***Our August Bumblebee's Spaces***

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***Our August Bumblebee's Spaces***

Our August Bumblebee's Baby Spaces

August Moms: Please reserve your baby's space now!

A place for our August moms to share...

PhotobucketPregnancy photos, memories, and information. (You may want to copy and paste a link to your August 2011 Pregnancy Space.)
PhotobucketBaby's birth story.
PhotobucketPhotos and stats of your baby as they grow.
Just a few reminders:

:!: Please turn off your siggy. You are welcome to add any tickers to your space you'd like though!
:!: This is a NO comments thread!
:!: Only one space per member-- when you want to add something, please edit your original space by clicking the "Edit" button at the bottom of the post.
:!: Finally, safety first! When posting pictures or other information, please make sure it doesn't include anything like last names, addresses, etc. that could make it easy for someone to discover your real-life location or other details.


Our Bumblebee Arrivals:


Baby Arabella, born to terri76 at 29 weeks, 6 days weighing in at 2 lbs. 2 oz.

Baby Boy A (Davis) was born at 10:10 weighing in at 2lbs. 3oz. and 14.5 in. long.
Baby Girl B (Devan) was born at 10:11 weighing in at 3lbs. 11oz. and 16.5 in. long.

Baby Poetrie Keturah born at 10:03 weighing in at 5 lbs. 6 oz.
Baby Katherine Taylor weighing 4 lbs. 4 oz., baby Adalyn Claire weighing 4 lbs. 2 oz.,and baby Zachary Michael weighing 4 lbs. 5 oz. (All born between 7:58 and 8:00 p.m.)
Baby A, Easton James was born at 6:16 p.m. weighing 7lbs. 7oz. and baby B, Ashton Todd was born 6:18 p.m. weighing 7lbs. even.
Baby Ben was born at 6:18 a.m. weighing 8 lbs. 8 oz. and was 20"s long.

Baby Candace Janae was born at 12:01 p.m. and weighed 6lbs. 10oz.
Baby Mikayla Rose was born at 5:20 a.m. and weighed 8 lbs. even and was 20.25"s long.
Baby Calvin Lucas was born at 12:13 p.m. and weighed 7 lbs. 12 oz. and was 20.5"s long.
Baby girl born to 2confused at 5:22 p.m. and weighing 7 lbs. 6 oz. and 19"s long.
Baby girl born to countrygirl83 at 6:18 p.m. and weighing 10 lbs. 7 oz., 22"s long.
Baby Orion Lee at 5:52 p.m. and weighing 7 lbs., 19.25"s long.
Baby Alex born at 7:31 a.m. and weighing 9 lbs. 6 oz. and 22"s long.
Baby Max born at 9:43 a.m. and weighing 8 lbs. 5 oz. and 20.5"s long.
Baby girl born to Rubyslippersbaby at 10:02 p.m. and weighing 7 lbs. 10 oz. and 20"s long.
Baby Eve Katherine Renee at 11:09 a.m. and weighing 6 lbs. 15 oz. and 20"s long.
Baby Kendra born at 8:56 p.m. and weighing 6 lbs. 2 oz. and 20"s long.
BabyLayla Supernova at 11:46 a.m. and weighing 8 lbs. 13 oz. and 20.5"s long.
Baby Lilly Jay born at 7:37 a.m. and weighing 9 lbs. 7 oz. and 21"s long.
Baby Emily Christine at 12:26 p.m. and weighing 8 lbs. 1 oz. and 20.25"s long.
Baby Elizabeth Renee at 7:10 p.m. and weighing 7 lbs. 3 oz. and 21"s long.
Baby Cormac Thomas at 2:08 a.m. and weighing 7 lbs. 14 oz. and 21"s long.
Baby Basilio Patrick Atticus at 7:13 a.m. weighing 8 lbs. 15 oz. and 21"s long.
Baby Alyeska Phoenix at 8:49 a.m. and weighing 7 lbs. 11 oz. and 19.75"s long.
Baby Evelyn Janelle at 4:28 p.m. and weighing 7 lbs. even and 19.5"s long.


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PhotobucketAlexander's SpacePhotobucket

Lilypie First Birthday tickers
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Due Date: August 2, 2011
Birthday: August 12, 2011 at 7:31 a.m.
Weight: 9 lbs. 6 oz.

