ weeks... Sad

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Cristina and Michael are Expecting #1!

Hi! My name is Cristina, and I am 33 years old. My DH is Michael, and he is also 33. We'll both be turning 34 before our little Tadpole makes its appearance. Tadpole is due on Oct 1, 2011!

Michael and I were married on May 1, 2010, and decided in Sept 2010 to go off the pill, and starting in late Oct, we officially started TTC. I started my next cycle on November 5, 2010. I was charting, so every time the signs showed I might be fertile, we made sure to BD at least every other day, sometimes more. It was an interesting cycle! I thought I had O'd at CD15, but after CD 35, it was obvious that so far I had been annovulatory. We were about to give up hope, DH was slated to be deployed starting in January, and we had already decided to put TTC on hold if we hadn't caught the egg by February. His schedule got a little crazy, with spending several nights away and then home for a couple of days, then gone again. CD 65 comes along, and I am again showing signs of being fertile. It also happened to be the day before he left! We BD'd, but I really thought nothing would come of it. A few days later, I notice a clear thermal shift. I am excited I finally O'd, but since we had only BD'd once, I didn't think anything would happen. At 11DPO, I took a test and got a BFN. I had a trip home planned while he was away, and decided to take with me both pads and pg tests! So on 14 DPO, I took another test, and there was the FAINTEST of lines. I thought I must be seeing something. I took another test with FMU on 15DPO, and the line was much more obvious! WE DID IT!!! I didn't get any pics of that test tho, lol! I was still on vacation!

Here are some pics of the other tests I took once I was home from my trip tho!

Doctor Visits!
2/14/11 - OB Intake... basically spoke with a nurse who took my weight, blood pressure and asked alot of questions about my history (which I feel like I have answered a MILLION times before, but oh well) and scheduled an ultrasound (3/1) and my actual first OB appt (3/2).
3/1/11 - First ultrasound! Bad news first... blood pressure was high again. BUT we got to see the baby, who's on the big side. Due date was changed to Sept 27, which I think we'll stick with from now on. Tomorrow is first OB appt, and nervous about the blood pressure issue.
3/2/11 - First OB appt. I really like my doctor! I was worried because I had never met him before, and of course having a male can be kind of stressful, but he was extremely nice, and went over a bunch of stuff. No Pap (YAY) so it was just a basic exam and lots and lots of questions. Gave me his card with an email address so I can reach him any time with non-emergency type of questions. Thought that was pretty cool of him.

Belly Shots! Yes I'm fluffy! Biggrin
- 6 Weeks

- 12 Weeks

Ultrasound Shots
- 10 weeks

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Reserving my spot. I will upload some pics soon.
Today I finally got a pretty dark BFP so I am confident that I am really pg. I always have a hard time believing that it is for real.
We didnt have any trouble getting pg with DS1 and DS2 but this one took a little time. We tried for 9 months. DH and I are just over the moon excited! Cant wait to have our little family complete!
So, duedate will be October 14th!

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Due Oct 17 th

Hi! I want to reserve my space! Dh and i are so blessed to be expecting our first! I will update with pics soon!

2/8- 124
2/10- 337

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My Due Date: Oct 2nd
I'm Samantha, I have a wonderful fiance' and a 2 year old boy. We were wonderfully suprised with a BFP on Jan 26th and can't wait to see my belly grow. We are hoping for a girl!

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My Space

Anita's Space

Our Story
Hi! My name is Anita. I married my DH, David, in May 2002. We have a beautiful DD, Addison Elise. She was born on October 15, 2009 at 10:15 PM.

With our first LO, we were TTC for around 2 years. I had been told that I may never be able to get PG... Interestingly enough, this LO was conceived on our very first try. And, even more interesting, baby #2 was concieved on the exact same date (2 years later) as our DD.

I will be a repeat C-section which will be scheduled for 39 weeks on October 4th, 2011.

We are praying for a HH9M because we can't wait to meet this LO!

