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    Amanda's Space

    I'm Amanda, DH is Jesse, we're both 31. We've been married 3 years, and we have a beautiful little girl Claire, who just turned 2 before Christmas. I'm a REALTOR and DH is a Land Surveyor, hopefully to become a SAHD once this little one comes around.
    I got my BFP on 10 DPO, and EDD is Sept. 21.

    March 16/11 - First Midwife appt., went fine, discussed plans, but babe was hiding and we couldn't find the heartbeat She ordered a dating ultrasound
    March 22/11 - NT scan and dating ultrasound - scan looks fine, no unusual findings, original EDD stands
    April 8/11 - Another U/S to check for any problems after bleeding episode - baby looks fine, seems to be a bit of a blood pocket visible, placenta overlapping cervix
    May 18/11 - Follow up and anatomy U/S - baby looks fine, having another girl! Placenta is still VERY close to cervix, no longer overlapping but too close for a vaginal delivery Will have another follow-up u/s in 3 weeks to check placement then.

    Pre-preggo: 128lbs
    12 weeks: 127lbs - I guess I must have lost a few with the m/s but now it's slowly coming back
    22 weeks: 137lbs - I have finally popped!
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    Amanda, 31
    DH Jesse, 32
    DD1 Claire Dec.5/08
    DD2 Elise Sept.26/11

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    My name is Beth, DH is Mike, and DS, Kelly, turned 1 on Jan 14.

    BFP on Jan 21, 2011.

    Symptoms so far: not sleeping well at night, headaches, major fatigue, some stomach aches.

    2/2/11- I had some spotting so I called the OB's office to get an appt. She checked everything, said it all looked good. No active bleeding. YAY! I also got to see the heartbeat on the little peanut! The OB dated me a week behind (from 7w1d to 6w1d) so she moved my EDD to 9/28/11!

    We go in for our "real" appointment on Monday, March 7. We should be able to see the little peanut again!
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    DS Kelly 1/14/10
    DD Kennedy 10/1/11

    Lilypie Maternity tickers

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    I haven't done a single thing with my space so I figure I better get to it.

    Back Story:

    DH and I met online (myspace) b/c he was perusing the local myspace pages and liked the quality of my picture (my sister had taken it for a photog class). We chatted for a few weeks online but started getting on one another's nerves. He apologized at one point and I invited him to my church's sunday night service, which he accepted. All this was in October of 2005. We moved in together in January and got married July 4th. We got pregnant in September but it ended in m/c at 6 weeks. We got pregnant again in December, another m/c at 5 weeks. I was then diagnosed with factor 2 blood clotting (clots too fast) but then nothing happened til June of 2008, when I got pregnant with my daughter. The pregnancy was very easy until 33 weeks when I started getting frequent BH. I went in the hospital a couple times and was given terbutaline, despite the contractions doing nothing to my cervix. I electively induced at 39 weeks and had Stella on February 18th at 5:09pm. She was 6lbs3oz, 19 and 1/4 in long. Summer of '10 I switched to a midwife who diagnosed me with PCOS (an abnormal version as I'm underweight) and I went on Metformin. I couldn't handle the drug and went off it after a month in November, and got pregnant in December, found out in January.

    This pregnancy has been a lot harder on me. While I worked at a daycare while pregnant with dd, I'm finding it a lot harder to take care of dd with this pregnancy. I had m/s w/o vomiting for 14 weeks, followed by low BP for a few weeks. Finally I'm starting to feel better, but it is still very tiring. I am also a lot more achy this time around but have been seeing a chiropractor which is helping a ton.

    Belly pics:
    5 weeks

    11 weeks

    17 weeks

    Dating at 9 weeks

    12 week NT screening

    20 week anatomy
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    Reserving my space will update at a later time!
    Kristina, wife to Bruce, mom to:
    Christopher 10
    Cameron 7
    Heather 3
    Hailey 1!!
    Alyssa - Born 3 weeks early on Sept. 3rd 2011.

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    Jaclyn's Space

    About Me
    My name is Jaclyn I am 22, my DH is Joe and we are expecting our first. We had a 12 week
    miscarriage last July, so we are thrilled to be expecting again. I am 6W5D along, with a EDD of 09/17/11. I won't get an US till around 9 weeks, but I go in tomorrow to pick up all the paperwork to fill out, and get all the bloodwork done. I can't wait to get an US done and hear the babys HB!