My Pregnancy Space

My Birth Lodge

Alexander James' Birth Story:
After over a week of prodromal labor with contractions starting and stopping, I would say early labor officially started on the 10th. I woke up feeling off around 4:30 a.m. and I couldn't go back to sleep, I was also having major chills. Contractions started around 8 a.m. and were regular but weren't too terribly uncomfortable. I had an appointment at 12 p.m. that day and when I got there, they were super busy! There were some children in the lobby area just being kids, I have three of my own so noise is nothing new to me, but they were really aggitating me. The contractions were starting to get a bit uncomfy and I was so-very emotional that I went into the classroom (where they teach birthing classes) and cried a little. My midwives both noticed that I seemed off and came to check on me-- they are too sweet! The difference in OB and MWifery care is amazing! One of my MWs said it isn't a job for them but a lifestyle. They are so intuned to their mamas and they really are "mother hens" (as one of them refers to herself)-- you know that they genuinely care about you no matter how many times they've done this. Smile I just felt like poop. I was eight days overdue, I'd had diarhea and felt nauseated for a few days, and I was just DONE. I was ready for this to be over! I was called back from my appointment and they discovered my BP was pretty high. She figured it was from labor starting so we didn't think much of it. My cervix was still high but soft and squishy and she felt for sure I'd be back that night to have my baby (she also thought I was open but couldn't tell for sure b/c I was still too high)..... but Alex had other plans, lol. I was pretty sure given his position that this was going to be a looong early labor so my MW sent me home with a natural induction kit that included Caulophyllum and Cimicifuga for the first day, cotton root for the second day, and if both of those failed, castor oil for the third day-- I did not want to get to the third day! So, I started my natural induction that day and for awhile, the C and C was working quite well but after my shower, the contractions totally died off. They picked back up the next morning (the 11th) and continued through the day but I knew they weren't even remotely turning into active labor, they were actually weaker than they had been the day before. I was exhausted at this point and I was stressed. I knew I'd have to transfer care if he wasn't here by 42 weeks, I was starting to doubt I could go into labor on my own (having had one augmented pit. birth and another induced, I didn't know when I would have gone into labor or how things would have played out if my labors had been natural). To top all that off, my BP was steadily rising and my family was really freaking out as they know nothing about a natural birth and were convinced something was wrong-- they were doing an excellent job of convincing me of the same at that time. Needless to say, I called my MW again and told her of my worries. She decided to have me come in that day to be checked and see what position the baby was in and possibly do a membrane sweep but it would have to be later that night as they were currently about to birth a baby, she reassured me that all was ok over the phone though. That sounded wonderful to me! Here's where things start getting exciting... at 9 p.m. I went in and my BP was high, she did agree it was time to get things moving as naturally as possible b/c even though I wasn't spilling protein, they were not comfortable with my BP being as high as it was anymore (I was never told how high it got at this point and I didn't ask, I knew I was stressing enough as it was but it was high enough that they had to call their physician and get an approval to have me deliver at the center). They checked my cervix and I was at 4 cm, so I had definately been in early labor, and almost totally effaced. They did a membrane sweep and got two good sweeps around. Baby was in a good position, his head just needed to come down a little more. I went home in much better spirits! All those contractions were definately doing something and I knew he would be here soon! I was able to go right to sleep that night. I think I was asleep by 10:15 p.m. I slept well but it was restless, crazy that I could have a good, restless night's sleep but that's how it was. Around four, in a half-asleep daze, I realized I was contracting pretty good and that they were pretty regular and close together. Around 5 a.m. I was jolted awake by a good contraction and then another, my forebag of waters broke with the second and I hopped out of bed and grabbed myself to make sure, lol. I went to the bathroom and my underware were wet and had a bit of diluted pink blood mixed into them as well. I knew by the second bloody show (I should mention that I had my first show on the 10th) that active labor was starting. About five minutes after the contraction that got me out of bed, another good contraction. I decided to take some time to time them but realized quickly that things were going very fast. I got on the phone with my MW and she said she had to shower and then she would be there but for me to stay out the shower b/c it could make things go faster. I called my doula who said she also had to shower but while I was on the phone with her, I had a contraction and she said she was coming now and that I needed to go ahead and call my MW back and tell her I needed to come now. At this point, my contractions were at every 4 mins. By the time I got DH up and we were in the car leaving, they were at every 3 mins. Let me tell you, being in full-blown active labor in a moving vehicle is NO joy ride! I'm sure I looked quite the piece going down the interstate with a huge belly all but screaming and gripping the handle bar and center console with a death grip. Smile We walked into the birthing center with contractions every 2 mins. apart. One of my MWs was setting the birthing tub up for me. By this time I was moaning and groaning and just on the edge of losing it from the pain. My husband was amazing! The only thing I could do to get through the contractions was lean on him while swaying and hum through them. I was doing pretty good staying in control at this point and I think my down-fall was getting into the tub. I got in and for about one minute, it felt better but things drastically picked up. My MIL came in soon after I got into the tub and by the time my doula got there, I was bawling. She tried her hardest to help me stay in control and I'd do ok as the contraction started but when it peaked, I'd cry out and feel nauseated. The baby's head was just so far down, I was feeling sooo much pressure that I couldn't get comfortable. I finally found a position in the tub that I was comfortable with-- on my knees with my bottom off the bottom of the tub, and leaning over the edge but unfortunately, it wasn't going to work b/c the water wasn't deep enough to keep the baby under water during birth. So, I decided to get out between contractions, which didn't allow much time to get out b/c the contractions were on top of each other at this point. For the life of me, I dunno how I got out that tub b/c it hurt to move. I felt my hips just spreading and a shift in the tub was hard to do let alone put my leg over it and get out and walk. But I did it. Gravity took over then and I said the baby was coming now, he was coming now, and I needed to push. I started spouting off things I needed without doing any of them for long-- I needed to stand. I needed to sqaut. I squatted at the bed for about four contractions but got too tired so I decided I needed to lay down, AFTER deciding I couldn't do this and I needed to be taken to a hospital (I was quickly told I was doing this and there was no going back now). They told me there was no time to move to the bed but it was too late, I was crawling onto the bed while screaming that he was coming and I needed the bed, that I was too tired to push him out squatting. This whole time, my back is killing me and I just wanted relief, even if it meant dying-- I was not being very rational during this time. I remember just intense pressure and screaming that he was coming and my MW looking down and saying, "You're right, his head is crowning, he's coming, push this baby out!" I couldn't push. My body was doing it for me anyway but I had to give some good pushes to get him out faster (again, I needed relief) so I pushed and screamed through it and I had his head out in two, maybe three pushes-- my main bag of waters spewed everywhere with the delivery of his head (it also had meconium in it). The relief I got after I delivered his head was wondeful, lol! I remember saying, "Oh that feels better. Thank God I'm not having twins!" When they told me I was going to have to push again to get his shoulders out, I thought, oh no! But it was easier to get them out then it was his head, I had them out in two pushes. He still didn't come though. I was told to push again and he'd be here, so I did and out into the world came my little Alexander! All 9 lbs. 6 oz. and 22"s of him! I thanked God over and over again for helping me get my baby here safely and I just held him close and started to nurse him. All the pain I was in not a minute before was forgotten. He took his time chosing his birthday but when he decided to come, he came fast and furiously-- it was only two hours from the time my forebag broke and active labor had started until he was born at 7:31 a.m.


Birth: 9 lbs. 6 oz. 22"s
1 day old: 9 lbs.
1 week old: 9 lbs. 8 oz.
2 weeks old: 10 lbs. 12 oz. 22"s
2 months old: 13 lbs. 10 oz. 23.5"s
3 months old: 15 lbs. 5 oz.
4 months old: 16 lbs. 5 oz. and 25.5"s


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Photobucket Baby Ben's Space Photobucket
Due Date: August 2, 2011
Birthday: July 26th, 2011
Weight: 8lb 8oz
Length: 20 inches






2 Month Update!
[SIZE=5]Weight: 12lb 5oz
Length: 24 inches! LOOK AT ME GROW!
* also had four shots... icky!
Milestones: I smile since Sept. 2, I also started Coo'ing at the same time. I also watch my older brother like a hawk to make sure he's not up to something! And now I can watch him from one side of the room to the other!


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Baby Max's space!

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Born 8/23/2011 at 7:37 a.m.
9lbs. 7 oz. 21 in

Discharge from hospital 8/25/11 mommies B-day Weight was 8 lbs. 12 oz.
Two week appointment 9/7/11 weight 9 lbs. 4 oz.
4 week weight check 9/21/11 9 lbs. 6 oz.
5 week weight check 9/26/11 10 lbs.
Next appointment at 6 weeks.