Baby #2... It's a Boy!
Ethan Asher is due 10.11.11

BFP 02.04.11 at 19 DPO

03.04.11 First Appointment w/ U/S ~ baby measured 2 days behind ~ heard & saw the heartbeat (166 bpm) ~ I have a small subchorionic hematoma (SCH)
04.01.11 2nd Appt w/ U/S ~ baby is healthy but I still have an SCH and complete placenta previa ~ no weight gain for me
05.03.11 3rd Appt w/ U/S ~ Baby is healthy (150s bpm) ~ SCH is not visible and placenta has started to move ~ -1 lb for the pregnancy
06.02.11 4th Appt w/ Detail U/S ~ Baby is healthy & breech (151 bpm) ~ No more previa but it is anterior ~ 120/68 ~ +8 lbs for the pregnancy
06.30.11 5th Appt ~ Passed the Glucose Test ~ Ethan sounded great and kicked the doppler probe too (140s bpm) ~ 104/68 ~ +11 lbs for the pregnancy
07.12.11 6th Appt & 4D U/S ~ Ethan is transverse with his legs pointed toward my right ~ 114/70 ~ +16 lbs for the pregnancy
08.02.11 7th Appt ~ I'm measuring fine ~ Baby is active (150s bpm) ~ 120/70 ~ +17 lbs for the pregnancy
08.16.11 ~ 8th Appt ~ First appt with Dr. M to schedule my C-section ~ I got a date! October 4th I will meet Ethan. ~ I'm measuring fine ~ Heartbeat sounded great ~ 110/70 ~ +19 lbs for the pregnancy
08.30.11 ~ 9th Appt ~ Last 2 wk interval appt ~ I'm measuring 34 weeks exactly (She mentioned that I was measured at 34 weeks last time but she thought that had to be a mistake) ~ Heartbeat sounded great (130s bpm) ~ BP high for me 126/80 ~ no protein in my urine but I am swollen ~ +4 lbs in 2 wks ~ +23 lbs for the pregnancy
09.06.11 ~ 10th Appt ~ The start of weekly appts ~ I'm measuring perfect ~ Ethan sounded great & is head down with his bottom up on my right side ~ 118/76 ~ 0 weight gain this week ~ +23 lbs for the pregnancy
09.13.11 ~ 11th Appt (w/ Dr. M.) ~ Ethan sounded great ~ 124/70 ~ +2 lbs this week ~ +25 lbs for the pregnancy
09.20.11 ~ 12th Appt (w/ Dr. M.) ~ Ethan sounded great ~ BP high 140/80 ~ Had to have blood work done to check for more symptoms of preeclamsia/pregnancy induced hypertension ~ Symptoms: Floaters in my eyes, headache, pain near my liver, pink tinged discharge ~ No protein in my urine ~ Depending on what the blood work says, I may have to deliver earlier ~ I have to go twice a week now to have my BP checked ~ I'm on partial rest (not bedrest) because of my BP ~ +1 lb this week ~ +26 lbs for the pregnancy
09.22.11 ~ BP Check ~ BP 126/78 ~ No protein in urine ~ -1 lb ~ +25 lbs for the pregnancy
09.27.11 ~ 13th Appt ~ BP 120/84 ~ No protein in urine ~ Ethan sounded great ~ Still seeing spots ~ No explanation why my bottom # is increasing ~ no weight gain this time ~ +25 lbs for the pregnancy
09.29.11 ~ BP Check ~

Baby #2's First Pic ~ 03.04.11 ~ 8 wks 3 days

04.01.11 ~ 12 weeks 3 days

05.03.11 ~ 17 weeks

06.02.11 ~ 21 weeks 2 days

07.12.11 ~ 27 weeks 0 days
Sweet face...

Ethan kept putting his hands in front of his face... like he was avoiding the paparazzi.