    01/24-Pregnancy Confirmed!
    01/26-pick up paperwork & get bloodwork done

    Not really having to many symptoms, my nose is like a bloodhounds and sometimes with that I get a little quizy(spelling).

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    Jan 2011

    Default dewittmba's space

    My name is Whendi (32) and DH is Matt. Our little family also included Briana (4) and Madelyn (2). Very excited to be planning for #3.

    EDD 9\20\11
    Thinking blue but won't know for sure until May 5th

    So far, so good. My last appointment was on March 29th. Measuring right where I should be and the heartbeat was good at 142. My next appointment on April 26th. The u/s is scheduled for May 5th. DH finally agreed to finding out the gender this time!!! I am so excited and four weeks seems like an eternity to wait.
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    Nicole's Space

    I am reserving my space. I've never done this before so it will take me a little bit to get used to it.

    BFP:January 31st (HUGE SURPRISE)
    EDD:September 26th, 2011

    Symptoms: Fatigue, almost constant nausea, vomiting, sore nipples, constant craving changes.

    March 3rd, 2011

    So on Monday, I had my first official OB appointment. Can I just say how much I love my Doctor! I feel so blessed to have been put in with her care! She even hugged me at the end of our first appointment. She was so excited and happy for me. I wasn't quite 10 weeks yet when I went in so she was hesitant about trying to hear the heartbeat. She decided to try anyway and she found it!! So I got to hear my squinkie's heartbeat! It is definitely one of my favorite sounds. All my tests turned out good. No GD right now! Thank God! She said the bleeding was caused by a placenta tear but that baby tolerated it and the placenta regenerated itself! OMG! I couldn't believe it. My babe is already a fighter!

    I am feeling much better in terms of the nausea and vomiting. Omg, it was SOOO bad before. I was throwing up 3-4 times a day with no relief! Now I am just getting the occasional headaches and my breasts are getting really sore. I am starting to show already which to me is a little disturbing but eh what can I really do about it.

    It's funny sometimes it really hits me that I am pregnant again and other times I just let it slide. I am eating really healthy again, which is great, and definitely follows my pattern from my other pregnancies. I swear I eat healthier when I am pregnant naturally.

    My craving lately, steamed broccoli. YUMMMM! I want some right now in fact but I am at work! Darn!

    My next OB appointment is March 11th with a high risk dr. and then March 30th with my reg. ob dr.

    March 12th, 2011

    So yesterday I had my high risk appointment and got really good news. They don't seem to think I will be at high risk AT ALL for my daughters condition. They also did the NT scan and I got to see my baby! Baby looked SOOOO different and SO cute! Baby was swimming around and just being adorable. All the tests came out perfect and the dr. said this, " your baby looks perfect, beautiful." I was feeling so blessed. I also got dated to the conception date that I KNOW I conceived so I am further along by a few days now! Yay! Next u/s is April 29th where I will be 18wks so we will be able to find out the gender. WOOHOO!! We can't wait!


    Hungry all the time now
    No weight gain still

    11 wk 4 day scan

    My Squinkie

    14 weeks

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    Cristina and Michael are Expecting #1!

    Hi! My name is Cristina, and I am 33 years old. My DH is Michael, and he is also 33. We'll both be turning 34 before our little Tadpole makes its appearance. Tadpole is due on September 27, 2011!

    Michael and I were married on May 1, 2010, and decided in Sept 2010 to go off the pill, and starting in late Oct, we officially started TTC. I started my next cycle on November 5, 2010. I was charting, so every time the signs showed I might be fertile, we made sure to BD at least every other day, sometimes more. It was an interesting cycle! I thought I had O'd at CD15, but after CD 35, it was obvious that so far I had been annovulatory. We were about to give up hope, DH was slated to be deployed starting in January, and we had already decided to put TTC on hold if we hadn't caught the egg by February. His schedule got a little crazy, with spending several nights away and then home for a couple of days, then gone again. CD 65 comes along, and I am again showing signs of being fertile. It also happened to be the day before he left! We BD'd, but I really thought nothing would come of it. A few days later, I notice a clear thermal shift. I am excited I finally O'd, but since we had only BD'd once, I didn't think anything would happen. At 11DPO, I took a test and got a BFN. I had a trip home planned while he was away, and decided to take with me both pads and pg tests! So on 14 DPO, I took another test, and there was the FAINTEST of lines. I thought I must be seeing something. I took another test with FMU on 15DPO, and the line was much more obvious! WE DID IT!!! I didn't get any pics of that test tho, lol! I was still on vacation!