Smiling at the mommy Smile

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Orion's Space
Born August 9, 2011 at 5:52 pm
7 lbs 0 oz, 19.25 inches

Birth Story

Monday Aug 8 2011 - Evening
We had a friend over for dinner and once DS was in bed we played a favorite card game for a couple hours. While we were playing, DH made nachos with cheese and we had hot salsa and sour cream with it. I had been having contractions on and off all day. As we played the game, they got more intense and a few times I couldnt sit through them so I had to get up and walk them off. Our friend joked that he was putting me in labor. We called the game early and he left. The contractions got stronger so we called my mom and dad to come and stay at the house with DS and we went to the hospital around midnight. They put me into the assessment room, and while there the contractions died down. I wasnt uncomfortable lying there and I was only 2cm. The doctor told me to go home and relax - and that I would probably see my induction date (the 11th).

Tuesday Aug 9 2011
So we went home and sent my parents home. We texted & called the inlaws, and my MIL joked that if I had him today she would make me rice krispie squares (my favorite, she makes awesome ones). By the time we got back to bed it was 2am. I woke up at 4:22am with a strong contraction. I had to get up and lean on my arm against the wall and rock my hips around to get through it. I tried to go back to sleep and slept on and off until 5:30 am, when I got up and had a few more strong contractions that I had to stand to get through. By 6, I started timing them. For each one I did my "wallflower" routine I just described (DH's term lol) and they were about 4 minutes apart. I came onto the board and posted that post about not knowing if I was in labor or not around 7:30 am. At 8am I was still online and sitting on the couch. I had 3 staggering contractions that made me arch my back and whimper a bit. So I woke up DH and we called L&D - the nurse said I should come in sometime in the next hour or so. I called my mom again and they came back over. Mom was alone b/c Dad had gone to a golf tournament (having thought I was in false labor the night before lol).

When we got to the hospital about 915 am the assessment room was full, so they took me to a birthing suite room that was totally empty and told me that I "wouldnt be staying here long" and put a sheet over the bed (wouldnt even let me get into the bed lol) and wanted to monitor me for 20 minutes. I was 4cm at this point. I said that will be very difficult as I can't stay still or lay down during the contractions. (I was doing my wallflower thing during admission - DH had to answer most of the questions this time for me). They got the heartrate monitors on me and whenever I had a contraction and I stood up or moved, babys heartbeat plummeted to the 60s&70s! Sometimes it recovered quickly, but many times it didnt and they were concerned.
All of a sudden they were wheeling in all kinds of equipment since they didnt expect to keep me in that room. They started asking more questions about the Csec and my past birth complications. If he didnt recover they were thinking I'd go straight to a Csec. Suddenly it was "my" room! lol
They said they didnt want me standing through the contractions, so I called for my EPI!! At 11:30am I was 5cm and in a lot of pain lol. I had to wait a bit for the epi and got my it around noon. When she came in to do it I was begging to be allowed out of bed to pee - she said I'll have to come back in 25 minutes and I went "Screw it, do it now" lol... I twitched when she poked me with the needle and it bounced back and stabbed her instead. LOL ops. The anesthesiologist was good about it though and we had a laugh. By 12:30 I was between 6-7 cm and feeling good. The nurse commented how different I was - I could laugh and joke and visit with people. I felt great! I wasnt allowed to move off my side because that was the position that kept baby happy and his heartbeat steady and at a good # (130s I think) Then Family came in a few at a time to say hi (my mom was there and DS was at the sitters, and DHs parents were there, my dad was still golfing lol). By 2:30 my contractions were dying off and I was 8cm dilated so they wanted to start pitocin. I got maybe 15 minutes of it before they had to turn it off. Baby boy was NOT impressed with pitocin and his heartrate was dropping all over the place again. at 3:45 I was fully dilated. My dad had just gotten there and was in the room chatting with me and DH about his golf game. He said he shot 51 on the 1st 9 holes and 51 on the 2nd 9 holes, and could I please have the baby at __:51? lol. Then there was a VERY audible "POP" and I looked at the nurse and said Either I just peed or my water broke. Dad high-tailed it out of the room and the nurse checked and said yep, water broke and there is mechonium in it. Baby was not low enough to start pushing, so they let me rest and waited for baby to drop a bit more. At 4:30 I started pushing. Contractions were far apart (a good 5 min) so we had to wait a lot. With each push baby moved lower and the nurse said that I'd definitely have baby vaginally and not by a Csec (remember we were concerned about size because of DS1s birth weight of 9 14). My pushes were good and effective but spaced out! As he got lower and once he started to crown I reached down and felt his head - what an awesome moment! Then the dr came in and then he was crowning and I pushed his head and then his shoulders and he slid out.

Orion Lee was born at 5:52 pm (I tried dad! lol, he swears its 5:51 haha) He was 7lbs even, and 19.25 inches long. Apgar scores of 7 and 9. 7 was because he had a lot of mucus in his lungs from the mechonium. I had a 2nd degree tear. I said jokingly to the dr that as long as it wasnt 20 stitches like last time I was fine. He gave a little smirk and said I think you are close to that this time too. DAMN! lol... Turns out my scar tissue from DS1 tore a lot and so I have a lot of stitches. I did skin to skin as soon as they were done sewing me up. I Bfed the first time a couple hours after birth. I came home from the hospital on Thurs the 11th (Which was my induction day lol)

And Yes - my MIL brought me rice krispie squares once I was home. They were delicious! DH swears his secret to putting me in labor was that the sour cream with the nachos was a few days past its expiration and he didnt tell me. LOL!!! My FIL is into astrology and said the sign for Orions birth date was "Yellow Resonant Star". Fitting I think

Fast forward to 9 days later - Orion is a wonderful baby. *knock on wood he stays this way* He goes 3 hours between feedings and sometimes 3-4 hours at night. He is very content and quiet. He is happy to lay in someones arms or his bassinet and look around at everything and take it all in. He has 2 distinctive cries - one for food and one for pain (gas) and everything else is little baby noises and squeaks. He looks a lot like DS1. I'm in love again, and figuring out what it is to have 2 boys I love with all my heart.

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Saving LO's space! (name not determined yet :confused:)

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Baby Blueberry's Space.

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July 31st I Woke up feeling like I always Felt , Sick of being pregnant, I commented on a few board threads and Then went to sleep, taking advantage cause DH and the Boys went to church.