Mid Feb 2011-Mid May 2011 ~ I have had horrible M/S that lasts all day. I'm pretty much on the couch all day. I have MANY food adversions. I can't even go to the grocery store... just the thought of it makes me sick.
04.04.11 ~ Felt the first "flutters" ~ 12 weeks 6 days
04.11.11 ~ Had another horrible sharp pain near apendix area. The first time I coughed really hard while sitting, the second time I sneezed while sitting and this time I was getting up from laying down on the couch. I have a constant sharp but muted pain on my right side near my ovary area. Sometimes it is more painful than others but it is always there. It started about a month ago.
04.21.11 ~ BH uterine contractions started and lasted for about 5 days.
04.27.11 ~ Horribly sick again. I was starting to feel better but I started throwing up again. Can't eat or hardly drink. Lost 3 lbs over 3 days. Dr thinks I may have had a bug.
05.03.11 ~ Found out LO is a DS today. I'm still a bit stunned with the news. I haven't quite wrapped my head around the idea.
05.13.11 ~ I bought a newborn outfit for Baby Boy the other day. It's hanging in the dining room so I can see it everyday. It's helping me to become even more excited and wrap my head around the idea of having a little boy. Smile
05.20.11 ~ We have a name... Ethan Asher!
05.26.11 ~ I'm definitely feeling more movement lately. A week ago, I was beginning to think I had an anterior placenta. The movement feels different from DD. Hers were more flutters and wiggles. DS feels more like thumps and bumps. It had also become hard for me to bend at the waist even while sitting. I'm having trouble just remaining upright enough to type this note. It just becomes very uncomfortable almost painful.
06.02.11 ~ Appt today. Found out I have anterior placenta which explains why I haven't felt many kicks. Also, found out Ethan is breech which also explains why I feel movement super low. I even felt like my cervix was vibrating a couple of times.
06.05.11 ~ I can hardly move. My left SIJ is causing excruciating pain. It started hurting (in a bothersome manner not acute) about a week or so ago. But, last night I had to leap to catch a heavy bag from crushing DD's head and woke up today barely able to move. I'm having a hard time putting weight on my left leg and sitting at 90 deg is not my friend. I'm not sure that the Tylenol is doing much since it still hurts so bad.
06.11.11-06.18.11 ~ Family vacation with the in-laws. It was very challenging with a toddler. DH & I decided there is no way we can do that type of vacation with young children. It was more work for me than my daily life at home. It completely exhausted me. On a positive note, I think Ethan went head down while I floated stomach down in the pool.
07.01.11 ~ Ethan is really starting to move around more. Sometimes my whole belly jumps. He's mostly on my right side... I don't really feel him ever on my left.
07.03.11 ~ I did too much over the holiday weekend. Coltin's 3rd birthday party & the fair (Sat) and MIL's house for dinner (Sun). I was feeling pretty horrible and started having back pain. After abruptly leaving MIL's house (partly because I felt awful & partly because DD was getting too tired), I realized on the car ride home that I was having contractions. It was around 9:30 PM when I finally realized it. They ended up being 4-6 min apart but didn't increase in frequency. They lasted until around 3 AM. I woke up to BH which lasted mosted of the day off & on. I continued to have pain on my right side, just inside the top of my pelvis.
07.08.11 ~ I'm having left hip pain and right deltoid/shoulder pain. It is keeping me awake at night... tossing & turning from the pain.
08.03.11 ~ I'm still in pain especially at night. Sleeping is miserable. Ethan is very active... alot more than Addison ever was. I'm very happy with my weight gain this time. Hopefully this will make it easier to lose the "baby weight" this time. I can't wait to get the Csect scheduled. I think that will make everything more real.
08.16.11 ~ Ethan had the hiccups tonight for the first time. DH finally felt him move.
08.29.11 ~ Best Buy incident... The short story ~ I spent 3 hrs arguing until finally getting my way. My warranty on my netbook had a printed exp date 08.29.11. I found out that day (lucky me) but the Best Buy computer system said it exp at midnight & it was never covered on 08.29.11. The last day of coverage would have been 08.28.11. After making a scene, I finally got my way... but my blood pressure was sky high & I was having contractions/cramps by the time I left.
08.30.11 ~ I feel like crap! I'm swollen. My flip flops don't fit. Ethan's movements are different & they hurt. I'm tired & sore.
09.03.11 ~ For the past few days, I'm seeing things that aren't there. I'm not sure if I'm experiencing "floaters" in my eye or what. I thought it might be spots on my contacts but it isn't.
09.03.11 ~ Had to take off my rings... hands are starting to swell.
09.05.11 ~ DH thinks my belly looks lower. I'm not sure if I dropped any or not but I can breathe so much easier... so maybe I have. Either that or Ethan changed to a lower position.
09.06.11 ~ I'm hot. It is 60 degrees today & raining so I shouldn't be hot but I am. Sweaty, clammy & just hot! I'm not sick... no temp... just hot!
09.10.11 ~ Took DD to the train museum & then we ran some errands. I ended up with contractions the rest of the evening. The next day I felt like a truck ran over me.
09.13.11 ~ Went to my OB appt & OUAC... had contractions the rest of the evening. I didn't bother timing them... they just make me feel like crap!
09.17.11 ~ Took DD to her first VT tailgate & the pumpkin patch. I ended up super tired & had pink tinged discharge. We had a blast though. I rested the next day. Still had some pink discharge but it went away.
09.19.11 ~ Horrible pain tonight in my right upper quadrant under my ribs. Not sure if DS was beating me up or what. It was super painful... had to get DH to put his hand there & apply pressure to help.
09.23.11 ~ Had to pack up to spend the night at MIL's for the wedding. Started contracting so bad DH had to come home to get me because I couldn't drive. Contractions the whole way there.
09.24.11 ~ Erin's wedding. I made it through. It turned out well. I had contractions most of the evening but I rested at MILs then DH drove us home.
09.25.11 ~ Spots got worse today. Not peeing much. I'm trying to stay hydrated but I can't seem to catch up.