    Here are some pics of the other tests I took once I was home from my trip tho!

    Doctor Visits!
    2/14/11 - OB Intake... basically spoke with a nurse who took my weight, blood pressure and asked alot of questions about my history (which I feel like I have answered a MILLION times before, but oh well) and scheduled an ultrasound (3/1) and my actual first OB appt (3/2).
    3/1/11 - First ultrasound! Bad news first... blood pressure was high again. BUT we got to see the baby, who's on the big side. Due date was changed to Sept 27, which I think we'll stick with from now on. Tomorrow is first OB appt, and nervous about the blood pressure issue.
    3/2/11 - First OB appt. I really like my doctor! I was worried because I had never met him before, and of course having a male can be kind of stressful, but he was extremely nice, and went over a bunch of stuff. No Pap (YAY) so it was just a basic exam and lots and lots of questions. Gave me his card with an email address so I can reach him any time with non-emergency type of questions. Thought that was pretty cool of him.
    3/9/11 - Doctor called with results from initial testing. Bladder infection and also high results on my GTT. He doesn't handle complicated pregnancies, so if I get officially diagnosed, I would be transferred to a high-risk OB. He said he would call me soon after talking with some of the other doctors about what they think.
    3/26/11 - Doctor calls after I leave a message that I hadn't heard anything regarding the GTT results and I was concerned. He said that he was going to go ahead and transfer me to the high-risk clinic, and that my Gestational Diabetes was an official diagnosis. I'm heartbroken, scared, and anxious.
    3/29/11 - I meet with my new doctor today... she's a case worker, not my actual OB. She handles all the GD cases, and was WONDERFUL. She went over with me the details of my test results, explained why I was transferred over (they're also going to monitor my blood pressure), and then showed me the ins and outs of testing and tracking my blood sugar. I was given a monitor, and scheduled an appointment with my nutritionist tomorrow. I also scheduled my first appointment with my new OB, which will be on 4/11. I hope the new OB is as wonderful as my case worker!
    3/30/11 - Met my nutritionist today. Another super nice lady, hardly judgmental, even after we discussed my normal eating habits, which aren't great. We made out a meal plan, which I plan to follow pretty religiously, and she explained for me how my new "Food Bible" works... its a booklet with all sorts of explanations about how food portions are measured, and how to keep them balanced and in line. I will be back to see her in a couple of weeks.
    3/31/11 - SO EXCITED! I had some bloodwork done yesterday and the results came back today. It was to determine if I had diabetes prior to getting pregnant, or if its newly developed. And the results were that the diabetes is very new, and caught super early, so it IS GD, and not full fledged diabetes, which means that I will hopefully return to normal post partum!
    4/11/11 - Met with my high-risk OB for the first time. The appointment started with high blood pressure (sigh) on the machine, but when they tried to do it manually, neither nurse was able to hear so they just went with what the machine said for now. I am down 9 pounds from first OB appointment. The first doctor tried for a good 10 minutes to get a heart rate with the dopper, but the Tadpole kept swimming away or kicking at the probe and we couldn't get more than a couple of seconds of heart beats before it went away. So they decided to bring in the ultrasound machine. This is when my OB came in and introduced himself. He seemed pretty nice, answered my questions, told me that my blood sugar numbers look ok, but as the baby and placenta get larger, they will monitor the numbers and might have to put me on oral medication if it gets worse. I'm thankful that they will try pills before shots, because I so wasn't looking forward to doing that to myself! The ultrasound was short, but GREAT! Tadpole was very wiggly and moving all around, but we got to see a couple of quick profile shots, saw the hand, and then finally the baby settled down enough to get a heart rate, which was 171! WOW!
    4/25/11 - Quick appointment. We were able to find the heartbeat this time, though it still took a little time. It was ~150. The doctor answered my few questions, and then took a look at my blood sugar tracking. I was excited when he told me that my numbers look fantastic, and as long as I stick with what I've been doing, I no longer have to poke myself 4 times a day! I will still continue to check my levels, but having the freedom is a huge relief.
    4/29/11 - THE BIG ULTRASOUND! It was a bit disappointing, as the tech had alot to learn about bedside manners. I unfortunately was unable to record it like I had hoped, and only got 3 whopping pictures out of it. BOO! The good news, though, is the baby is measuring right on time, and... ITS A BOY!!! We already have a name picked out, Jacob Henry!
    5/23/11 - Met the MFM doctor from the BIG hospital. She was NOT happy that I was told I no longer had to track my blood sugars, so she set me back to checking, but only twice a day. Baby was very cooperative as far as listening to the heartbeat, and was around 150ish. She said the ultrasound came out great, but they didn't get all the measurements they wanted, so I had to go back for those. She also mentioned a growth scan between 28 and 32 weeks.
    6/8/11 - Follow up ultrasound to get the measurements we hadn't gotten last time. I had the same unpleasant lady, but at least DH was able to come with me this time. We got one picture, a good profile picture. I think Jacob looks like me, but we'll see when his birth day comes! He's still a boy, and measuring exactly on time.
    6/13/11 - Met with one of the residents this time. He was young, but very friendly. He listened to my concerns (mostly about bad headaches, and thinking I have a UTI) and addressed them. It was a quick appointment though. He did say the ultrasound results were back and everything was perfect. Baby is in the 52 percentile, so perfectly average lol. My fundus is measuring 24 (a week behind), and the heartrate was 127 (which seemed low to me) after chasing the baby all over to find it lol!
    6/28/11 - Met with a different doctor this time. He was older, and I LOVED him. We talked for a long time, I shared my birth plan, and we talked about that. I was measuring ahead again, around 30, which surprised me. He had no problem finding the heartbeat, but I forgot to ask what it was. All in all, a short but very good appointment.
    7/15/11 - Regular OB appt with my assigned doctor. First time I've seen him since April. He went over my records top to bottom since the last time I saw him, talked to me about what to expect in the coming weeks, and basically made me feel better about not having seen him much. He scheduled a growth scan for a couple of weeks from now.
    7/29/11 - Growth scan ultrasound! Jacob is getting so big now. You can only see bits and pieces of him at a time. The u/s tech was absolutely fabulous. Jacob is now measuring 4 days ahead, and the tech said he has long legs! DH laughed when I told him that, and he said I'd have fun keeping up with him lol!
    8/1/11 - Another OB appt. Another doctor. This was an older guy, who was all business. He didn't mention anything about the ultrasound, but he did make comments about my eating habits and said I would have to stop eating so much ice cream. How mean! Baby is measuring well and heartbeat is strong. Getting so excited to meet him!