Around 2pm they Got home... I Noticed that I had not felt baby move to much durning the day so I drank some cold juice, nothing, Then walked , drank cold water , nothing,... by then an hour had went by, So I called my MW and she said come in.
We dropped the boys off at my moms and As we were pulling in the garage I felt a slight move. Wheew, We got checked in about 4pm.

They hooked me up for a hour and said baby was looking ok but no wonderful , so I had a u/s to check fluids and her size, that was good , last test they wanted to do is to se eif they Could get her to Breath on the u/s THAT TOOK 30 min.. Omg that tech shook my belly so much , it was crazy .

After the U/S i got hooked up again they wanted to give me another hour. with in the hour baby Heart rate Droped and that was it.

Nurse came in and Said lets take a walk to your room your being induced :eek:.. It was 10pm then. i was in AHHHHHHH

They said they were going to start cervidil then Pitocin @ 8am in the morning.
but between the Cervidil arriving and getting it inserted, I started contractions on my own.
4pm I was feeling very uncomfortable I was Checked and I was 4cm.. WHATTTTTT!!

So out came the Cervidil. She waited to see what would happen , My contractions Picked up and No Pitocin was Needed. 8am I was Checked and I was 7cm... That was Awesome to me.
Still no pain meds.. i was waiting for my mom and dh to get there cause b4 she broke my water, once they got there it was 9:30am and I was 8cm.

The contractions Got worse and Worse and OMG did I say Worse, baby hear rate would not stable and i was switched from side to side , I felt like a Pancake . 11am still 8cm.
i could not understand why I was in so much pain and still 8cm.
I was then give oxygen cause baby was not having these contractions... 11;15 I could not take it any more. I BEGGED for a Epi yep I got a Epi @ 8cm...LOL

11:30am Epi was in place and more nurses was called in cause baby heart rate was all over the place. They had me in funky positions. @ 11:55 I was 9cm and she wanted me to start pushing she, said baby was not taking this any longer and she needed to come out NOW.
I never pushed so Hard in my Life.

12:01pm Candace Made Her arrival, With a Cord around her Neck and her Body. ( MW said that was the longest Cord she had ever seen):eek:
She was purple and Also had a BM , DR from All childrens was Called to check her Lungs to make she didn't swallow any. Candace was Given a Clean Bill of health.@ 12:10pm

She is doing VERY VERY good in Bfing and Love to be held, yes I sucked it up and typed this while holding her. 9 hope not to many typo's

BTW, My MW said that if I would not have gotten the Epi to get me to Dialate me more and calm me down they Had already discussed a C section and that was the next step.

I planned not to get a Epi But hey things don't go as planned all they time. I'm glad I did over the C section

they boys love her, My 2yr old he is coming around.

Aug 1st 2011 @ 39weeks 5 days
6lbs 10oz, 19inches
12:01 Pm

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Our space (no name yet).

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We're here! As we neared our 34th week our housing unit decided to start making some changes. The liver enzymes started increasing, protein started showing up in its urine, and eventually its blood sugars starting making weird changes. All indicators were that the individual apartments we were living in had done all they could do. After hearing our mom and dad discussing these blood sugar numbers - 95 after oj and 1/2 of a small cinnamon roll, not a good sign - they called the dr. and she said to go ahead and head in to hospital to get checked. Goofy dad then asked if he could take a shower as mom added the last minute things to her hospital bag; he was told to be quick. Silly guy then took time to get the dogs outside one last time before leaving...hello dad - we're waiting! Finally we were off to the hospital with mom's bag packed just in case. Good thing since when they were checking in we could hear the nurse say "they are being admitted, but we're holding them in triage for now." I could tell by mom's heart rate that she didn't know she was being admitted for sure. Good thing she remembered to bring the down pillow for comfort. Ironically we did learn that the one room we always visited when mom got worried about us (in ob/triage) is the only room we could have visited. We went there because it was big enough, but today we learned that it's also the only room with enough plugs for both monitors.

Here come the monitors, urine check, blood work up, and various other fun stuff. When the dr came in and told mom "let's have some babies today!" mom about got up and ran home. Even though she has been wanting to meet us for a while, she was really scared once the day to meet us came. We love that she loves us so much she really did want us to bake some more, but we really wanted to meet her and dad so we decided to overrule her. The dr. scheduled our c-section for 7pm, a silly time really since that is shift change and of course we didn't want to come out until closer to 8pm. We hung out in ob/triage until 6, moved into a L&D room just so mom could take some meds, talk to the guy who was going to make her "comfortable" and again, hang out.

A little after 7 she rode away to the operating room in a wheel chair. Boy oh boy did mom have a hard time with the spinal block. We agree that dads should be allowed in the room for this because mom needed some love for sure. The dr. tried to help, but it is nothing like having dad there. Once all was said and done, dad finally got to come in and hold her hand. It was tough on mom being scared, feeling like she couldn't breath (an effect of the spinal block) and just not knowing how we were going to do. So stressful in fact that mom and dad forgot to play the music they made! Good thing dad kept the playlist and will play it for us all the time later.

The first cut was made at 7:53 pm and Katherine made her debut at 7:58 pm...not to be outdone by Zachary who also made his debut during the 7:58pm minute! Adalyn just wasn't quick enough and was born at 7:59pm. We all think 7-9-11 is an AMAZING birth day! We were in such a rush to be born and the nurses were in such a rush to get us to NICU that dad only got a picture of Zachary - even though the dr. asked them to pause so dad could take pics, they didn't. Drat!

Our NICU experience: Katherine and Adalyn were pretty good for the most part. Zachary has what many refer to as "white boy syndrome" where he was a little lazy with his breathing so they put him on forced room air, just a tube in his nose, not real oxygen. The next morning we all moved into our own private room called the Annex where we were doing awesome enough that we all only needed one nurse. Woop Woop! Zach lost his air tube, but then gained it back for another day later. He eventually ended up on caffeine treatment to help regulate his breathing, but that ended this past Sunday (7-17) and now we need to wait 10 days to make sure he'll be ok. We'll blame mom for the need for caffeine. Smile

To date: We moved into another private room Sunday night, that didn't last long with the construction the hospital is doing. Dad about went through the roof when he heard them working yesterday - we are way too young for such a loud noise! So, we are moving again up into PICU I believe. We are all doing awesome. All of us lost our IV's on 7-16-11. We took our first nakie bath with no tubes/wires on 7-17-11 and started sleeping together in the same crib that day. We are now starting to practice with bottle feeding. Once we get that down we can be sprung!!