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Hi ladies, I'm claiming my spot for October! My Due Date is Oct 21,2011 and Dh and I are super excited over the moon!

First BFP 2/10/2011~


First appointment~ 2/16/2011~ Just to see the Dr's nurse and get blood and paperwork done.
First appt went well! My gosh they took alot of blood, When I asked the nurse she said they try to get all the first trimester bloodwork out of the way. I go back next week for an ultrasound and to see the Dr. I'm so very excited to see my baby bean :}

Second Appointment~2/23/2011~ Went well! Dr could see a sac and fetal pole but no heartbeat yet :}

Third Appointment~3/23/2011~

10 week ultrasound with MFM 3/24/2011~

I will update tonight with Ultrasound pic's and appt notes, I didnt realize the last time i updated was in March..so sorry

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Due October 19th

Hello! My name is Amanda. I am married to my husband, Jesse. We have been married for five and half years. We have two beautfiul daughters (Shaylee-4 and Brooke-3). We are expecting our third bundle of joy on October 19th! Received the BFP on January 26...exactly two weeks after conceiving! We are very excited for this little one! My
first OB appointment is 3/9 which will include our first ultrasound.

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Michelle's Space

[LEFT]About us: [SIZE=4]Mark and I have been married for 4 years, together for 14 years. We have a beautiful little girl Sofija, who is almost 18 months, and who will be 2 when this baby is born. We are so excited to be bringing another life into this world.[/SIZE][/LEFT]

Mark and I on our wedding day - May 6, 2006

[LEFT]My little Monkey - Born Sept 21, 2009[/LEFT]


My Love Bug - [SIZE=5][COLOR=darkorchid]Due: [SIZE=4][COLOR=magenta]October 10, 2011[/COLOR][/SIZE][/COLOR][/SIZE]

[LEFT]Pregnancy Tests:

[LEFT]Tests and u/s:
Thursday Feb 3 - First BFP
Friday Feb 11 - Blood BFP, HCG 3446
Tuesday Feb 22 - 1st u/s, dating purposes.
Friday Feb 25 - Follow up with Doctor[/LEFT]


[LEFT]7weeks 1 day

[LEFT]Belly Pics[/LEFT]


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Aimee's Space

About Me:
I am Aimee, DH Sean. We are both 29 and will turn the big 30 a month after the baby comes! We were married August 2009...we got pg with our amazing little boy shortly after that and he was born in June. I got my BFP on 2/15. Our 2nd LO we are expecting on October 28th.

March 1st- Confirm Pregnancy
March 17th- U/S! We have a baby! HD 157 measuring perfect!
Starting weight for mommy- 103lbs. (we'll see how long that lasts! lol)
April 14th- Heard 1st heart beat!! Awesome sound! Weight 108
April 18th-1st Tri Screening- Tests came out negative!!
May 12th- Check up- only heart HB for a second :o( Weight 108.
June 7th- BIG U/S 8:30AM- GIRL!!!!!! Weight 113
July 7th- Everything great, measuring small. Weight 120
August 2nd- U/S for measurement- small but perfect, baby is breech, weight 124, scheduled Csect for Oct 21st
August 24th- BP good, weight 130! U/S scheduled for cervical length, Still breech
Sept 13th- BP good, weight 137, cervix good, low amniotic fluid, u/s scheduled, still breech
Sept 20th- BP good, weight 139, cervix good, low amniotic fluid, u/s scheduled, still breech
Sept 29th- BP good, weight 140, low iron
Oct 4th-

Ultrasound Pics:
Coming soon

Belly Pics:

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Miscarried April 4th, 2011 at 10weeks 4 days.