    Belly Shots! Yes I'm fluffy!
    - 6 Weeks

    - 12 Weeks

    - 16 Weeks

    - 20 Weeks

    - 24 weeks

    - 28 weeks

    - 32 weeks

    Ultrasound Shots
    - 10 weeks

    - ITS A BOY!

    - Profile at 18w4d

    - Foot at 18w4d

    - Profile at 24w1d

    - Profile at 31w4d
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    Default SoniaNoemi's Space

    SoniaNoemi's Spot...

    Expecting our 1st September 27, 2011 (Due Date Confirmed 5/9/2011)

    ME - 26, I work as a Section 8 Recertification Specialist in a Staten Island, NY property management office.

    HE - 33, works in transit.

    US - met on eHarmony, moved in together and got our BFP a few months later.

    1.2.2011 - EDC

    1.21.2011 - Got our BFP (x3!)

    1.24.2011 - Pregnancy confirmed in the ER, and 1st u/s. No picture given to us. We saw the yolk sac and that was about it.

    3.4.2011 - Ultrasound, measuring 10 weeks, 4 days (these pictures are not that great... )



    3.19.2011 - We finally found the HB at home with our doppler!

    3.28.2011 - NT Scan - 5.4.2011 - Results are in! Positive. Genetic counseling to follow. Details below.



    Face Far

    Close-up of Face



    3.29.2011 - 3rd prenatal appointment

    4.26.2011 - 4th prenatal appointment

    5.9.2011 - Anatomy scan - It's a GIRL!!! AND Genetic Counseling Re: Positive NT Results

    They only gave us 4 pictures and they are all pretty bad. May post them soon.