Mom's recovery has been pretty ok. She had a touch of a rough go the first night/day with the catheter not draining right, but boy once they removed it all was ok. She has a rash on her belly driving her crazy and man alive we have never seen such elephant feet! The swelling got real bad after birth, but is starting to subside now. We're hoping she can drive again maybe next week. We are all glad we are able to help her get over the loss of grandpa. Our being here and doing so great health wise is really keeping her going. We are sad we won't get to meet him, but we already know he loved us more than anything and is now watching us from above.

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Baby Kendra's Space

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Elizabeth Renee Wenzel "Lizzie"
Due Date: August 27, 2011
Birth Date: August 23, 2011
Time: 7:10 pm
Weight: 7lbs, 3oz
Length: 21 inches

I thought I would share her birth story, it's a bit long - so bare with me.

I had been scared to death for labor. I was scared for a vaginal birth and scared for a c-section. My DH's 96 year old grandmother told me that DH's mom said that giving birth was a piece of cake. Grandma said not to worry and that I would say the same thing.

I was up most of the night Sunday because I felt like I couldn't catch my breath. We called in doctor's office at 7 that morning. He has said it's normal considering how far along I was. He said it if continued to call the office. He then called back within 30 minutes and told my husband he wanted me to come in since my blood pressure was borderline high last time.

I went to the office and my bp was high and he decided to send me to the L&D to triage to monitor my BP for 10 minutes, have chest xrays and blood work. If my bp remained high they were inducing and if it stabilized they would let me go home.

It remained high. X-rays and blood work was fine. I just started crying because I was so scared. My doctor came in and said that he was inducing because my bp was still a little high, not scary high, but since I was 39 weeks and she was close to 40, why mess around with my bp. He made a few jokes and tried to make me feel better. I was worried about pitocin and al the stuff I heard about it. I just knew I was going to have ac-section.

I went into a room, was given cervidil. I never dilated past 1 cm. At 3 am Monday night/Tuesday morning I started getting pitocin, I also had pain meds and they went ahead and started my epidural (because the anesthesiologist said if you want it get it know because I am going to the c-section floor and it may be awhile). So I got my epi. My IV hurt way worse than the epi.

At 8 am, my doctor came in and said I was 7 cm - I was so excited. I finally became 9 cm around 4 or 5 pm (I think).

At noon, I started having terrible contractions. At 2:30 they were painful and I wanted a c-section. I found out my epi ran out. It was refilled and withing an hour I was feeling no pain, thank goodness!

At 6, I was 10 cm and we went ahead and started pushing. My nurse was an excellent coach and teacher and my DH was the best, very encouraging, very awesome. I had to stop pushing because the doctor wasn't there yet and Lizzie was ready to come out. one push later, Lizzie was out. It didn't hurt, it was so easy - a piece of cake. I swear I have to give tanks to my nurse and DH- without them, it wouldn't have been like that.

I didn't tear or have any issues. They were afraid they were going to have to cut because they thought she was sunny side up - she wasn't. She came out fine.

Elizabeth Renee Wenzel was born at 7:10 p.m. She weighed 7 lbs 03 oz and was 21 inches long. She has dirty blonde hair and blue eyes.

I'll have more photos to come. This one my DH took right after birth. We haven't had much time to do anything. We are learning the whole BF and sleep thing. It has been a bit hard because we didn't know about cluster feeding and we were told by several nurses that she is an advanced eater. Looks like I will be spending time on the BF thread.


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Payton Mackenzie
Due Date: August 5, 2011
Birth Date: August 15, 2011
Time: 10:02pm
Weight: 7lbs, 10oz
Length: 20 inches





Paytons Birth Story:

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Our sweet little boy is here!

Cormac Thomas arrived at 2:08am this morning (8/25). He's 7lbs 14oz and 21" long and just beautiful.

Birth Story (as written for our blog):

I had been having prodromal labor for weeks and was unsure if I would know when to go into the birth center when the real deal hit. I was really hoping that my water would just break so that I would know for sure. To add to that, Tyson's work schedule had me really anxious that he wouldn't be here for the birth.

On Monday 8/22, I mentioned to my midwife that I hadn't been feeling the baby move as much as normal. She opted to do a non-stress test to see how the baby was doing. The test was reactive, meaning that he passed, but his heart rate did dip into the 110s a few times. It bounced back quickly each time, but just to be on the safe side, she scheduled me for a BPP (biophysical profile - another test involving an ultrasound) on Wednesday 8/24. Tyson was scheduled to leave that morning to Chicago for four days for work. I was very nervous that the BPP wouldn't turn out well and that I'd be forced into an induction or c-section.

I decided to do everything I could to get baby here before Wednesday so that the threat of induction wouldn't be looming over me, and so that Tyson could be present for his son's birth. My midwife prescribed cotton root bark, which is an herb used for natural induction. We also tried pretty much all of the old wives' suggestions for naturally inducing labor. And while they brought on moderate and regular contractions, they always petered out. I also realized that the baby was in the posterior position, commonly referred to as "sunny side up". Since this makes it more difficult for baby to enter the pelvis and for a more painful labor, I had really been focused on getting him to rotate. I had tried all the body positions that are recommended or this and had been swimming a lot, but he wouldn't turn. On Tuesday morning I finally went to see a chiropractor that's trained in the Webster technique (a method that involves adjusting the pelvis and applying pressure to ligaments, not adjusting the baby himself). During the adjustment I felt the baby rotate (ouch!) and he stayed in the proper position. Yay!

On Wednesday, Tyson left and we both felt fairly apprehensive about it. I went to my BPP appointment that afternoon. During the BPP I had to lay on my back and I started to have contractions. They were fairly mild, and since I'd been having them for weeks, I didn't think much of it. The results of the BPP were good, and I was sent home. I continued to contract about every 10 minutes or so - still very mild. I called Tyson because I knew he would be leaving the airport to go back to his hotel at about 6:30 and the last flight of the night to Austin leaves at about 8:30. I let him know that I was contracting and that it was his call as to whether or not he wanted to come home. He opted to stay at the airport and we agreed to talk closer to the flight's departure time.

Our friend Liam is staying with us for awhile while he writes his dissertation and he arrived back at our house Wednesday afternoon after traveling for a month. He cooked dinner for my friend Amanda, Daphne and I - he makes delicious crepes. During dinner, I felt and heard (!) a pop that was followed by a torrent of fluid. My water broke! I couldn't believe it. I immediately called Tyson, it was about 8pm. He was so excited and made sure to get a seat on the flight home. Amanda brought me a towel and I proceeded to finish my crepes...priorities.