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Yay! I have a space!

Name: Kate 27
DH: Matt 28
Children: Elijah 3/1/05, Hayden 9/28/06

EDD 10/28/11

About Me: Dh and I started dating when I was a junior in high school, and we have been together since! We were married in October or 2004, and we welcomed our first son in March. I was 4 months pregnant when we were married. Our second son Hayden was born just 18 months later. I am an office manager for a real estate company, and dh is in tree services and is the manager of heavy machines.

TTC Story: We have known for awhile we wanted a third baby, but it was never the right time. We were going to start trying in September '11, but decided now would be just fine, we just wanted both older boys in school first. We got pregnant our first cycle trying, but it ended in a miscarriage aroung 4.5 weeks. This was our second cycle trying and again we have success! Lets just hope this baby sticks!

3/4/2011: sono at 6 weeks showed nothing. Beta was 20,000 then 29,000
3/14/2011: Sono at 7 weeks showed perfect little tiny baby with a strong heartbeat Smile
3/21/2011: prenatal appt with first exam and all that fun stuff, blood work, the works!
4/11/2011: next OB appt.
5/10/2011: ultrasound at 15 weeks, not twins! guessing girl
6/4/2011: gender u/s!!!
6/6/2011: next ob check-up

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Reserving my space! Will work on getting pics soon. Smile

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baby died at about 8-9 weeks

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Unfortunately, it didn't work out - m/c at 6 wks. Sad

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About Me
I'm pregnant with my first child after I had a chemical pregnancy in June. Hoping this time I make it to the finish line.

Blood test on Tuesday 2/22/11 due to pink cm. HCG level 13000.
Another blood test scheduled for Thursday 2/24/11. HCG tbd.
U/S to be scheduled for as early as possible.

Pictures will come soon.--I don't know how to upload pictures. Advice would be gratefully received.

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So this is my 5 th pregnancy and my last.
My husband and I have been Married for 3 wonderful years ( will be 4 in may ) and have been together for 6 wonderful years in March.
We have 4 beautiful babies ( they will always be my babies)
Nevaeh 5

Micah 3

Zachary 2

Tristen 11 months

Belly Progression

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BFP 2/19/2011
1st Beta 2/21/2011 185 and 19
2nd Beta 2/23/2011 314 Yahoo

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I found out Feb 18th that we are expecting baby #4! We were kind of shocked to say the least, but we are very happy.


We are hoping to get to the doctor quick, we are moving soon so we are trying to finish one adventure before starting a new one.

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Me - 25
DH - 29

DS - 4 on Feb 3rd
DD - 2 on Jan 4th

BFP - Jan 31st
Expecting Baby #3 - Due Oct 4, 2011
Confirmed at OB Appt Feb 28th - Ultrasound and a good strong heartbeat!

Hopefully pics to come if I can figure it out.

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We are expecting our first baby Oct. 16. We have had a long road to get to where we are today. Eric & I got married in 2008 and have been trying to conceive since then. We were blessed with a pregnancy in April 2010, but miscarried at 8 weeks. It was a very long recovery process, both physically and emotionally. We were able to find a new OB that is absolutely amazing. We have since found I have low progesterone and a MTHFR genetic mutation. We were about to set up an appointment for the "next step" in infertility treatment when we received a complete surprise-- a positive pregnancy test! Our trip to Vegas was just what the doctor ordered.


15 week ultrasound

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We r expecting...AGAIN! EDD is October 11 and we are just praying for another healthy baby. Although I'm sure DH would loooove to have a boy. Our little sweetdrop is Zara and she is 13mos. She makes us soooo happy and keeps us laughing non stop!

12 weeks........15 weeks