    (Copied from 9/2011 board post)
    We went in for our genetic counseling and were happily surprised with the news. It turns out that Down Syndrome is not the issue at all as my NT sonogram and bloodwork were within normal limits. It turns out that there is a protein, AFP Protein, they found in my second bloodwork (can only be found in the second trimester) that is higher than the normal limits. This protein is a signal of increased risk of the baby being born with spina bifida (sp?) My actual numbers were 1 in 29. She went on to say that this is a condition where the fetus' spinal cord does not fully close, leaving a gap in the spinal cord that will continually be washed with the amniotic fluid which in turn causes nerve damage. Babies with this may be unable to walk or control their bladder/bowels.

    We also had our anatomy scan today and everything looked perfectly normal in the spinal cord, they could see no separation anywhere BUT they were not able to see the bottom most portion of the spinal cord and this is one of the reasons why they are going to re-do it in two weeks. She did say that some separations are too small to be detectable on the sonogram but they try their best to see.

    She offered a re-test of blood to check if the protein had gone up further and she also offered the amnio, which I declined because she confirmed that the baby would be able to live with a small (not able to be detected on sonogram) separation in the spine. My basis for not doing the amnio is that it opens up the posibility for termination and the only way I would terminate is if the baby would not be able to live with the condition once born (if the baby would die shortly after being born).

    We decided to go ahead and re-draw blood and hopefully this along with the repeat sonogram in two weeks will put our minds more at ease but I am 100% not worried at this point. IF it is there it is too small to be detected on the sonogram and because of this the baby may have some issues but nothing we can't handle. We will love her regardless.

    ALSO, I'm not worried because she showed movements in her lower extremeties on the sonogram.


    5/12/2011 - Called the genetics counselor to see if my results had come back. It turns out that my AFP levels are almost exactly where they were before. On the first draw they were 3.45 and this time they were 3.46 which she said was not significant. She said she wants to see the outcome of the second ultrasound on the 23rd and we will take it from there. I'm glad I have my next appointment with my midwife the following day.

    5.23.2011 - Repeat Sonogram - They were able to see the entire spinal chord this time and "everything looked good"

    5.24.2011 - 5th prenatal appointment

    6.14.2011 - 6th prenatal appointment -15 weeks left!! Oh gosh!!!

    6.27.2011 - GD Test - passed yey!!!

    6.28.2011 - 7th prenatal appointment

    7.7.2011 - Fetal Echo and F/U US (They are saying baby's amniotic fluid is low)

    7.14.2011 - BPP - Everything (including fluid) looked perfect

    7.18.2011 - We went into L&D because of Decreased Fetal Movement, everything was perfect (including fluid)

    7.19.2011 - 8th prenatal appointment

    7.21.2011 - BPP - Everything (including fluid) looked perfect

    7.23.2011 - Baby Shower!!

    7.28.2011 - BPP - Everything (including fluid) looked perfect

    7/28/11 - No more BPP's unless our mw orders them.

    8.2.2011 - 9th Prenantal appointment plus another trip to L&D due to HBP - placed on bed rest

    8.5.2011 - 10th Prenantal appointment (follow up to L/D trip - not with my mw) still on bed rest

    Ok... So everything after this date is a jumbled blur... I'll try to remember...

    8.9.2011 - 11th prenatal appointment

    8.11.2011 - Admitted to hopital with mild pre-eclampsia

    8.26.2011 - Evacuatated to another hospital due to hurricane Irene

    8.27.2011 - Discharged from other hospital

    8.29.2011 -

    8.31.2011 - Outpatient follow up, BPP, elevated to severe pre-eclampsia, Thalia was only measuring 4 pounds, 2 ounces according to the BPP, Induction Scheduled.

    8.31.2011 - 1pm - Reported to L&D for m induction - 4pm - Induction started with insertion of cervadil. Afterwards I was only half centimeter dilated and I forgot how much effaced. 2nd cervadil inserted around 5:00AM, 9/1/11.

    9.1.2011 - 9:40am - Thalia Elizabeth born, 3 pounds, 15oz (1800 grams) 16 inches long

    Birth story will follow on Sapphire Spaces...

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    Default New to This!

    First Pregnancy!
    EDD: September 7, 2011 (my birthday 9/11)

    ME: 26 (maybe 27) a Preschool Teacher
    DH: 26 (will be 27) a Software Engineer

    Met in Collage and Married in June of 2009.

    First US: 1/24/11 Everything looks great! HB was normal
    Second US: (dr couldnt find HB) 2/21/11 Everything looked great, baby was moving. HB normal again
    Next Apt: 3/22

    Happy to be in the second trimester. I seem to have more energy.
    Sorry no pictures, hope to get them up soon!

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