After I was done eating, I called my midwife and arranged to meet her at the birthing center at 9pm. I took a shower and my Amanda helped me pack up the car. I was able to put Daphne to bed and tell her that in the morning she'd have a new baby brother. She was VERY excited...might not have been the best thing to tell her when she needed to go to sleep. It was great that I was able to leave her at home with Liam. We had arrangements with our sweet neighbors across the street to take care of her if need be, but it was just so easy to have her sleep in her own bed.

On the way to the birthing center, I felt my first contraction since my water broke. It was moderate and I was easily able to breathe through it. When we got there, we were met by the midwife I'd seen on Monday. She wanted to test to make sure that my water had broken, but then decided it wasn't necessary when she saw the sheer volume of fluid that I was still leaking...it was CRAZY how much fluid I was leaking. No wonder I had been so big! By the time I stopped leaking later that night, I looked 6 months pregnant instead of 11 months pregnant.

I was able to breathe through my contractions with the help of Amanda and the two midwives...the midwife on call, who happens to be my favorite one, had arrived by that time to take over. I moved from the chair to a birthing ball and was comfortable enough between contractions to laugh and joke. At this point, they were coming every 2-3 minutes and were moderate in intensity. At about 10:45, Tyson texted to say that his flight had gotten in early and he was heading straight to the center. I was so happy when he finally arrived.

Amanda left shortly after he arrived because she had her first clinical day of the semester starting at 6:45am the next morning. My body must have been holding out on heavy labor until Tyson got there because about ten minutes after he arrived, my first really hard contraction hit me. I wanted to get in the birthing tub, but I wanted to make sure I was far enough along that labor wouldn't stall once I got into the water. I had been 2cm dilated on Monday. When the midwife checked me, I was a "stretchy 5cm". I opted to get in the beautiful tub. The water felt great at first. I was able to get through the intense contractions pretty well, especially when Tyson applied pressure to my lower back.

I only labored in the tub for about 30 minutes because I got really, really hot. I was in the water from about 12:15-12:45. I got out and got back on the birth ball. With each contraction, Tyson would put really firm pressure on my lower back and it made a huge difference. I tried to listen to my Hypnobabies tracks, but the lady's voice was really irritating to me and instead I listened to the Fleet Foxes and Iron and Wine - good birthing music.

Around 1am, things started to get very, very intense. I knew that I was in transition. I was making far more noise than I ever thought I would. Not screaming or yelling, but deep primal noises. I have to say that I'm relieved I delivered in the middle of the night so that no first time moms were waiting in the lobby for appointments...I would have terrified them. With every contraction I repeated a mantra to myself "This will only last a minute and then I can rest. I'm doing this, and I'm going to birth this baby soon. I'm doing this." It helped to keep me calm, although with almost every break between contractions I asked the baby for a little longer break. At this point, the contractions were every 2 minutes, lasting for a full minute. There was not much time for rest.

I started feeling like I had to push, so my midwife checked me again. I was 9cm, really I had just a small lip of cervix left on one side. She told me that when I could no longer control the urge, to go ahead and push, because I would probably be complete then. She convinced me to move onto my side on the bed. I was very hesitant to move because throughout my labor every time I would change positions, the next contraction was unbearable. Being on my side wasn't as bad as I thought. By this time, the midwife assistant and postpartum midwife had arrived to help. They helped hold my legs while Tyson pushed hard with his fists into my lower back. I held onto the bed frame so tightly and for so long that my wrists and hands are stills sore now. The midwife checked me again after a couple of contractions and I was complete. She encouraged me to push as hard as I could when I felt the urge. This was about 1:45am.

Pushing was very painful, but to me it was much more tolerable than transition because I could do something about it. Everyone was very calm and encouraging...nobody was asking me to push when I didn't feel it and nobody was counting at me. They just kept telling me how good I was doing and how I was almost done. It was perfect. When he was low enough, I heard Tyson exclaim that he had tons of hair - this was surprising because Daphne was nearly bald until she was 18 months old. I realized then just how little work I had left to do before I could meet my son. It really motivated me and I pushed like crazy. A couple more pushes and he was out. I for sure felt the talked about "ring of fire" as his head was born...I'm pretty sure I commented that I was "@#%$!ing on fire". Oops.

After his head came out, he slid right out and they placed him directly on my chest. He had a really long umbilical cord, but it wasn't wrapped around him at all. I remember commenting "I did it! I'm awesome!" and then "I never have to do that again!" I was so, so happy to have delivered him without medication and in a peaceful, beautiful environment. He cried a little bit, but then looked at us for a minute and calmed right down. He pretty much immediately started rooting around trying to nurse. His Apgars were 8 and 9. Healthy and perfect.

Thanks to my fantastic midwife, I only needed one minor stitch, not a big deal. I've been on a fantastic endorphin high all day. Delivering in the birth center was amazing. I feel so much better and more energetic than I did after Daphne's birth. Seriously, I remember thinking the day after Daphne's birth that I never wanted to go through childbirth again. After this birth, I totally feel like I could do it again. Yes, it hurt and was super crazy intense. But, I finished feeling so strong and empowered and just awesome...and I have this beautiful little person. Childbirth is a strong drug.

We stayed at the center for about 6 hours after the birth so that they could monitor us. The home visit RN is coming to visit Saturday morning. We're taking Mac to see the pediatrician tomorrow morning.

He's nursing like a champ and so far is very sweet and calm. His big sister is totally in love with him. She showers him in kisses and wants to be right next to him all the time. She was disappointed that he couldn't take a nap in her room with her because "she wanted to talk to him". At one point she said "mama, I love my baby brother so much" and it just melted my heart. I'm really looking forward to watching them grow together.

Phew, that was long!

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BIRTH STORY(copied from a prev post): On Wednesday, I went to the OB because I had wiped and got old blood. He checked me and said that everything was okay. On Thursday night I went to L&D because I was having contractions. I was given a shot in my arm and an IV to stop them. Once they stopped I was sent home because the cerclage was still intact and my cervix was fine. Went to work on Friday feeling a little achey but the contractions were very far apart. As the night went on I started having them more frequently . So I took a shower to see if that would help ease the pain as I didn't want to be sent back home if I made another trip to the L&D. I decided to just lay down and fell asleep. However I kept waking to go to the bathroom. Well in an earlier conversation with my sister I had mentioned that my water was going to break because of the contractions. I had a dream that my DD1 and her bestfriend was driving down the road and I said to her gosh I feel wet and reached behind me and sure enough I was wet. So I woke my hubby and said we have to go to the hospital. I think my water broke. Sure enough that's what happened and into the world came Poetrie Keturah weighing 5lbs 6oz. She's doing amazing. Breathing on her own, maintaining her body temperature and she has the whole sucking and swallowing thing down. Maybe able to go home Monday or Tuesday
Well that's the story. Sorry it's so long.

7/29/11: My how time flies. Poetrie will be 4wks tomorrow (and my 1st DD will be 16). She is now weighing 6lbs 7oz. She is such a little Diva and knows how to get her way already. She loves for to be talked to and smiles so much. But please don't disturb her beauty rest for anything. She will give you a very vocal protest. She is a night owl and has to eat every 2 hours on the dot. If you're late you will hear about it(Hopefully that will change once she begins to take in more milk. I'm a zombie now because of it).

More updates soon to come....

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glitter - http://www.sparklee.com

Born: August 3 at 12:13 pm
Due Date: August 9
Weight: 7lb 12oz
Length: 20.5 in

Our little August surprise was born right on schedule (via c-section), quick, routine surgery. Pretty amazing when they announced it was a boy, though I was sure the whole time that it was, well worth the wait.
He is doing quite well, eating, sleeping and all that. He just doesnt like to sleep alone at night, will work on that.

Big sister, Peyton, is doing pretty well. She is very protective, always wants to help and to hold him. Just a bit of jealousy, needing attention and bored out of her mind, hard to keep her entertained when I have been up most of the night. Doing my best to keep her involved and busy.

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Eve Katherine Renee's Space

Born August 19th at 11:09am
weight: 6 lbs 15 oz

Length: 20"

August 2 (36 weeks 1 day) – Wonderful GBS test (praying its negative), checked for dilation and I’m 1cm, but the cervix is high, thick and closed. I’m measuring 37 weeks along. HB is 155 (2 weeks prior it was 145), maybe the fluctuation is a direct reaction to Mommy’s anxiety of the GBS test??? Or is it a girl playing tricks on us?

August 9 (37 weeks 1 day) – GBS test NEGATIVE (whoot whoot). Mommy didn’t gain any weight this week. HB is 145. The measurement of Mommy’s tummy is 40 weeks. I was checked for dilation and I’m 1cm, but the cervix is still high, thick but a bit softer than last week. Skipped the sweep this week cause Mommy’s trying to procrastinate for Grammy to arrive.

August 17 (38 weeks 2 days) – Mommy gained 1 pound this week (probably too many milkshakes). HB 144, tummy measured 39 weeks. Mommy was checked for dilation and still 1 cm, high and thick but maybe a bit softer than last week. Doc decided not to do a sweep because it would be too painful with lack of dilation. But I’m still head down just not engaged or dropped. Mommy walks about a mile in the evening and uses 2 EPO caplets for the first time.

August 18 (38 weeks 3 days) – Mommy wakes up for the morning (after a night of having to pee every 2 hours) to find that she can breathe a bit better and notices that there is space between her belly and her boobs. Guess I dropped last night. No other signs of progression though. As the day progresses Mommy had some mucus plug loss but nothing significant. There are a few contractions, but really they’re more like Braxton Hicks but a bit more intense. Daddy and Mommy go out to dinner alone and Mommy has a few more Braxton Hicks while at dinner and a few more while shopping for puffy paints for Big Brother t-shirts. They get home and Mommy is tired at goes to bed at 9pm. She wakes at 11 with Daddy coming to bed and goes pee and wakes again at 12am.

August 19 (38 weeks 4 days) – So this story will continue from Mommy’s perspective.
So the night was interesting. Ever hour or two I was awoken to need to go poop. LOL….guess I was cleaning out. I figured it was the “hot” banana pepper appetizer I’d eaten the night before. Then around 3 when I decided to go to the couch so I could lay more upright that these feelings were coming around once an hour…..I got up and had a granola bar and a glass of water and texted Mom to say that things were starting to progress. At 4 I realized that things were happening once every 30 minutes. But I was able to relax and breathe through them. DH got up when the alarm went off at 6. He’s like how are you, what’s going on. I’m like I think I’m having contractions. He’s like ok. So he gets showered and ready for the day. I was surprised to see him in work clothes. He comes in and I’m like oh….your dressed for the office. And he looks surprised at me like he didn’t realize that I was serious about the contractions and then I had one in front of him. And he’s like okay how frequent. I’m like once every 20-30 minutes. So we made a game plan, he’d get the boys up and dressed and take them to “school aka day care” and then go into work let them know that he’s going to be out and come right home. Sounds good to me, I’m handling things ok. The boys are both clingy; I think they know something is up. And we tell DS1 that his baby sister or brother was going to be born that day. DS1’s excited but wants to stick with Mommy. Poor guy he just didn’t quite get it. So DH feeds the boys and gets them off and is back around 8:15am. Meanwhile I’ve taken a shower to relax and feel clean. It had been a sweaty night.
He changes and starts cleaning. LOL….yes he cleaned my shower and the tub, then vacuumed the floor and cleaned the cat box. Meanwhile I can’t sit anymore. Its 8:30am now and I’m definitely into active labor. DH called Mom around 8 and let her know so she can start the journey. I’m disappointed, I know then that they aren’t going to make it; it’s a 9 hour drive on the best of days. So I’m swaying and rocking my hips side to side an am able to just relax through the contractions. I’m really actually impressed with myself. DH’s like is it ok that I’m cleaning I’m like yes just don’t stray far. I didn’t need his touch just his presence.
Around 9:15 (give or take) I decide to take a nice hot bath in my clean tub. I let DH know and he helps me in and gets a towel to go behind my neck and head. I sat for probably 15 minutes in utter bliss. It’s the first time I’m actually able to relax and get off my feet for the last hour or so. Then things change and the contractions start coming closer together. I’m using all the vowel sounds I can think of to “sing” through them. Ok I felt like it was singing or toning but I’m sure it sounded more like screaming. DH calls the doula, Amy to come over. And he can’t get through. So he’s like dialing all the numbers to get ahold of someone to get her. She’s to come to the house because I went from not needing help to needing help NOW in like minutes. So I’m “singing” and DH goes back down to finish up the cat box really quick. LOL…..all the sudden he hears the tub draining and my tones have changed. And comes flying back up the stairs. What happened??? Yeah at 10am my water broke with a POP and rushing liquid that I could see escapes my body, it was dark and I was worried it was meconium. I made the tub drain cause I knew I shouldn’t be in the water when my bag of waters had broken. The contractions are one on top of the other now. I’m still in the tub on my knees leaned over the edge with my head buried in DH’s shoulder. I’m toning but also going “I don’t like this”, “this really really really really hurts”, a few choice words here and there. DH’s freaking out that Amy isn’t there yet. I was feeling the same way, well not freaking just really wanting her support but couldn’t articulate that either. The liquid I noticed in the tub was just blood and snot stuff…more mucus plug or my amniotic fluid, not sure which it just wasn’t meconium and that fear went away. And then well I noticed that I was feeling kinda pushy. I don’t know how I knew just did. DH said that I’d “sing” and then like lower my body like I was pushing and he’s like ok when I said I think we need to go to the hospital. And another round of phone calls to let Amy know that she needed to go to the hospital instead….and NOW.
DH manages to get me out of the tub and I stand in the middle of the bathroom gripping a door frame while he helps me step into underwear with a huge pad leftover from DS2’s birth. We get my pj top back on and we start moving. Which is an act in itself because the contractions aren’t stopping.
I’m now in the back of the minivan with some blankets on the floor, kneeling and gripping the side of the seat and the wall. DH heads out. I’m toning or screaming. DH’s trying to concentrate on the road and me and he’s doing it all very quickly. And of course we manage to get behind every slow poke imaginable. And I’m noticing that I’m screaming my vowels through the first part of the contraction and pushing during the second half. I’m trying not to but it’s just happening. I can’t think of what I’m supposed to do to keep from pushing.
We finally arrive at the hospital. Very cool they now have valet parking. DH pulls up and is like my wife is in labor and he and the lady at the valet desk run in and tell the desk and grab a wheelchair. The come to the back of the van to get me. I’m doing my best to get out but from a kneeled position and not being able to sit on my bottom it hurt like heck. I get in the chair but am like only touch my tailbone to the seat and using my legs to hold me up. DH throws a towel over my knees (modesty hahahahah). And I’m like get the suitcase it’s got the camera. He grabs it the valet lady says GO I’ll get the door. And off he’s pushing. And I’m trying hard not to sing too loud as we go by the desk I call to the ladies there “Dr. R. is my doctor”. They’re like we’ll take care of it.

Up the SLOOOOWWWWW elevator we go. The nurse meets us at the top and helps us get through the locked doors. The first room we come to is the triage room and they wheel me in there and ask me to get up. Hahahah I laughed at them but managed to move in a few. Next thing I know they’ve got my underwear off and are checking me which is incredibly painful and they’re like “she’s complete”. WHAT!!!! I notice at this time its 10:55am.

The nurses ask DH if I was planning on going natural, DH’s answer is there isn’t much choice is there, the nurse laughs and says no but it does give me her state of mind. At this point my body is shaking and pushing on its own and I’m just going with it. DH remembers to say that our friend (i.e. doula) Amy B is arriving and to let her in. She arrives shortly after he says this and we’re asked again if she can come in. probably because my legs are splayed and not much is hidden. LOL! They also are saying about this time that Dr. R. is 10 minutes out. I’m really like whatever I’m just going with my body. I’m also keeping my eyes closed. Probably I did this about the time they asked for my arm to stab me with an IV and something in my hand. I’ve no idea what it was.

I’ve really retreated inside. The only voices I’m really listening to are those of DH and Amy. I do remember being asked to slide down to the end of the bed and not really being able to and saying “owie owie owie owie” a lot (can you tell I’ve got little kids at home already). My feet find a place to rest down and not in the air this time and I’m told if I want to push to grab behind my legs and push. I really can’t tell you if I did the grabbing really or if others just helped me do it but I do remember pushing and feeling like I was being stretched to death. My poor lady parts hurt. I did a few pushes like this and Amy kept telling me to relax my shoulders and breathe. I know someone was doing the 10 count but I really wasn’t listening.
Then I remember DH saying the head was almost out and look to see my baby (i.e. open your eyes). Oh my goodness I could see this gooey head with the vernix on it and it looked so small and smushed together it was amazing. I push again (back with the eyes closed). Dr. R is trying to stretch my perinium (evidently there was a midwife there as well that put mineral oil in that area to help the stretching as well, guess they called all hands on deck not being sure if my Doc was going to arrive). And I’m told to stop…why the head’s out right….well they gave me a shot and proceeded to cut me. And then I had to push again for the shoulders and then for the hips and then the baby kicked me on the way out. DH said that the shoulders came out vertical instead of horizontal….no wonder for the cut.
I’m crying and have my eyes open and ask DH “what is it?” (I’m told I actually shouted it). And his face was priceless. It was one of wonderment, awe, and tears of joy and he’s like “it’s a girl”! OMG our girl, really OUR GIRL!!!! I asked seriously. And have the baby on my tummy I’m rubbing her face and looking at her and looking up at DH to see if it’s really happening. I couldn’t believe it.
I held onto her for awhile and DH got to cut the cord. Eventually they asked to take her away to be weighed and measured so I could work on delivering the placenta. I’m like if you have to. The nurses laughed and said they’d bring her right back.
So now the 2nd painful part starts. Dr. R. is massaging my insides and looking for internal tears and starting to work to get the placenta to deliver. OUCH. I’ve got a death grip on Amy’s hand and DH’s with our tiny one. So there are a few pictures of me staring at my baby girl with that “owie face” going on.
I do get to see the placenta. This is very cool by the way. Dr. R. explains it all to me. Fascinating that it’s where my baby lived for 9 months.
So after he’s done and I’m all stitched up I get to hold my baby and kiss her and just cry over our little girl. I’m shaking from hormones and excitement. It’s really amazing.
So for her stats:
Born 11:09am (remember that I arrived at 10:55am)
Weight: 6 lbs 15 oz
Length: 20”
Head: 30cm
Apgars: 9 out of 9

She’s absolutely perfect and nameless for hours after her birth. We totally believed that she’d be another boy, why not we already had 2 it was the law of odds. We had a list of 27 names. So after 4 or 5 hours we narrowed it down to 4 names and then before Grammy and Grandpa Miller arrived we’d picked her name. It was one that we realized that as we looked at her our tongues just pulled upon first. So it was just meant to be.

So we’re very proud to announce: Eve Katherine-Renee L.

Eve - because we liked it and it was feminine and strong
Katherine - after my Great-Grandma Kate (Katherine) a wonderful….strong enduring woman that I hope Eve takes after
Renee - to honor a beautiful soul of DH’s sister that blessed this earth in her own way for 28 years